How to Find a Lost Phone Samsung Galaxy A3

Samsung Dive. GALAXY S lost device control function

So that trouble does not happen, or trouble already happened, then right here. has access to a new accessibility feature. If you have lost your GALAXY S II smartphone, you can track its position and control it remotely. First you will see the location of the device, which will be updated every 15 minutes for 12 hours. If the GPS signal is weak or the smartphone is turned off, tracking will automatically end. The accuracy of determining the location of a smartphone is comparable to the accuracy of other GPS devices. You can lock your smartphone and leave a screen message for those who find it so that they can contact you. You can also transfer calls from your smartphone to another number and increase the volume of the melody so that the device is easier to find. You can even browse the call log to see who called you! And finally, you can erase all data from the smartphone so that your personal information does not fall into the wrong hands.

Samsung DIVE. It is a tracking system for a mobile device, which allows you to do the following things with the device:

Blocking a mobile device using a message;

Delete data from a mobile device;

Search for a mobile device.

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In order to activate this service on the Galaxy S II, you need to register a Samsung account. This can be done directly on the device itself. To do this, go to "Settings", Further "Accounts and Sync" and press "Add Account record". Choose from the list "Samsung account" and register it.

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Next you need to go to the website From there, you can already remotely control the phone.

Of course, you can by clicking on the button "Mobile device search", determine its location. In my case, the location of the Galaxy S II was determined accurate to home. At the same time, the GPS automatically turned on on the device! The coordinates of the phone are determined in all possible ways: cell towers, Wi-Fi access points, GPS.

Well, that’s not all. You can start tracking the location of the device (within 12 hours with an interval of 15 minutes) by clicking on the appropriate button. The movement of the phone will be displayed on the map. Cool?

How to Find a Lost Phone Samsung Galaxy A3

In my opinion, a very useful thing. this is "Call logs". You can download call logs in the past week. A list of incoming numbers, outgoing and missed will be displayed in the table.

You can also make a call to the phone. It will be useful if you hid the phone somewhere in the apartment / cottage, but cannot find it. At the same time, even if the vibro mode is on, the melody will still play at maximum volume.

Delete phone contents. This function deletes all data from the device.

If you wish, you can lock your phone with a PIN code, as well as send a message to it. You can compose the message text yourself (no longer than 100 characters). You can also configure the function of receiving a message with a notification about the change of SIM-card, indicating the phone number to which the message should be sent.

How to Find a Lost Phone Samsung Galaxy A3

As a result, we received a free, very convenient and thoughtful service that copes with its duties perfectly.

Samsung Dive. lost phone control function

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