How to Find Miles by Phone Number

E-mail. e-mail, which is often called “soap”. Today everything is tied to the “soap”. communication, work, the exchange of contact data, photo and video files, etc. Today, the address of your mailbox must be indicated wherever you need to register, so it is important to know your email address and find out if you need it, and how to do this will be described in this article.

How do I know what my email address is?

I must say that most of the mail services provided today are part of a set of options that search engines are endowed with. Today, search giants such as Yandex, Rambler, Google and provide the opportunity to register your email account. When compiling the address of their mailbox, all these search engines suggest using the same formula: login @ address of the mail service used. It turns out that if the selected login is OksanaIvanova, then the mailbox address will look like or, depending on the mail service.

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Those who are interested in how to find out their email address, if they have forgotten, it is recommended to look at the page of the selected mail resource. For example, for those who want to know how to find out the email address in Yandex, it is recommended that you simply open the tab and look at the upper right corner. The login line is indicated on the very top line, by clicking on which you can find out the full address of your mailbox. The same thing should be done by those who ask how to find out the email address in mail. By typing in the address bar of the browser, you can get to the resource page and in the upper right corner see the full address of your mailbox.

How to find out email address by phone number?

First go to the page of the mail service where the box was registered. Click "need help" and select "I do not remember the username." The system will offer to restore through an additional mailbox or phone, you must confirm the latter. Having indicated your number, first name and surname, choose a delivery method, for example, SMS. Next, a verification code will come to the phone, which should be entered in the field on the next page. After checking the code, the system will display the mailing address to which the telephone number was linked. In this way, you can restore the address of your mailbox.

You can call for help sites that people often use or one of the last ones that he went to and left the address of his mailbox. For example, if an advertisement was recently posted on the Avito website, then on the main page of the website at the very top next to the little man’s icon is your personal account, and the address of the mailbox is written below. Alternatively, you can contact one of your acquaintances or colleagues who were previously corresponded by mail and ask to remind the address of your mailbox. If it’s completely impossible to find out the necessary information, you can contact the technical support service of the site and ask to resolve the situation. As a rule, there are no problems.

Well, if nothing important is contained in the old mail, then you can not waste time restoring the previously used login. You can simply acquire a new box and use it for your health, and to prevent such problems, write the address on the sticker in the future and attach it in a prominent place, for example, on a computer monitor. It will be more difficult to recover a forgotten password, so this information should also always be at hand, especially for active network users who register on many resources.

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