How to Enter Asus Router Settings

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Router, router or ruter. this, translated into Russian, is a router, that is specialized network computer. Router usually has at least one physical network interface (ADSL, Ethernet, Sfp or Wifi) The main task of the router is to forward data packets between different networks or segments of the same network. He has an idea of ​​the structure of interconnected networks or network segments (topology) and the rules used in these networks. The most powerful and expensive routers are used in the networks of Internet providers.

How to Enter Asus Router Settings

This router can be found at almost any major provider.
And here is a simpler router. Cisco 2811:

Such routers stand in racks with network equipment at various factories, with large and medium-sized companies.
And here. familiar to almost everyone simple SOHO segment routers:

Abbreviation SOHO stands for Small office / home office, which means “small office / home office". I think you already understand that routers of this level "live" in the offices of small companies and in our apartments and houses.
In a nutshell, the meaning of the operation of such devices is to divide one channel of the provider (cable, wifi, 3G or optics) to all devices available at home. That is, after setting up, the router connects to the provider’s network and, as it were, “distributes” the Internet to all devices connected to it. both via cable and wireless network Wifi.
The sizes of home routers can be different: from the dimensions of a decent size to pocket "kids". For example, it looks like this 3G router:

But even such a small device has its own processor, RAM, flash-memory and its own operating system. That is, in fact, this is a whole computer. an independent network device with its IP address in the local network.

This specificity of the device gives rise to a number of difficulties that ordinary users encounter, and therefore make a number of errors.

The first mistake that users make is that they consider USB modems to be routers. These are not routers:

These are simple 3G USB modems. The same applies to ADSL USB modems:

USB modems. what 3G, what ADSL. just like WiFi USB Adapters They don’t know how to “distribute” the Internet to several devices, but simply organize a channel for one device directly connected to the device.

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The second, no less common mistake is to search for a router as a device in Windows Device Manager. Of course, not finding anything there, the user begins to first search for a driver on the disk, and then surf the Internet in search of drivers for the router. Remember that the router is a standalone device and you do not need any drivers for the router.

How to go into the settings of the router?

In order to go into the settings of the router, you must first configure the network card.
To do this, go to Network connections. You can get there as follows. We are looking for a monitor icon in the system tray, around the clock. We click on it with the right mouse button:

In the menu that opens, select Network and Sharing Center. Click on it:

In the window that opens, look for the item in the menu on the right Change adapter settings and click on it.

The second way. press the key combination Winr. This will bring up the window. Run. We write a command in it. ncpa.cpl :

Or a team control netconnections. the effect will be the same.

Push button OK.

So, before us Network connections a computer. We select the connection through which the router is connected and click on it with the right mouse button:

Click on the menu item The properties and in the section for selecting connection components, double-click on the item Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4). In most cases, the settings should be as follows:

To connect to the vast majority of routers and modems, this setting is enough, since marshurizer distributes IP addresses to connected devices using the built-in DHCP-server. If any addresses are registered. write them down on a piece of paper and set the receipt of addresses in automatic mode.
Next, launch any Internet browser. It is better to use for these purposes Internet explorer. Enter the address in the address bar

This IP address is used by default for almost all router manufacturers. The exception is only a few manufacturers. D link, Tenda, Netgear. In this case, the address of the router is

Push button Enter and wait until the authorization window appears in the interface of the router. It can be like this, for example:

There is no difference. in any case, you must enter a username and password. In 99% of cases login admin, The default password is admin or 1234 or empty line. If the password was changed during the previous setup, then by itself you will not be able to log in. In this case, it remains either to look for the one who tuned, or reset router configuration button reset and reconfigure using the setup instructions from our site.


If, when you try to log into the router, a message is displayed in the browser Unable to open page. In this case, in network connections, right-click on the desired network connection and select the item in the menu that opens condition:

Then we click the Details button and we see the Network Connection Details window. We are interested in the fields IPv4 Address and IP default gateway.
If the DHCP server is configured on the router, then you will see approximately the same as in the picture. Default Gateway Address. this will be IP address of your routera. But if in the field IPv4 Address IP address is specified 169.254.x.x , then in this case, you need to specify a static IP address in the settings of the Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP / IPv4):
IP Address.
Preferred DNS Server.

For D- routersLink, Netgear and Tenda. respectively:
IP Address.
Preferred DNS Server.