How to Find Out a Samsung TV Series

Explanation of the model number of the Samsung TV. This article explains how to decrypt the model number of a Samsung TV, find out which year your TV was developed or, more simply, find out Samsung TV models by year of release, which series the TV belongs to, which digital tuners are installed on the TV. And also from the marking of the model number, you can find out the main technical characteristics of the TV. Pay attention to the Samsung 4 types of markings of the model number of the TV.

You can also see decoding the serial number of Samsung TVs in the article: Deciphering the serial number of the Samsung 2001-2019 TV and how to find it.

Samsung TV lineup

  • Home TVs with QLED matrices
  • Home TVs with LED matrixes
  • Series The Frame (imitation of paintings).
  • TVs for gotels, waiting rooms, etc.

What was the marking of TVs before 2008, you can find out from the section at the end of the article, Marking of old Samsung TVs for 2002-2007

Decoding of the marking of Samsung TVs (Samsung) 2008-2020

You can decrypt the model number of the Samsung TV. The model number contains information for which region the TV was released, the year the TV model was developed and sales began, screen type, series number and type of digital tuners.

Let’s look at how to decipher the capabilities of the TV by labeling, using the example of the 2017 model UN55MU8500T

Decoding example of the model UE55MU8500TUXRU Samsung

  • U. company product symbol (TV), each Samsung product is assigned an individual letter
  • E. the region for which the television was released on a global scale without reference to a specific country, in this case
  • E. Europe
  • N. America, Korea,
  • A. Australia, Oceania, Asia, Africa
  • 55. screen size in inches, diagonally.
  • How to know the year of manufacture of the Samsung TV

    • M. the year the TV went on sale or the year of development, but more correctly, the year the M-2017 began sales. Samsung begins to produce TVs of the new line in the first quarter. If a TV, for example, is an R model, then it understands that this is the 2019 model. And it will be produced from the first quarter of 2019 to the 1st quarter of 2020.
    • T. 2020
    • R. 2019
    • N. 2018
    • M. 2017
    • K. 2016
    • J. 2015
    • H. 2014
    • F. 2013
    • E. 2012
    • D. 2011
    • C. 2010
    • B. 2009
    • A. 2008

    How to find out what screen on the Samsung TV

    • U. The TV has a screen with a resolution of UHD. The designation of the TV model number implies an understanding of the resolution of the matrix in the TV. Note that the production of televisions with Full HD matrices is declining every year. Samsung produces 95% of TVs with UHD or 8K resolution matrices.

    How to find out a Samsung TV series

    • eight. a series of TVs, currently the concept of TV series is used less and less. The reason is that there are televisions of the same series, but their technical characteristics are very different. For example, there are RU8000 series and Q80R series, both TVs are of the same 8 series. But the image quality is very different, different types of screens are installed.
    • 5. TV model, as a rule, the larger the number, the greater the functionality the TV has
    • 00. tv design
    • T. tuner type
    • Ux. design
    • RU. region for which the TV is made

    2019 Samsung changed the marking of QLED TVs, you can still find out the year of development of the TV model, but the changes in the designation of the model number of the TV in 2019 are more consistent with the marking of the model number of LED TVs.

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    Decoding of the model number of QLED TVs Samsung 2019-2020

    Decoding example of a Samsung TV model number on quantum dots of 2019 QN65Q900RBFXZA

    QN65Q. everything is clear here, this is the type of quantum dot TVs. Diagonal size

    Changes from the previous designation of model numbers.

    Video: How to Find Out a Samsung TV Series

    • the model number is indicated by two or three digits, 900, There were modifications of TVs in the series. In Europe, the Q90R and Q95R TVs are assembled. In other series, modifications also appeared. For TVs with a resolution of 8K, three digits are highlighted. This distinguishes the marking of televisions with a resolution of 4K and 8K.
    • The type designation for the screen is curved or flat. Perhaps Samsung will soon abandon the production of curved TVs.
    • R. as for other TV models, means the year of development 2019.
    • R. 2019
    • T. 2020
  • A, B. two letters from 2019 mean the generation of the TV. For example, in the 900 series,
    • A the first generation of TVs did not have HDMI 2.1 ports
    • B. Added HDMI standard 2.1 ports and replaced the remote with the 2019 model.
    • F-type digital tuner
    • X. TV design change
    • ZA. two letters indicate the country for which the television is made.
    • An example of decoding the model number of Q-LED TVs Samsung 2017-2018

      Decipher the marking of QLED Samsung TVs.

