How to Find Out the Samsung Phone Release Year

How to Find Out the Samsung Phone Release Year

Methods for determining the release date of a Samsung phone

The first way is to find information under the battery

The easiest way to find out when your phone was released is to look under its battery. There is a panel with a serial number. In addition, there is an inscription that consists of letters and numbers. These signs indicate the month and year of manufacture of the telephone.

You can determine what these or other signs mean by using the decryption table in the figure below.

If your smartphone is quite old, and the information on the panel has been erased, then you can try other methods. Also, the first method is not suitable for devices with a solid case, in which there is no access to the battery, and, of course, the panel under it.

The second way is to enter a combination of numbers

Some Sansung brand mobile phones and smartphones have the ability to display production date information using some button combinations. Enter "# 89998378 #" or "# 02068378 #" and after that a hidden menu should open before you, with information about the phone. There, select “produced” and get information about the date of production. For some models, other combinations are needed. Information about the combination for your particular model can be found in the instructions for the device, or on the manufacturer’s website.

The third way. from the documentation

Also, information on the release date of the phone can be found in the documents of the device, which are provided in its kit. As a rule, this information is located on the factory stamp, which is placed immediately after the last stage of assembly and equipment of the phone. The stamp is a mark, in the format GG.MM.DD. It is sometimes found that this information in a document is written by hand.

How to Find Out the Samsung Phone Release Year

The fourth way. using the utility

In addition to these methods, you can find out the production date using a utility that determines the complete information about your device. As a rule, it comes with the phone. If you don’t have one, download from the official website. In this program, there should be a section with factory information about the device, among which should be the production date.

Articles and Lifehacks

In some cases, you need to know how to check the release date on the phone
. This information is especially necessary when buying a used gadget. You can find out such data in several ways: in documents or using a special code. In any case, the procedure is even simpler than, for example, or creating a new contact.

Simple ways to check your phone’s release date

Manufacturers in documents usually indicate the date of issue of the phone, most often they put a stamp marked in the form of GG.MM.DD, less often put the date manually. However, it is not always possible to trust this information: sometimes sellers can redo dates or remove them from the box. In this case, you need to look in the warranty card. the date must be stamped on its front side;

In the phone under the battery there is a combination of numbers and letters, by which you can determine when this gadget was released. The month and year of issue are indicated, respectively, by the sixth and seventh signs from the end;

In the Sony-Ericsson phone, under the battery there is a sticker by which you can find out information. Approximately it should look like 09W47, that is, 09 is the year, 47 is the week. According to the calendar, you can see the 47th week of 2009, this will be the date of production of the phone.

How to check the release date in a phone using a code

The question arises, how to check the release date on the phone if there are no documents? Of course, finding out, in this case, is useless. You can do this using special combinations of numbers:

For Nokia, these are the codes: # 0000 # or # 92772689 #. After entering one of them, a window appears with data on the operating system number, installation date, phone model;

For Samsung you need to dial # 02068378 # or # 89998378 #, after which a menu will appear where you should select the “Produced” item from the list and the necessary information will appear;

For Sony-Ericsson, after pressing code # 7377466 #, you can get information about the firmware date and release date;

Only by entering the code for phone models already discontinued can you find out their release date: for example, for Motorola # 300 # @. data on the OS, code # 403 # displays its serial number on the panel. On Siemens phones dial # 06 #.

If none of these methods gives a result, you can contact the manufacturer’s support service. Having found out the number of this service or via the Internet, you can contact them and ask them to indicate the release date. To do this, specify the serial number located under the battery of the phone. They will check it on their database and within a few days will report the necessary information.

Why is it important to know the battery release date?

When buying a smartphone, it is important to verify that a fairly new battery is installed inside it. The fact is that the service life of lithium-ion batteries, which are used on most modern phones, is relatively short (about 5 years)

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It is important that the battery wears out not only during operation, but also during simple storage in a warehouse, since chemical reactions constantly occur inside it, which gradually lead to degradation of the cell.

Using the old battery threatens the low autonomy of the smartphone: a full charge is enough for only a few hours. In addition, old batteries do not work very well, so they can become very hot or even swollen. Of course, nobody wants to face similar problems on a new phone, so before purchasing a device, you should look at when the battery was produced.

