How To Feed A Labrador

Recommended and prohibited products

How To Feed A Labrador

How to feed a Labrador? Let’s start with the listing general rules for feeding dogs natural products:

  • Food should always be fresh, preferably only cooked;
  • Food should not be cold or hot, the best option is room temperature;
  • Feed should be given daily at the same time in equal portions;
  • You can not feed the dog immediately natural and dry food;
  • You can not give your pet food from your table.

How to feed a Labrador at home? What products must necessarily enter the diet Labrador:

  1. Lean meat: beef, chicken, horsemeat, turkey, offal. Giving can be raw and boiled – like more like a dog. Only offal must be well boiled. If you prefer to give raw meat, you must give the dog antihelminthic drugs once a month.
  2. A fish. Very useful, it has a lot of iodine and phosphorus. Choose low-fat sea varieties, cleaned of bones and boil before serving.
  3. Cereals. You can give everything except barley and oats. They are worse absorbed and give allergic reactions. It is recommended to add a little vegetable oil to porridge.
  4. Dairy products (cottage cheese, kefir, bifidok, yogurt). They are rich in calcium, which is very useful for the fragile bones of Labradors. In the porridge and vegetable mixes, you can add grated low-fat cheese.
  5. Eggs You can give 1 – 2 times a week, adding to cereals or dairy products. It is recommended to separate the yolk from the protein, so the latter is not absorbed by the dog’s body.
  6. Fruits and vegetables. Labradors love them very much and eat both raw and boiled. Add vegetable oil or sour cream to vegetable portions. In the feed, it is recommended to add finely chopped fresh herbs (parsley, dill, onion feathers, lettuce).
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Prohibited Products:

  1. Fatty food, including fatty meat. Harmful, because it leads to diseases of the digestive tract and contributes to the emergence of obesity, to which u this way is prone.
  2. Bones. Dogs do not assimilate them. In addition, their use leads to grinding of teeth, constipation, twisting intestines and intestinal perforation. It is especially dangerous to give tubular bones, as they are split into small sharp parts.
  3. Bakery products, including pasta, and potatoes. The latter is generally not absorbed by dogs, and flour products contribute to obesity.
  4. Legumes. They lead to indigestion.
  5. Milk. It leads to indigestion, and as a result diarrhea.
  6. Sausages, sausages and various smoked meats. For dogs, this is practically poisonous, as these foods quickly destroy the liver of a pet. Violation of this prohibition may cause the death of the animal at a young age.
  7. Sweet. Such products not only destroy the teeth, but also cause indigestion, as well as lead to tearing.
  8. Spices. They can spoil the scent of the animal or harm the taste buds, in addition, some spices disrupt the gastrointestinal tract.

Approximate Labrador Menu per day

Let’s start with the required amount of food. Daily rate calculated based on the fact that an adult Labrador per kilogram of weight requires 20 grams. Meat products. At the same time, meat makes up only half of the diet, the second part is occupied by vegetables, cereals and dairy products.

Sample dog menu, weighing 35 kg, according to these proportions, will be as follows:

  • Meat products – 700 gr .;
  • Cereals – 350 grams;
  • Vegetables – 350 gr.
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It should be borne in mind that the dog is recommended feed twice a day, therefore, the given portion must be divided into two halves.

How to choose the right dry food for Labrador

Brand bark here does not play a special role. It is advisable to find a suitable option among premium varieties. The main thing that the product advised the following requirements:

Labrador Nutrition Video

In the video you can learn not only about the basic rules of feeding a Labrador, but also information about the nature of this breed, tips on care and education.

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