How to Enter Sony Xperia Recovery

The Recovery menu is a special service mode of the Android mobile system. Present on all smartphones and tablets. Used to run if the user wanted to quickly clear all the information in the device, restore the factory settings, change the firmware, as well as in some other situations.

In the event that Recovery on the device has never been changed, it is called STOCK. If this menu has been flashed, then it is already called CUSTOM.

Among custom recovery, CWM and TWRP are considered the most popular due to their functionality.

To enter the menu recovery on a turned off device, a special combination of pressing HOME, POWER, VOLUME and VOLUME- is used. In this case, on different devices you need to use different of these buttons.

Below in the article you can find a way for your device. By the way, there are special programs for launching this menu. One of the most convenient under the name Quick Boot we will consider here.

Universal way to enter recovery on Android

Today, the same key combination is suitable for many models from different manufacturers. Therefore, it makes sense to consider this method in the first place. Perhaps it can be called a universal way.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Turn off your Android smartphone or tablet.
  2. Press the power button, and then briefly press the volume up control.
  3. The device will go into Recovery.

By the way, I recommend this method as well. Its main advantage is simplicity. But there is a significant drawback. the method is not supported by many models.

  1. With the unit turned on, hold the on / off button for a few seconds.
  2. A menu with some parameters will appear on the screen, where there may be a button “Transition to recovery” or something like that.

If on your Android these key combinations do not lead to the desired result, then see below all possible combinations specifically for each popular device line. For all other devices, one of the universal options described above is suitable.

Recovery on Samsung

If you have a device from Samsung Electronics’s popular Galaxy line, then you can use one of the following methods. Keep in mind that all key combinations are applied on a turned off smartphone or tablet.

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  • Hold the center button "Home" and Power (on / off).
  • Hold together the Center button, Volume Up and On / Off key.

How to Enter Sony Xperia Recovery

  • Hold Volume Up and On / Off.
  • Recovery on Sony Xperia

    If you are the owner of a Sony Xperia device, turn off the device, and then turn it on and when the indicator lights up or the SONY logo appears on the screen, press the volume down or volume up key. On some models, clicking on the logo.

    Such an option is also possible: turn off the device, hold down the power button and wait for a few vibrations, then release the ON / OFF button and quickly hold down the “Volume” button.

    Recovery on HTC

    First of all, the user needs to switch to Bootloader mode. In most cases, the battery is removed and reinstalled for this:

    Next, using the volume keys, you need to find “Recovery” and activate this item by pressing the power button.

    How to Enter Sony Xperia Recovery

    Nexus Recovery

    On the device turned off, hold down the following key combination: volume down and on / off (power).

    How to Enter Sony Xperia Recovery

    Now find the Recovery item and go to it by pressing the power button.

    How to Enter Sony Xperia Recovery

    That’s all. Next, go to the sections of the system that interest you. depending on the purpose of starting this menu.

    We go into recovery using the Quick Boot application

    There are special programs that help you go to Recovery with the touch of a finger. The procedure in this case is not at all complicated. Just open the Play Market, look for the application and install it. I decided to introduce you to one of the most convenient ones called Quick Boot.

    After installation and launch, select the Recovery item in the program menu.

    How to Enter Sony Xperia Recovery

    The device will successfully reboot into Recovery mode, and you can continue to work with the partitions that you need, depending on the task. For example, if you need to restore all factory settings on your device, then you will work with the Wipe data (Factory reset) section, the Apply update section is used to update the firmware, etc.

    How to work in menu recovery

    Navigation here is carried out by pressing the side keys to increase and decrease the volume. To confirm the selected option, briefly press the on / off button.

    Tip: if you are not confident in your actions, it is better not to experiment in this menu, as the consequences will be irreversible. Android mobile devices, unlike PCs, will not give warnings about possible problems.

    What is in the Recovery menu

    This menu contains the following sections:

    1. Reboot system. When you click on this item, the Android will restart in normal mode. In case you just went into Recovery out of curiosity, use this command to exit.
    2. Apply update from. This section serves to update the installed firmware from an existing distribution, install patches, etc. In this section, you can select the type of update from the following list:
      1) Internal storage. from an existing option, including from system memory, file storage, memory card;
      2) External storage. from some external device;
      3) Cache. from the internal system cache.
    3. Backup / Restore. Each device has a backup system image. Clicking on this item will start recovery from this image. That is, the system will be completely updated to the state in which it was after the purchase.
    4. Wipe cache partition. The contents of the system cache will be completely deleted.
    5. Wipe data | Factory reset. Selecting this item allows you to reset all settings made by the user for the entire duration of operation. The device will fully return to the factory default settings. Please note that during the reset process, all information entered and stored by the user will be lost. Including all files, folders, music, video, etc. However, the speed of the tablet usually increases by an order of magnitude after resetting the settings.

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