IMEI Features

The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) numeric identifier consists of 15 digits and is a unique identification marker for each sample of mobile equipment (phone, smartphone, tablet, modem, router), regardless of the country in which it was manufactured. Guided by the structure of the international IMEI identifier, it is possible to unambiguously establish not only in what state the factory is located, but also who the telephone manufacturer is, its model, release date and serial number.

Important! IMEI is a unique identifier for each GSM and UMTS mobile phone and serves for accurate and complete identification in the cellular networks of providers. To date, many devices have been developed that can simultaneously use 2 or more SIM cards of various operators

Such devices have several IMEIs, the number of which depends on the number of slots for SIM cards.

Each device owner can find out their international identifier for mobile equipment from four standard sources:

  • warranty card;
  • inscription with a code on the primary packaging;
  • an inscription with a code on the phone case (under the battery);
  • IMEI electronic record in factory firmware.

How to Find Out the Samsung Phone Release Year

After this action, the 15-digit code will be instantly displayed on the screen. For example, for devices with two SIM cards, the representation of a numerical code may look like this:



Please note that authorized organizations and manufacturers are constantly trying to improve the protection of mobile equipment from unauthorized IMEI changes using special software. In particular, this resulted in the fact that the identifier is now stored in the gadget’s memory in a special, once programmable zone

In addition, in 2004 the format of IMEI itself was changed.

On old-style devices, the international identifier of mobile equipment was presented as follows: 357885
(IMEI 1 from our example with the last digit replaced):

  • the first six digits (357885) indicated the model and origin of the telephone (TAC);
  • the next, seventh and eighth digits (05) identified the country of assembly (FAC);
  • digits nine through fourteenth (145512) indicated the serial number of the device;
  • the last, fifteenth digit (0) is a control number and until 2004 it was always zero.

The new IMEI format is simplified on the one hand, and uses a sophisticated check digit algorithm on the other. On modern devices, the international identifier of mobile equipment must be grouped as follows. 35

  • the first two digits (35) are the registered RBI code and indicate that the IMEI is used for this device, not the MAID (Mobile Equipment Identity) code, which is stitched on new CDMA mobile phones instead of the 32-bit ESN (Electronic Serial) number Number);
  • the next six digits (788505) indicate the model and place of manufacture of the phone and, together with the RBI code, form an overall picture of the origin of the device (TAC);
  • digits nine through fourteen (145512) are the serial number of the gadget;
  • the last, fifteenth digit (2) acts as a control number and, with the help of the Moon algorithm, constantly monitors attempts to inadvertently distort data.

How to Find Out the Samsung Phone Release Year

Regardless of the standard for writing IMEI, knowing the seventh and eighth digit of the identifier (except for the digits 00), you can determine the country in whose territory your telephone was manufactured.
Codes with two zeros (00) are transitional between the two IMEI standards and do not allow identification of the country of origin.


This section contains information about the SIM card, serial numbers and IP addresses for wireless transmitters in the phone:

  • SIM card status. Allows you to view the signal level, the selected network, type of mobile network (4G, 3G, 2G. only voice communication), roaming, status of the mobile network.
    I have not shown anything, because SIM card is not inserted into the phone. You will have everything. For most users, this information is of no value.
  • Information about IMEI. Each phone has its own unique number. If the device has 2 slots for SIM cards, then IMEI numbers are also 2.
  • IP address Given 2 addresses in different calculus systems. If the phone is connected to Wi-Fi, then you will see the local IP address assigned to your device by your home router (usually starts with 192.168). this is not the IP address of your home / work Internet.
  • Wi-Fi MAC Address I used to register in the settings for an Internet connection via wifi, now almost nobody uses it. Each transmitter has its own number in a hexadecimal number system.
  • Bluetooth address Each bluetooth transmitter has its own number in a hexadecimal number system. Information is of no value to the average user.
  • Serial Number — The serial number of your device. It is additionally indicated on the box. This is a unique number for each gadget.
  • Operating time. the time of continuous operation of the phone without rebooting. I have almost 7 days (see screenshot above. 167 hours).
  • The device status is official. Those. the phone is not fake, the firmware is official, root-rights did not work.

other methods

Being interested in how to find out the Samsung phone model, other approaches can be used. In addition, the information will always be reliable.

