How to Enable Flash On Huawei

Huawei provides the best camera phones, the quality of images of which is not comparable to any smartphone of any other manufacturer. From the article you will learn about the reasons for the low quality of photos, ways to improve the quality of pictures and how to set up the camera on a Honor and Huawei phone.

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7 reasons why the camera shoots poorly

Making the perfect photo on your phone is a difficult task. The main source of beautiful shots is good neutral lighting. But not all smartphones from Huawei can work in the “perfect photo” mode in any situation.

The main reasons for the poor quality of photos:

  1. Dust or dirt to the external camera lens. One of the simplest problems is solved by cleaning the surface.
  2. Scratch or other damage to the lens. In this case, the only way to improve the camera is to completely replace the module.
  3. Moisture inside the smartphone. Not all Huawei phones are protected by a high degree of protection against water and dust; IP67 and IP68 standards are available only to premium-series phones. If water gets inside it is necessary to contact a repair center and dry the gadget, it may be necessary to replace the camera module.
  4. Phone crash also affects the quality of the photos, this is especially noticeable if the phone has stopped focusing or takes muddy pictures. Most likely a module replacement will be required.
  5. Abrupt movement of hands or shooting a subject in motion. In this case, the problem can only be solved with a tripod and slowing down a moving subject.
  6. Software crash. To solve problems with malfunctions, just roll back the phone to the factory settings. If the problem with the camera is not resolved, then the reason for the bad pictures is not a failure.
  7. Photo quality deterioration after updating Android and EMUI. With the update, additional features for working with the camera and software add-ons appeared, but not on all smartphones they worked stably. You can fix the problem by rolling back to the previous version of the firmware or installing the latest version of updates at 9.0 (after 9.0 there were already two).

How to properly configure the camera on Honor and Huawei

The camera on Huawei and Honor smartphones has standard settings that users can change to their liking. With the EMUI update, camera capabilities have expanded: if you take a photo with AI enabled, then the phone itself determines what is in front of it and selects the brightness / contrast settings for more successful frames.

Restore default camera settings

If the photos have become muddy and of poor quality, then you can first set up the camera on Honor and Huawei by returning the default settings.

To return to the default settings:

  1. Open the application.
  2. In the upper left corner, click the “Settings“.
  3. Move the settings menu down.
  4. At the bottom, click on the “Restore Settings“.

Setting up the main camera

Most smartphones from Huawei are equipped with two lenses: Honor 10 light, View 20, 8X and others. Premium line equipped two, three and four lenses. Only one ultra-budget is available with one lens.

Basic settings include:

  1. Turn on and off “Live photography“, Works only in the” Photo “mode, in any others it is not supported.
  2. Change the photo mode: “Normal”, “Bright”, “Faded”. It is supported by all modes except “Portrait”, including video recording and shooting in “Pros“.
  3. General photo and video settings, which in turn are divided into basic settings and shooting settings, are included in the upper right corner.
  4. The use of zoom.

In setting up a photo, special attention should be paid to the “Portrait” and “Night” modes, since they have additional features. “Portrait” works with the main and front camera, so we will consider it a little lower.

Night shooting on Honor and Huawei phones allows owners to get high-quality images at night. Initially, the photo settings are in auto mode. the phone itself determines the necessary shutter speed and photosensitivity, but you can set the values ​​yourself and see what happens.

To use the settings you must:

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  1. Launch the application.
  2. Go to the “Night” mode.
  3. Selecting the “S” icon is an excerpt.
  4. Selecting the “ISO” icon is a photosensitivity.
  5. If necessary, use the zoom whose icon is on the right.

Video: How to Enable Flash On Huawei

Get a smartphone with a camera like an iPhone does not work, because smartphones on Android allow owners to play with the settings, use different shooting modes and save the received images in different formats. While the iPhone has a single shooting mode using Artificial Intelligence.

Setting the front camera for a selfie

Setting up a selfie camera is quite simple, it only works in two “Photo” shooting modes. the standard mode with automatic selection of settings, and “Portrait”. for high-quality photography of one person.

Features portrait mode:

  1. Adding filters to the finished photo, which are great for Instagram Stories. Circles, hearts, spirals and discs are available.
  2. Light scattering order for focusing on the face. Available: soft, butterfly flash, diffused, bright and classic flash. The last two darken the background to black. Classical is monochrome.
  3. Decoration. skin imperfections to get insta effect on the photo. The range is from 0 to 10. The larger the value, the greater the effect of smoothing the skin.