      • Q. TV series
      • N. region for which the TV was produced
      • 65.screen size inches
      • Q7. repetition of the designation of the series, purely for marketing reasons
      • C (F). TV type C. curved or F. flat
      • N. year of development of a TV model
      • A. type of backlight used
      • A. backlight type edge-lit LED (LEDs are placed on the sides of the screen)
      • B. Full array (LEDs are located behind the entire screen area)
    • Fxza. letter designation, it can be used to determine for which country the TV is made, the type of digital tuners.
    • The TV series The Frame, positioned as an art series, such TVs are designed to replace paintings and make the interior design dynamic. Originally produced in two types, with the possibility of mounting on the wall and in the style of the 1970s on legs. But by 2018, there was only one design left (wall mounting or mounting on a stand). Originally had a slightly different labeling, for example, in 2017 UE65LS003AUXRU, but in 2018 the marking was reduced to standard, a letter was added indicating the year of development UE65LS03NAUXXU.


      2019, the new letter R is used in the marking of Samsung TVs, which indicates that this model of TVs is developed in 2019. If in the model number in place of the letter designating the year of development of the model is the letter R (see above), then this TV model is 2019. Also, from the designation of the model number of televisions on quantum dots, the letter was replaced which indicated which TV was flat or curved. Instead of letters, numbers are used. Perhaps this is due to the start of production of TVs with a resolution of 8K. QN82Q60RAFXZA. TV with 4K screen resolution, QN75Q900RBfxza. TV with a screen resolution of 8K. And in 2019 there will be an upgrade to marking TVs on quantum dots.

      Changes in Samsung TVs 2019 Start selling 8K TVs. Implemented support for voice assistants Google and Alexa. No new technologies in image processing and screen manufacturing have been announced on TVs.


      Samsung retained the usual marking of TVs, the year the model was developed was denoted by the letter N, the rest did not change. As expected, the Super series disappeared, it was transformed into a QLED series. Compared to 2017, processors in the top-end series of TVs 9 and 8 will be improved on TVs. The production of TVs with Full HD and HD screen resolutions has been virtually discontinued, only a few 4 and 5 series models remain. TVs have matrices with UHD resolution. Also, almost all TVs have an Internet connection (Smart TV) and an upgraded Tizen 4.0 operating system

      QLED TVs, the letter N is also added to indicate the year the TV was developed.


      2017, Samsung decided to launch TVs with quantum dot screens in a separate QLED series. And most likely, the previously used designation S will no longer be used in the designation of TV models from 2017. The TVs themselves remained the same as in previous years, but of course there is an improvement in processors to speed up the TV and faster response to commands, and connection methods are being improved. So One Connect was invented to reduce the number of cables to the TV. But in general, TVs are the same as in 2016. Support for HDR (Extended Dynamic Range) has become standard.


      In 2016, the marking of the TVs remained the same as in previous years, only the letter changed indicating the year of development of the model and the beginning of production. According to technical specifications, we can note the cessation of production of TVs with 3D support, the volumetric image is not widespread, it makes the production of TVs more expensive.

      Decoding example of Samsung TV model 2014


      • U-LED TVs use LEDs as backlight. Uxxxxxxxxxx
      • E-the region for which the E-Europe TV is manufactured, for example, for the USA, the designation N,UExxxxxxxxx
      • 55- The numbers after the first two letters, the diagonal of the screen in inches UE55xxxxxxx
      • H- year of manufacture of the TV H-year 2014. UE55Hxxxxxx
      • U-indicates that the TV has a 4K UHD resolution screenUE55HUxxxxx, S Ultra HD TV screen made on quantum dots.
      • nine-tv series UE55HU9xxxx
      • 000-modification UE55HU9000x
      • T-indicates which digital tuners are on the TV, namely 2 x DVB-T2 / C / S2UE55HU9000T

      An example of decoding a Samsung TV model 2013.


      • PS-plasma TV. PSxxxxxxxxx
      • L-LCD The TV uses lamps as a backlight. Lxxxxxxxxxx
      • U-LED TVs use LEDs as backlight. Uxxxxxxxxxx
      • E-the region for which the E-Europe TV is manufactured, for example, for the USA, the designation N,UExxxxxxxxx
      • The numbers after the first two letters, the diagonal of the screen in inches UE55xxxxxxx
      • The letter after the diagonal indicates the model year of manufacture UE55Fxxxxxx
      How to Find Out a Samsung TV Series