Each method assumes the maximum convenience for use, so you can easily get the necessary information.

How to Find Out the Samsung Phone Release Year

  1. Any mobile phone has a special compartment under the battery. Such a compartment is standard for GSM technology. Data can be found on the case itself. You can find out the brand, model and IMEI code, serial number of the phone.
  2. An interesting option is to use the code for Samsung. On the keyboard you need to enter # 9999 # or # 1234 #, after which. find out the model and version of the software.
  3. Another way is the usual inclusion of a mobile phone. When the device boots, the exact name ecnhjqcndf will be displayed on the screen. This method has already been deprecated, but 3-4 years ago it worked with dignity. If you use Samsung SGH, the method is still suitable.
  4. A special program can also help, which you just need to install on your smartphone and open.

Once it is possible to find out the model of the mobile phone, the successful use of Samsung at its maximum level of functionality is guaranteed. Find out what your phone is capable of.

Through third-party sites

Alternatively, you can find out the release date of your Samsung phone through special resources. All that is required is to have a serial number or IMEI on hand.

A popular service is SNDeepInfo. On it you can see the date of manufacture of the Samsung phone by entering IMEI in a special field. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • follow the link above;
  • select manufacturer;
  • indicate the IMEI or serial number of the Samsung smartphone;
  • Click on the Check button.

Almost immediately, information about the smartphone is issued.

If you wish, you can use another service. = imeinr. Here you can find out the release date by entering the IMEI of the phone. The downside is that it does not provide information for all devices.

How to Find Out the Samsung Phone Release Year

Using settings

A universal method is to find out your Samsung phone model in the settings. Here, the approach may vary depending on the model and operating system of the smartphone, but the general principle remains unchanged.

  1. Enter the Settings section (can be identified by the gear type icon).
  2. Find the About device (about phone) section in the menu list.
  3. Go down to the bottom and in the list below find the necessary section (Model number).
  4. Rewrite the data of interest by phone Samsung.

How to Find Out the Samsung Phone Release Year
How to Find Out the Samsung Phone Release Year

This method allows you to find out the necessary information for all smartphones on the Android OS. After receiving the information, you can drive it into a search engine and read about the phone in more detail.

The procedure is as follows:

2. You will receive a 15-digit set of numbers.

3. Seventh and eighth digits. the so-called FAC (Final Assembly Code)

4. These two numbers will indicate the country of origin

But there is a small caveat. Manufacturing countries of mobile gadgets try not to disclose their codes for various reasons. Therefore, there may be different contradictions.

Here is some of them:

01 or 10 or 70. these codes correspond to Finland, which means that phones with such numbering are of good quality;

02 or 20 is the code of the United Arab Emirates. Although this country is full of richest sheikhs, poor people from other countries are working on phones. Accordingly, the phone will be of poor quality;

07, 08 or 78. Germany. It is not necessary to find fault with the quality assembly of the Germans;

03 or 80. China. Controversial quality. The guys work hard, but sometimes they do well;

19 or 40. United Kingdom;

00 is a special situation. It means that the phone was manufactured back in 2003-2004, when the FAC was abolished.

Service Passport, by which you can verify the originality of a mobile device, as well as virtually certify the status of a mobile phone or tablet. We hope you keep the IMEI of your mobile devices.

What methods do you use?

Legal information

This section contains information:

  • Open source licenses. You can read the license agreements of those programs and services that are installed on your smartphone.
  • Google Legal Information: privacy policy, terms of use and license agreement.
  • WebView System Licenses. System Application License Agreements.
  • Legal information Samsung (you have a different manufacturer).
  • Security Information: Warnings about the violation of the instructions for the safe use of the device.
  • Samsung privacy policy (your manufacturer).

How to Find Out the Samsung Phone Release Year

As a rule, no one reads this information. For the user, it is of no interest and value.

Definitions of the country of manufacture of the phone by IMEI

We already know what figures of the international identifier of mobile equipment indicate the country of origin. It is quite difficult to link the seventh and eighth digits of IMEI with a real country, as there may be contradictions between the real origin of the device and the state for which the equipment was manufactured. For example, German-made mobile phones have a country code of 07, but the new South Korean smartphones Samsung Grand Prime, which were originally sent to Germany, received the same code, and then without any changes IMEI dispersed throughout Europe.

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