How to Find Out Imei Phone Code

International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI). an international identification code for a mobile device, which is assigned at the factory, is flashed in a one-time chip, without the possibility of flashing. It does not depend on the inserted SIM card and identifies only the device itself.

How to Find Out Imei Phone Code

As mobile device manufacturers and mobile network providers explain, this code allows them to track, locate and return stolen phones to their true owners, and if necessary, block their work.

According to the second, more romantic espionage version, the code allows special services to control the movements of citizens, listen to them and, if necessary, selectively disconnect their mobile communications.

But practice has shown that not everything is as we are told. When in New York I was pulled out of my brand new Nokia for 800, then when I contacted the police they friendly clapped on the shoulder and said: “Welcome to New York”. And when I called MTC and asked to disconnect the phone, for reasons of “don’t get to anyone,” I was kindly informed that, unfortunately, despite the fact that I have a contract and know IMEI, they cannot turn off the phone, because that their equipment does not allow this.

In addition, skilled hackers, using special software, can change IMEI. Manufacturers fight with hackers, modernizing the protective properties of devices, and hackers improve their methods. But I must say that in many countries changing a code on a telephone is a criminal offense. For this you can sit on a bunk in Belarus, Great Britain, Latvia.

Universal way

The easiest and most universal way is to type on the keyboard # 06 #

However, how can the IMEI code be useful for the average user of a mobile device?

  • Allows you to find out the country of manufacturer;
  • Software version;
  • The serial number of the device;
  • Check the originality of the phone (if the number on the small sticker does not match the number indicated in the firmware, then this is not your option).

The old system, the so-called FAC, had a 15-digit code structure. For example, if the seventh and eighth digits were 80, then you came across a Chinese-made apparatus, if 70, then Finnish. In the modern system, the cipher has changed slightly IMEISV and the country of the manufacturer is indicated by the first two digits, for example 49. Germany, and 04. Vietnam.

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And how to find out IMEI phone? As simple as that, remove the back cover, disconnect the battery and read this number on a small sticker.

IMEI on Apple Mobile Devices

In a slightly different way, the IMEI code is defined on mobile devices with the iOS operating system. The code is always indicated on the package, but if you lost it, there are two ways left:

On an iPad, iPod or iPhone, go to settings.

Go to “Settings”, select “General” and then click “About this device”. You will see the IMEI code.

On some Internet services, for example, SNDeepInfo, you can check the IMEI of your iPhone and find out a lot of details about it. For example, find out the contract expiration date if the phone is not unlocked. Or find out on which operator the phone is locked, whether it is on the black list.

This will be important information if you decide to purchase a used phone.

There is also a method that you can use if you were left without a phone, without a box and without anything at all, but at least used iTunes services. To do this, download and install the iBackupBot program. Using this application, launch any of the iPhone backups and get the IMEI code. By the way, you do not have to pay 35 for the program. In limited mode, she will cope with this problem.

Assign or change IMEI on Android phones

How to find out IMEI of a phone from devices with Android operating system? This is a separate song. Many devices do not have it at all. To do this, you need to get it. For example, for phones running on Mediatek chipsets, you need to enter a simple code # # 3646633 # #

We go into the engineering menu and find the “Connectivity” tab there. Select the “CDS information” item and click. In the list we find “Radio Information”. There, select Phone and after the inscription AT and enter EGMR = 1.7, ”IMEI”.

Can be made more difficult, but suitable for almost all models

First you need to get root rights. Then we find on the Internet and download the restore_imei archive. We find the run file in it. It must be opened with a text editor. Instead of the numbers after the abbreviation “exe” we prescribe our IMEI. The file must be saved. Run run.but and get the file MP0B_001. We copy it to the mobile device along the path / data / nvram / md / NVRAM / NVD_IMEI / MP0B_001.

Reboot and get a fresh and brand new IMEI.

In some cases, it is more convenient to use the Rockchip Repair Tool application.

In case of theft or loss of the phone, its IMEI can be recognized remotely. To do this, just use the Google service at

There is also a base of stolen and lost phones. A similar database is on the service

Well, if you know the IMEI of the phone and are an MTC subscriber, then send this 14-digit number to the free number 307. If the answer tells you that the code is not registered in the database, then you’d better refuse this purchase.