How to Find Sound on a Hp Pavilion Laptop

Due to the lack of a single standard for the method of enabling WiFi on laptops even in the line of models of the same manufacturer, users often have problems how to enable WiFi on a laptop, for example, the popular brand HP. Below is a detailed guide describing how to activate a WiFi adapter on HP laptops.

How to Find Sound on a Hp Pavilion Laptop

Preparatory Activities

Before you turn on Wi-Fi on a laptop, you need to make sure that you have correctly installed software for the normal functioning of the WiFi adapter built into the device. You can verify the installation of hardware drivers using the Network and Sharing Center or through the device manager.

It will take only a few sequential actions:

  1. Launch the menu of the network and sharing control center and then go to the section “Changing adapter settings”;
    How to Find Sound on a Hp Pavilion Laptop
  2. In the case when WiFi is active, next to the inscription “Wireless Network Connection”, the signal strength indicator and some of its bars will be green. Otherwise, if it is grayed out, it will be necessary to turn it on, simply by calling the context menu, as shown in the picture below;
  3. If there is no display of the Wi-Fi device, it is necessary, having visited the official resource of the equipment manufacturer on the Internet, download the appropriate drivers for the adapter from there and then install them in the laptop.

To solve the problem through the “Device Manager”, you should do the following steps (for example, Windows 10):

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  1. Call the context menu from the taskbar;
    How to Find Sound on a Hp Pavilion Laptop
  2. Next click on “Parameters”;
  3. After that, click “Home” and go to the “Devices” section;
  4. Open the tab “Device Manager”;
  5. In the next menu that appears, open the “Network Adapters” tab;
    How to Find Sound on a Hp Pavilion Laptop
  6. Here appears the software of the Wi-Fi device, which always has “Wireless” in the name;
  7. In the case when icons are displayed next to the device’s software, for example, “!” Or a circle with a mark inside, the adapter requires reinstalling the drivers;
  8. In the case when there is no such line with the software, then the drivers simply were not installed, and will be displayed as “Unknown device”;

Video: How to Find Sound on a Hp Pavilion Laptop

As in the above instructions, you will also need to visit the official resource of the equipment manufacturer on the Internet, download the appropriate drivers for the adapter from there, and then install them in the laptop.

The procedure for turning on Wi-Fi

Inclusion can be carried out by several methods.

Method 1: Using the HP Connection Manager

The action algorithm consists of the following steps:

  1. Enter the Start menu;
  2. Then go to the “All Programs” section;
  3. Next, open the “HP Connection Manager”;
    How to Find Sound on a Hp Pavilion Laptop
  4. In the WiFi column, click on the “Enable / Disable” icon.

Method 2: Using the buttons on an HP laptop

Most often, HP laptop models use a combination of buttons on the keyboard. For example, holding down “Fn”, you want to click on “F12”. Sometimes instead of “F12” another button is provided, but on this key there is always a picture with the WiFi symbol.

There are laptops equipped with HP and special buttons that perform the function of activating the wafa adapter. For example, in earlier models, such a key was located above the keyboard, and in some subsequent models, the manufacturer began to place it below the keyboard.

Often there are modern models that implement a way to activate WiFi using the touch button, which is indicated by the characteristic icon of the Wi-Fi wireless network. Sometimes next to the symbol depicting the wireless network, there is a symbol “X”. If this symbol is active, then Wi-Fi is in the off state.


Of course, there are much more problems due to which Wi-Fi is sometimes not activated, for example, it often just turns off in the BIOS or in services. Also, the probability of a malfunction of the WiFi adapter itself cannot be ruled out.

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