How to Enter BIOS on a Samsung Laptop

Who replaced BIOS new generation of systems UEFI complicated the process of penetrating the holy of holies on laptops. Gone are the days in which each user could easily get there by restarting the computer and clicking the Delete button. Or, if this did not help, press some other keys from the functional group. F6, F8 or others.

This article will discuss how on modern PCs or laptops with modern operating systems such as Windows 8 or Windows 10 enter BIOS. It seems you have already despaired of asking yourself a question. is this even possible on your laptop? Maybe you don’t have any BIOS either?

Do not be afraid! Now you can easily and simply perform the necessary actions. We will do this using the SAMSUNG NP350V5C laptop with Windows 8 installed on it.

We will also consider how BIOS can be updated, and at the end of the article there is a video on how to execute it setting up before installing Windows 7 or 8.

Divide the BIOS startup process into 2 stages. So let’s go.

Stage 1: how to enter the boot menu

There are two radically different ways from each other.

First. via specially executed reboot laptop. This is the recommended way.
Second It will come in handy as a last resort if you cannot log in to configure the first method.

Correct reboot option

Just swipe vertically along the right edge of the screen. until a pop-up menu appears. You can also call it using the keyboard by pressing Win C.

Next, click "Parameters", Then"Change computer settings". Then press "Update and recovery".

How to Enter BIOS on a Samsung Laptop

Far the producer dragged this option!

Now click "Recovery"And here it is. the treasured item"Special boot options"- click on"Reload now".

How to Enter BIOS on a Samsung Laptop

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Your Samsung (or whatever you have) dutifully reboots and appears in the boot menu.

Extreme method

I applied this method once when a serious failure occurred on my laptop after updating one of the applications. The laptop crashed at the start and did not want to issue an authorization window. Therefore i could not log in, to do a reboot with special parameters.

I needed to do this to restore the system, but if you have the same problem, it will help you enter the BIOS.

I warn you! It is possible to apply this method only as a last resort, when there are no other ways.

This is done so (I performed these steps on a Samsung product):

  1. You connect your laptop to the network
  2. Start the system.
  3. Disconnect (remove) the battery. the laptop continues to work.
  4. Disconnect the laptop from the network.
  5. Waiting for a little while.
  6. Connect the battery.
  7. Plug in the network.
  8. Start by pressing the power button.
  9. After these steps, you will find yourself in the system boot menu.

Stage 2: BIOS startup

If you did everything correctly, then you will see the system boot menu, in which you should click on the “Diagnostics".

How to Enter BIOS on a Samsung Laptop

Then press on "Extra options".

How to Enter BIOS on a Samsung Laptop

And then onUEFI Firmware Options"

How to Enter BIOS on a Samsung Laptop

We pass to the final launch phase. click "Reload".

How to Enter BIOS on a Samsung Laptop

The screen will go blank and after a short (or maybe a long) time you will see the BIOS screen:

How to Enter BIOS on a Samsung Laptop

BIOS update

Updating BIOS is strongly recommended only from the official websites of manufacturers.

In my case, in the browser you need to go to the Samsung website and enter the full name of the model (written on the bottom of the laptop case): NP350V5C-S1JRU

After pressing the Enter button, a list appears in which we select an item from the "Embedded software"

How to Enter BIOS on a Samsung Laptop

Next, scroll down the screen and find "Update software", Click on it, which leads to downloading the file BIOSUpdate.exe

How to Enter BIOS on a Samsung Laptop

Since I downloaded it from the official Samsung website, I can safely launch it

How to Enter BIOS on a Samsung Laptop

and update the BIOS of the laptop:

How to Enter BIOS on a Samsung Laptop

In my case, the latest update has already been installed. If you have a new version available, all you have to do is click the last button to update the BIOS.

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