How to Find out a Huawei Serial Phone Number

Today, more and more fakes appear on the smartphone market. At the same time, they began to fake not only the electronics of such brands as Apple and Samsung, but also smartphones of well-known Chinese manufacturers. This is due to the growing popularity, because their products are in no way inferior, and in some places even surpass the smartphones of famous Korean and American brands in quality and technical characteristics. There are several ways to check your Honor and Huawei phones for authenticity. Knowing these methods, you can avoid buying a low-quality smartphone.

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Why you need to check the originality of the phone

The problem of fake gadgets has appeared for a long time and every year it becomes more and more relevant. Previously, it was not difficult for even an inexperienced user to distinguish a fake. Over time, manufacturers of non-original mobile devices have learned to create exact copies of smartphones that are indistinguishable externally.

Such similarities are used by scammers, putting up for sale a fake at a price lower than the original. Potential buyers see an advertisement or an advertisement for the sale of a smartphone at a discount and “peck” at it.

Therefore, to avoid such situations, before buying a smartphone Huawei or Honor should be checked for originality. You can do this for a few simple points:

  • check the serial number through the official website;
  • check IMEI;
  • learn global or chinese version;
  • conduct a visual inspection.

By following these procedures, the buyer will be able to avoid the case of buying a fake smartphone and save your money.

Check by serial number through the official website

In order to check the serial number of the phone from Huawei, you must visit the official website of Huawei.

In the window that opens, enter the 16-digit serial number and verification code, and then click the “Search” button. The result will appear on the screen. If the smartphone is genuine, then the following information will be displayed on the screen:

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  • model;
  • Serial Number (SN)
  • warranty period;
  • Warranty coverage area.

The fake has a fake serial number that fails verification.

How to find out your SN (Serial Number)

There are several options where you can see the 16-digit serial number of Huawei and Honor phones.

IMEI Original Check

You can also check the warranty of Huawei and Honor smartphones by IMEI. For inexperienced users, it is worth explaining what IMEI is on phones.

International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI). The international identifier of mobile equipment, which is assigned to each phone. It consists of 15 or 17 digits and contains information about the model, country of manufacture and serial number. For each smartphone, an identifier individual, therefore, it can also be used to test Huawei and Honor for originality. The IMEI indicated on the box must completely match the IMEI in the phone.

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How to find out IMEI of Huawei and Honor phones

  1. It is printed on the box along with SN and other information.
  2. View in the warranty card.
  3. Typing a team # 06 #. The information we need appears on the screen.
  4. In the phone settings, go to the section System, and then in the subsection “About the phone.”
How to Find out a Huawei Serial Phone Number

In order to verify the authenticity of the smartphone, it is necessary to check the IMEY both in the device itself and on the box and warranty card that come with it.

What else you need to check before buying

In addition to the methods of smartphone authentication described above, it is worth paying attention to other signs that may indicate that you are fake.



Manufacturers of illegal smartphones have learned to make copies that are little distinguishable from the original. However, there are devices with a crooked logo or font errors. The camera and other items may be in a sequence that does not match the original. In addition, it is worth paying attention to the inscriptions that appear when you turn on the device and suspicious applications.

Screen (dead pixels, yellow spots)

A non-original phone can be recognized on the screen. Despite the identical size of the display, on it there may be broken pixels, spots of yellow or blue, and on the sides are white stripes. All this speaks of poor-quality phone assembly or simple marriage.

Smartphone version

Chinese electronics manufacturers produce devices for the local market and the rest of the world. The difference between the versions is due to the supported communication standards in countries and other nuances.

  • The Chinese version of the smartphone will have a box with hieroglyphs, it will not install the usual Google services and other applications.
  • The global version is available in a box with inscriptions in English, it is guaranteed to have support for the Russian language and Google services.

How to authenticate other Huawei devices

The tablet

In order to verify the authenticity of the Huawei tablet, you must follow the same steps that are performed when checking the phone. Data on the serial number and IMEI will be indicated on the box and in the warranty card that comes with the tablet. On the device itself, you can see the necessary information in the settings or by entering the command # 06 #.

Smart watches and fitness bracelets

Original smart watches and bracelets for fitness from Huawei have a number of distinctive features:

  • complete with the device is a box and a warranty card indicating SN;
  • laser engraving with the company logo is applied to the device;
  • the name or logo of the company is imprinted on the watch or bracelet strap;
  • The charger has the inscription: HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.

By visiting the official website of the developer (link at the beginning of the article), you can verify the authenticity of the device by serial number.


Like other devices, you can check the Huawei headphones by the serial number indicated on the box. In addition, on the headphones themselves will be inscribed with the name of the company. You can verify the authenticity on the official website.

Video instruction

Answers to popular questions

How to determine the date of production of the smartphone?

  • 7th. year;
  • 8th. month;
  • 9-10. production date.

How to check if the warranty is valid at the moment?

As you can see, checking any Huawei and Honor devices for authenticity is very easy. By following the procedures described above, you can prevent the purchase of a fake device and save your money.