How To Feed Husky Feeding Puppy Husky And Adult Dog

Husky dogs are very intelligent, devoted to their owner, have a calm character. These dogs become true friends and protectors for humans. But before you start a dog, you need to understand how to feed the Huskies.

Breed benefits

Huskies have several advantages compared to dogs of other breeds. They have a strong immune system and a calm disposition. In addition, you can keep Huskies in a city apartment or in a private cottage.

These dogs are not too demanding in the care, but that they were healthy and beautiful, should be given some time proper nutrition and care for them.

Puppy diet

When the puppy begins to eat on its own, special attention should be paid to the regime and routine of its feeding. Until three months of age, the puppy must be fed 5 times a day. When the puppy gets older, the regime is changed: feeding is carried out three times a day. A six-month puppy can be transferred to two meals. It is necessary to devote a lot of time to the dog breed Husky. You will find the description of the correct feeding in this article.

For feeding, you will need special dishes, it is better to take metal, she is not afraid of dog teeth and will last for a long time.

How To Feed Husky Feeding Puppy Husky And Adult Dog

Full day menu

Morning feeding should include low-fat fermented milk products. Puppies need to be given up to two quail eggs so that the bone tissue of the growing puppy is strong and the skeleton develops harmoniously. It’s time to learn how to feed the Huskies.

For husky choose one of two feeding options:

  1. Natural food that the owner prepares himself
  2. Dry food and canned food

If the choice of the owner fell on the finished feed, you should buy good quality feed, do not save on your pet. This should be a special puppy food. Premium food contains all the necessary nutrients for puppy development. With this type of feeding, the dog must have enough water. Up to four months of age, feed is better soaked in water. Be careful not to feed that contains artificial colors, soy protein and corn. If you ignore the rule, you can ruin the stomach of a husky. The description of the breed indicates that these are noble dogs, and food must be appropriate.

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Fish and meat in the diet

Cooked at home food for a puppy should be balanced. It is necessary to gradually accustom the dog to eating meat and fish. To do this, a small portion of meat is added to the boiled rice, fish is added a couple of days later and poultry meat is added later. However, this option of feeding a puppy takes from the owner not only a lot of time, but also money.

Periodically, the puppy should be given food containing vegetables and fish. But it is worth knowing that frozen fish of the Husky breed dogs is absolutely not digested. Raw meat can be given to a puppy only 10-15 days later after he was accustomed to boiled meat.

Features feeding an adult dog Husky

Usually dogs are not greedy, but each individual has an individual metabolism, so there are also those who love to eat. It does not matter if you have a pure breed or a half-breed husky.

These dogs can eat fatty meat, without endangering and overloading the liver. Huskies are northern dogs that prefer fatty foods. The amount of food must be calculated depending on the energy consumption of the dog and his personal indicators. It is necessary to feed the dog full, but not to overfeed, so that he does not gain excess weight.

It is important to feed the dog after he walked. First you should feed the dog, and then the owner can be taken for food. Very important mode for husky. The description of the breed indicates that the animal should not be allowed to eat from the table.

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Choice of feed

From a very early age dogs need to decide what kind of feeding the pet will receive. If dry food is chosen, then you need to choose those in which there is a high content of fats and proteins. No need to save on your pet, and choose only high-quality and suitable food. Otherwise, feeding may harm the health of the dog. Premium food contains substances necessary for normal life and health of the dog.

However, dry food does not cover the animal’s need for water, so it is better to soak the food for fifteen minutes in warm water before feeding. As you know, husky males are more active, nutrition should be appropriate.

But, despite the convenience for the owner, dry food has its drawbacks. A dog can simply get bored with dry food, and it will not be fully saturated. If such a situation has occurred, then the canned dog should be offered to diversify its taste sensations. It should be borne in mind that the same food is differently absorbed by different dogs, so you need to responsibly treat his selection.

Natural food

Choosing natural food for the dog, you need to think of a balanced menu. It needs to be adjusted depending on the activity of the dog and its age. The duration of a dog’s life and its health directly depends on proper nutrition. Meat should be present weekly in the husky diet. The description of this breed is known to all, the dog is famous for its beauty. But illiterate food will affect the appearance of the pet.

The menu should include the following products:

Husky meat is better to cook. It is preferable to give the beef, but you can feed the dog meat rabbit, chicken and veal. You can include in the diet and by-products: liver, lungs, kidneys and others, but it is rarely recommended to give. Not everyone understands what to feed Huskies is, and what better not to give your pet.

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Meat for Husk should be cut into pieces, the stuffing is not recommended because of the characteristics of the digestion of dogs. About 70% of the diet of adult Siberian Husky should be meat.

Giving the dog fish need only alternating with meat. It is recommended to give boiled sea fish, from which you need to carefully remove the bones.

Vegetables and Milk

Vegetables in the dog’s diet should be boiled, watered with sunflower oil. It can be:

The percentage of vegetables in the dog’s diet should be at least 20%. Cereals to give better in the form of flakes, because they can be cooked faster, just pour boiling water and letting it brew. A stronger stomach is different half husky.

Dairy products must be non-fat. This may be yogurt, cottage cheese and kefir. These products are better to give in the morning feeding. It must be remembered that warm food is much healthier and better absorbed than cold food. With natural feeding it is important to give the dog special vitamins.

Periodically, dogs of this breed have a decrease in appetite – this is not a reason to sound the alarm, but a particular breed. However, if the loss of appetite is observed for more than 2 days, then it is worth contacting the veterinarian for advice.

Treats should be given to the dog only for the purpose of upbringing, and the constant treat of the dog with delicacies reduces their effectiveness. Soup, porridge or bones will not do any harm to the dog, but will bring diversity to its diet. Now you know what to feed Huskies to make your pet feel good.

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