How to Enable Developer Mode On Huawei

Earlier, we already described how to enable the function so that the USB connection menu is always reflected on the smartphone’s screen when connecting the HUAWEI (honor) smartphone to a personal computer via a USB cable.

It turned out that in order to enable this option, we had to first transfer the smartphone to developer mode and only then in the menu “For developers”, which appeared in the “System” section of Smartphone Settings, we were able to do this.

It is necessary to warn everyone that the manufacturer has not in vain hidden from the “curious experimenters” the possibilities that the “For Developers” menu provides in the Phone Settings. Hiding this menu makes sense, since most people do not need them and the slightest changes in the settings can negatively affect the phone.

Therefore, ATTENTION: you do not need to perform actions in developer mode, the consequences of which you have no idea.

But how, in order to protect yourself from accidents, remove the developer mode on Huawei (Honor) phones from the Settings menu?

This is done as follows:

The procedure for disabling developer mode on a smartphone Huaewi (Honor)

1. Open the application “Settings”.

2. On the first page of Smartphone Settings, find “Applications and notifications” and click on it.

Screen No. 1 of the smartphone. enter the Smartphone Settings. Screen No. 2 of the smartphone. select the “System” section

Video: How to Enable Developer Mode On Huawei

3. In the “Applications and Notifications” section, select “Applications” and click on it.

4. On the next page “Applications”, where a list of all applications installed on the smartphone is displayed, you must select the application “Settings”.

Screen No. 3 of the smartphone. we enter the “Applications” section. Screen No. 4 of the smartphone. select the “Settings” application.

5. Next, in the “About the application”. “Settings” section, select “Memory”.

6. In the “Memory” section of the “Settings” application, click on the button RESET.

Screen No. 5 of the smartphone. select “Memory”. Screen No. 6 of the smartphone. click on the “RESET” button

7. A message appears confirming the deletion of the “Settings” application data, where you need to click on the button “OK”.

Practice has shown that when confirming the deletion of data from the Settings application, as a rule, accounts, databases and files are NOT DELETED.

How to Enable Developer Mode On Huawei

8. After that, your smartphone has left the developer mode and in the “System” section of the Phone Settings there is no “For Developers” menu item.

Screen No. 7 of the smartphone. confirm by clicking on the “OK” button. Smartphone screen №8. view of the Settings screen in the “System” section with the “For Developers” mode disabled.

The procedure for enabling developer mode on a HUAWEI (honor) phone is described in the article “How to enable the USB connection menu on a HUAWEI (honor) smartphone?”. Click here for instructions.