To use each opportunity, you must:

  1. Run the program.
  2. Go to portrait mode.
  3. Click on the effect icon and select the value you want.

Effects are applied immediately after setting the desired values. If necessary, in real time, you can check their intensity.

You can also get a perfect selfie in the “Photo” mode with standard settings. For a good photo you need good lighting, preferably daylight. The light source should not be behind or directly in front of the person.

How to turn on the flash on the camera

The flash on Huawei phones works in several modes, the user determines the format of its application.

To turn on the flash you need:

  1. Launch the application.
  2. Click the zipper icon in the upper left.
  3. Choose a flash mode.

The operating mode can be automatic. the phone itself determines when to use the flash, and when it is not needed, the non-flash mode. it does not work at all, forced mode. the flash is always on regardless of its need.

Rules for using a dual / triple camera phone

Phones with dual and triple cameras can be used like any other smartphones. Artificial intelligence is capable of using auto-tuning to achieve high-quality photos, regardless of conditions. Two or three cameras allow you to get better pictures and use more opportunities to improve the quality of pictures.

As, for example, the Huawei P20 uses two cameras: a color and a monochrome lens, they allow you to increase the depth of field, on other devices, instead of a monochrome lens, there can be an aperture to blur the background. The P20 Pro already has three lenses: primary color, monochrome and zoom.

You will also be interested in an article about recording video from the phone screen.

How to improve the quality of pictures

To fully understand how the camera works on smartphones from Huawei, you need to accept a few rules that will help improve the quality of photos.

To get high-quality images you need:

  1. Opt out zoom. do not use the camera’s software zoom to take a picture of the object in the distance. Use physical zoom. just go.
  2. Observe the proportions of light and shadow, minor errors can be corrected programmatically, but significant differences will result in overexposure in the photo or a lot of noise.
  3. Take black and white photos with a monochrome lens only, it is more accurate in defining objects. On P20 and P30 series phones, the monochrome lens works well day and night.
  4. Shoot on a tripod, especially in the “Pro” and “Night” mode.
  5. Use focus yourself, not always autofocus copes with its task efficiently.

Compliance with all the rules of photographing does not always help to obtain high-quality photographs. Budget phones are simply not able to give out a photo equal in quality to the image from the flagship.

Google Pixel 2 Camera (APK)

The ported Google Pixel 2 and 3 application is the camera application port of the smartphones of the same name. It can be installed on your phone and used instead of the standard application, it allows you to improve the quality of images due to software.

How and where to download

You can download the apk file from the XDA-Developers website, we recommend that you use this page (click on the XDA name), since the files are constantly updated there. If everything is bad with the English language, go through Google Chrome and turn on the translation of the page.

How to Enable Flash On Huawei

At the end of the article you will find 2 red buttons for downloading ports you need: Google Camera Port with Portrait Mode for Non-Google Devices.

Features of work

Photos are taken just like on a standard application. Application features:

  1. Change the image format without having to go to the settings.
  2. Change the brightness.
  3. The use of various filters.
  4. Switch to selfie.
  5. View photos in the gallery.

This application has less photo capabilities than the standard one, but can help improve quality snapshots.

Google camera

Google Camera is another photo application that can be installed instead of the standard one. This application can only be installed following complex instructions, which you can find in a separate article. But there is another application, it’s called open camera and available for download on Google Play. The functionality is stripped down, but most functions are very similar.

The application has the following features:

  1. Real time display and amount of free disk space.
  2. Exposure Lock
  3. Scaling.
  4. Manual exposure setting, which is turned on by the “/-” icon.
  5. Several photo modes.
  6. General settings of the application, there you can configure the photo settings, disable the click of the camera or set the quality of the pictures.
  7. Use in mode main, front and video cameras.

Video instruction

Answers to popular questions

How to turn on the second camera?

How to set a timer for a photo?

How to turn off the camera shutter sound?

Possibilities of photos on the phone have long reached the quality of good cameras, the main thing is correctly use the photo capabilities of the phone. Even on a not very good camera, high-quality images can be obtained if you work on them.