How to Find Paid Subscriptions In iPhone

On iPhone, access to some applications and content is provided in the form of paid subscriptions. Unlike one-time purchases, they are renewed automatically until the user cancels them. Next, we will tell you how to view subscriptions on an iPhone and refuse to use unnecessary ones.

IPhone Subscription Management

You can check your iPhone subscriptions directly from your mobile device. To do this, make sure that it is connected to the Internet and follow these steps:

  1. Go to the "Settings" menu and in the list of available accounts select the one you need. A new tab will open, click on the item “iTunes Store and App Store”.
  2. At the top of the screen, find your unique Apple identifier and tap on it.
  3. In the list that appears, select “View Apple ID” to access information. If necessary, log in using your username and password. Or use Touch ID.
  4. A list of available links opens. Find and click on the “Subscriptions” item. A list of paid subscriptions that are connected on the iPhone will appear.
  5. To refuse to pay, select the offer you need and in the tab that opens, click "Cancel Subscription" (at the bottom of the screen).
  6. To change the type of payment, click on the name of the service and in the “Options” section indicate the required one. They may vary in cost, duration, type of content provided.

Actual information on the current price and validity period can be found here. After cancellation, the service will cease to be valid and automatically renew after the end of the current billing period.

If you didn’t succeed in finding subscriptions in the iPhone, and funds continue to be debited from the Apple ID, then most likely they were issued directly through a mobile operator or provider.

ICloud Subscription

Access to additional free space in the Apple cloud storage is paid separately from other services. To get into icloud subscription management:

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  1. Go to the “Settings” menu and find here a separate item “iCloud”. As a rule, it is at the top of the list.
  2. Select the “Storage” item and click on the line “Change storage plan”. A menu will appear to manage your subscription to icloud.
  3. Click “Decrease volume” to change the current tariff plan to a cheaper (or completely free).
  4. Select Buy to purchase additional space.

Before you refuse to use icloud, transfer data to another cloud storage or copy important files and documents to the device’s memory.

ITunes Match Subscription

Like icloud, a subscription to aityuns match is issued separately from other paid services. If after authorization using an Apple ID account, the user connects iTunes Match, then the funds will be debited from the iPhone account. To change the terms of payment or refuse a paid service, you must:

  1. Launch iTunes on your computer. Go to the “Account” menu and select “View”.
  2. If necessary, log in to the program using the current Apple ID and password.
  3. On the tab that opens, find the section "iTunes in the cloud." All related user data and other account information are located here.
  4. Near the item “iTunes Match” click on the button “Disable automatic updating”. Read the conditions and confirm the action.

After that, the service will be suspended, and money will no longer be debited from the iPhone account. If necessary, you can access media content at any other time. To do this, just re-checkout.

How to Find Paid Subscriptions In iPhone

Manage your PC or Mac subscriptions

If there is no access to a mobile device, then you can check the list of paid services connected to Apple ID using a computer:

  1. Launch iTunes. If necessary, download the program from the official Apple website and install it.
  2. Log in to your account. To do this, click on the "Account" item on the toolbar and select "Authorization" in the drop-down list. Enter your Apple ID username and password. If your computer has a Touch ID sensor, then use it.
  3. After successful authorization, open the Account menu again. Select "View" to access additional options.
  4. A page with detailed information about the current account will open. Look carefully at it and find the "Settings" block here.
  5. Select “Subscriptions” (next to the status of notifications and an alias) and click on the blue “Manage”.
  6. A list of services connected on the iPhone (Yandex Music, BOOM and others) will open. To change the terms of payment or unsubscribe from the service, click on the "Edit" button.
  7. It displays the cost, validity period and other characteristics of the offer. Click on the “Cancel subscription” button to cancel the service and remove it from the list.

The user will retain access to the content until the already paid period of validity expires. After that, the money will not be debited from the account.

Cancellation of subscriptions and other additional services can be carried out through a mobile device. To do this, just go to the Settings menu and log in using your Apple ID. If you don’t have access to the iPhone, you can turn off subscriptions via iTunes.

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