How to Enter BIOS on a Sony Laptop

Nowadays, laptop manufacturers are doing everything possible that their owners could fix the problem as simple and quick as possible without leaving the operating system. But it’s worthwhile to clarify that laptops are built on the same principles as desktop PCs, and in some cases they can cope without getting into the BIOS settings.

For example, if you decide to reinstall the OS or an error occurred while overclocking a component. How then to enter the BIOS on a laptop? This is simple enough to do, but let’s talk about everything in order.

BIOS. what is it and why is it needed

The abbreviation stands for “Basic Input Output System” or “Basic Input-Output System”. It starts when the device is turned on and is a black screen on which white letters and numbers are displayed. When the PC starts, it tests the subsystems, after which it transfers control to the bootloader of the OS and the operating system itself.

How to Enter BIOS on a Sony Laptop

It is worth saying that modern laptop models from hp, lenovo, asus, acer, samsung, sony vaio are equipped not with BIOS, but with its more advanced version. UEFI. There is no difference between the system data in terms of access. The only thing that UEFI is a more modern version of the software, which simply replaces the outdated BIOS, performing its functions.

Should I go into the settings?

If you are an inexperienced user, then you should stay away from him and do not climb unnecessarily. This can be explained by the fact that changing the parameters without understanding their actions can disable the computer and it just stops loading. If you don’t understand what this or that function answers, just don’t touch it, otherwise your actions may end badly not only for the laptop, but also for your wallet.

How to Enter BIOS on a Sony Laptop

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Failed to fix the problem? Ask a specialist for help!

If you are at least a little computer savvy and have an idea of ​​what the BIOS is and how to work with it, then if necessary, you can open the BIOS on your laptop yourself and do what you need. We will talk about how to accomplish this further.

BIOS entry

In order to enter the BIOS on a laptop, regardless of the type of installed Windows Xp, 7, 8, or 10, hot keys or their combinations are used. And they depend not only on the laptop manufacturer, but also on the motherboard. That is why you should remember the key combination designed specifically for your PC, because at the most inopportune moment, you may not have at hand either instructions or another device with Internet access.

How to Enter BIOS on a Sony Laptop

Another difficulty that you may encounter when you need to call the BIOS is the fast loading of the laptop. While you will read the labels, and decide which button you still need to press, the OS will start loading. In order not to fall into such a situation, you must either know the hot keys that activate bios on your device, or use the function to pause system boot (called by pressing the Pause key). However, not all laptops support this option.

Keys to Launch

Let’s look at the main key combinations that are often used to get into it:

  • “F2” is the most common key to enter the BIOS. It is designed for laptops from Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Panasonic, Fujitsu-Siemens, Sony, Samsung, Dell, and Toshiba.
  • ESC is used, like F2, in some Toshiba models.
  • The “F10” is for HP and Dell laptops.
  • “F1” is sometimes used on Lenovo devices.

Continuation of the list of keys for some models:

How to Enter BIOS on a Sony Laptop

Failed to fix the problem? Ask a specialist for help!

Now you know how to turn on the bios yourself. You should only remember a few important rules that will definitely help you in this:

  1. When you turn on the laptop in most cases, information about hot keys is displayed on the screen, pressing which will allow you to enter the BIOS.
    How to Enter BIOS on a Sony Laptop
  2. BIOS loading is possible only after turning on the device or when it reboots. If this moment is missed, you need to restart the PC again.
  3. Press the hot key as soon as the PC starts to boot. In order not to miss the moment, press it several times.

Professional help

If you can’t fix the problems yourself,
then most likely the problem lies at a more technical level.
It can be: a breakdown of the motherboard, power supply,
hard drive, video card, RAM, etc.

It’s important to diagnose and fix the breakdown on time,
to prevent the failure of other components.

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