How to Enable Developer Mode on Xiaomi

How to Enable Developer Mode on Xiaomi

Some users lack the functionality available by default in Xiaomi smartphones. They need finer settings and functions that are only available after certain activation actions. It is because of this that even ordinary people begin to use the developer mode, although it is not intended for them. Further from the article it will be possible to learn how to enable this mode and use it, and what opportunities will open before you.

How to Enable Developer Mode on Xiaomi

Why is the regime needed, and how can it be useful?

Developer mode, based on the name, is more designed for developers.

In fact, this is such a section in the gadget’s OS, which greatly expands the range of user capabilities. For obvious reasons, it is hidden by default, because with its functionality you can both make the phone more convenient and set up something incorrectly, which will make it impossible to use it. But for people who understand what they are doing, this OS functionality is more than useful.

Not everyone knows how to activate the mode, because different versions of Android have different locations and section names, and shells can have even more differences. For example, like the Xiaomi family of smartphones, which have a MIUI shell sewn by default.

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Instruction for inclusion

  1. So, for starters, we need to open the “Settings” of Xiaomi.
  2. There, scrolling to the very bottom, we find the “About phone” tab, then click on it and look for the line “MIUI version”, in which the version of your firmware is written.
  3. Further, no matter how strange it sounds, you must press this line exactly seven times. It should be pressed quickly enough, non-stop. With each further click on the screen, a notification will pop up notifying the remaining number of clicks.
  4. The final notification will be a congratulation that you have opened the developer mode. The list of opportunities that may open up may vary. Most of all this is affected by the version of the operating system and shell, as well as the installed firmware.

Opportunities that open to the user

It should be noted that basically this functionality is needed by ordinary users for only one interesting purpose. USB debugging. Thanks to its activation, with a Xiaomi phone, you can crank up a lot of manipulations:

  • install various applications through a personal computer;
  • update installed software;
  • Perform hardware component tests
  • tune your smartphone for more optimal performance, increasing the optimization of applications and the entire system;
  • Scan to identify various malfunctions in the OS.

Use cases

In order to use all available settings of this mode in the future, you need to go to the root tab of the Xiomi device settings and find the "Advanced" item there. It is in it that a new section called "For Developers" will appear.

First of all, we can conduct a touchscreen test, for this it is necessary to activate the "Show clicks" function. Obviously, the displayed touch traces should completely repeat your movements, without interruption, without twitching or braking. The more clearly traces of clicks move, the better your operating system is.

There are also various cosmetic functions, for example, you can increase or decrease various kinds of animations. This can create a different effect of phone speed. For example, by increasing the speed of animation, you will give the phone extra time to work on certain processes (depending on your choice).

Disabling Methods

There are several ways to disable developer mode. Xiaomi user has the ability to simply put the slider in the off state, or you can completely remove the activation traces.

  1. To simply disconnect, go to the open section "For Developers" and click on the activation button. This will be enough to turn off.
  2. If you need to completely remove the section itself, then open the main settings menu of the smartphone, find and select "Applications" or "Program Manager", then the "Everything" tab, and in it we are interested in the "Settings" item. In it, just click on “Erase All Data” and “Clear Cache”. After that, all settings will be reset to factory defaults, and this section will become hidden again.

To enable it again, you will have to repeat the above steps.

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