How To Feed A Labrador How To Feed A Labrador

If a small dog has appeared in your house, then you will probably be interested to learn how to feed a new pet. That’s what we’ll talk about today. Regardless of what the content of the Labrador is planned: in an apartment or in a house with free access to the street, you need to properly think about the food and diet of the animal.

First days at home and feeding

Of course, in the first days after a small lump appeared in your apartment, you need to feed him with the food he ate from the breeder. After several days (or weeks), if you already have the desire, the dog can gradually be transferred to a diet acceptable to the new owner.

It should be noted that you need to prepare in advance two bowls: one – for food, the other – for water. The latter must always be filled. Make sure that the water in the bowl is always clean and fresh. Food put a puppy for 15 minutes (no more). Labrador food, regardless of age, should be warm, about 32 degrees. If the baby eats badly, indulges, then after this time the food must be removed, and no matter how much food the dog ate. In no case do not try to persuade him, otherwise in adulthood you will also beg. Why exactly 15 minutes? During this period, the puppy will have time to eat food if desired, while he will not have time to indulge.

It is advisable to put bowls on stands, so that their incorrect placement does not lead to the curvature of the cervical vertebrae. Height must be adjusted depending on the growth of the puppy.

The number of feedings for dogs of different ages

How much to feed a Labrador? The number of meals depends on age. For example, in the first two months the baby needs very frequent meals, about 6 times a day. Up to six months, five feedings per day will suffice, and after 6 months the dog should be fed 4 times. After seven months and up to a year, three meals will suffice. After you can already feed the Labrador twice a day.

Errors when feeding a puppy and an adult dog

After the puppy has eaten, do not bother him, in order to avoid turning the stomach. Labradors. very cunning dogs, they can manipulate their owners, begging for food, because they almost always want to eat. Between feedings, you should not feed your pet, otherwise the “poor, unhappy, hungry” dog will always be at your feet when you will have lunch, breakfast and supper. It is better to send your pet to another room for the time of the meal, so that neither he nor you will be tempted.

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How To Feed A Labrador How To Feed A Labrador

Now let’s find out what to feed. Labrador is a mobile dog, therefore it needs a varied and balanced diet. Given the fact that at home it is quite difficult to do, many experts recommend dry food.

Ready meals

What products are suitable Labrador? Of course, this category includes the best premium or super premium dog food. They need to pick up the size and age of the animal. Do not cost to save on food, using products of economy class. Such food will not be able to provide a growing body with essential vitamins. In addition, representatives of the breed are often allergic. Think about it, because the subsequent treatment will cost more.

How To Feed A Labrador How To Feed A Labrador

So what to choose for a Labrador? What is the best dog food? The most acceptable is the production of such companies as Royal Canin, Hill’s, Purina Pro Plan, etc. Manufacturers produce a large range of food, designed for dogs of different age groups.

If you are overweight, you need to reduce the amount of food or switch to light products.

How To Feed A Labrador How To Feed A Labrador

As mentioned above, Labradors often suffer from allergies to any product. In this case, it is worth giving a feed of the Royal Canin, Hills, Nutra Choyz trademarks. These manufacturers produce a line of hypoallergenic products with sea fish, lamb, rice.

If you decide to feed your Labrador with dry food, then do not add natural products to its diet, it can upset the balance, as a result of which there will be liver or kidney diseases.

Up to three months, solid food, it is desirable to soak a little warm water, gradually making it all drier. It is impossible to say exactly what volume of finished products to give a puppy – it all depends on the age and weight of the animal. This information is usually indicated on the packaging.

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Natural products. What to feed?

Labrador – an animal rather picky. If you decide to feed the dog with natural food, then the food for him should be prepared separately. The basis of the puppy’s diet, of course, are protein foods (eggs, meat and cottage cheese). First, the kids are given chopped meat. In addition, for the full development of the required porridge.

Making up the diet of an adult dog, you need to observe the following ratio: for 1 kg of body weight you need 15 g of meat per day, 1-2 g of fat and 6 g of carbohydrates.

For puppies, the figures are several times higher (two or three).

How To Feed A Labrador How To Feed A Labrador

What kind of meat can a labrador? Of course, lean beef is best. Pork can not be given, it adversely affects the liver. From six months, you can enter into the diet of internal organs (heart, kidney, scar, etc.).

What dairy products to give dog? Of course, this is cottage cheese. Milk is poorly digested, it is less nutritious, besides sometimes weak. Puppies are especially useful kefir and sour milk. These dairy products have a good effect on digestion.

Useful for puppies up to seven months and calcined cottage cheese. It is prepared simply: put milk on the fire, add calcium chloride solution (based on 1 liter of liquid 2 tablespoons) before boiling, and after boiling remove from the heat, stir and discard on gauze. This is how curd is made.

Eggs are sufficiently nutritious foods, but in their pure form they are poorly digested. Raw yolk is best given in a mixture with porridge or dairy products. Can be made as an omelet. A dog has one egg per week. In the period of carrying and feeding the babies, the bitch is given a greater number, as well as in the breeding season.

What is the best fish to give to a Labrador dog? It is advisable to choose the sea. The dog can use it both boiled and raw. River necessarily be boiled. Remember that the bird should be boneless. Labradors, especially those in need of diet, pollock, pike perch, pike and hake are useful. Fish species that contain trimethylamine oxide are prohibited for dogs.

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Bones for Labradors are not particularly useful, they have no nutritional value, and chicken is completely forbidden to give, as they can lead to big problems with the intestines. Sometimes one innocent tubular bone can cause the death of an animal. So do not mess with the health of the pet.

How To Feed A Labrador How To Feed A Labrador

What else can a Labrador have for breakfast and dinner?

  • Groats are needed for the proper development of a puppy. You can give buckwheat, rice and rolled oats. Occasionally, you can cook millet porridge. When cooking is allowed to add vegetables. Note that barley, corn, semolina and barley grits should not be given. You can cook soups and dogs, but do not add seasoning to the dish.
  • Vegetables are useful to give raw, especially cabbage and carrots. You can prepare stewed mixtures of these and other ingredients.
  • Fruits and berries.
  • Greens (chopped).

What should be discarded if you want your pet to live longer.

Do not feed the dog food with starch. These include beans, peas and potatoes. Why? Because animals lack enzymes that break down starch.

Do not give your dog sweets, they disrupt digestion and spoil the appetite.

Mineral top dressing

Carefully make up the dog’s diet before feeding. Labrador should get enough minerals and vitamins that must be given along with natural food. If you give your pet premium food, then, as a rule, it doesn’t need additional feeding. But other factors should also be considered. For example, with intensive growth or heavy load on the joints, you can begin to add vitamins to your puppy from three to four months. What mineral supplements are suitable for Labrador? These are the preparations Glucosamine and Calcidee, as well as the fertilizing “Irishkal” (Holland), which has established itself well among dog breeders.

How To Feed A Labrador How To Feed A Labrador

Small conclusion

Dogs are amazing animals. They need to take care and know how and what to feed. Labrador is no exception. We hope that our recommendations will help you grow a healthy dog. As you can see, the animal can be fed not only with natural food, but also finished products. For labrador dogs, the most suitable option is Royal Canin feed. It is usually chosen by the owners of this breed.

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