How to Enable Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

The American company JBL specializes in creating high-quality musical electronics. Almost every product becomes a hit in the market. In this article, we’ll talk about how to turn on your JBL brand wireless headphones. And also what they are capable of and how to use them.

Overview of wireless headphones JBL

The JBL bluetooth headset comes with a charging cable with a USB port. It connects to one of the headset cases, thus recharging the built-in battery.

How to Enable Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

The device has magnetic elements in each earphone. They have different poles in order to connect them during a walk when you are not using it.

Just pair the two wireless headphones. If the model is without a microphone, then they are powered by a plastic cover, which should be in it constantly if you do not use them.

The JBL headset is always equipped with control buttons and an indicator. It displays different modes of the mobile device.

The buttons allow us to adjust the volume, as well as turn on the headphones and put them into pairing mode with a mobile device via Bluetooth.

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How to turn on the JBL bluetooth headset

Many users who purchase a bluetooth headset or a JBL wireless headphone model may find it difficult to use. Since previously you did not have to deal with connecting devices via Bluetooth. Let’s look at this process for a mobile phone. First you need to turn on the device using the power button on the case.

Press and hold it for a long time until the indicator lights up in red:

Video: How to Enable Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

    When a signal appears that the device is turned on, a different indicator color should appear (the first time you turn it on) Usually, it is a blue or green flashing color. This means that the JBL headphones are ready to connect (pairing);

You have just connected a JBL wireless headset. You can open the music player and experience the new device in action. This company also has more expensive models of headphones that do not have wires and buttons.

Instructions for on-ear headphones JBL

JBL company produces on-ear headphones for music lovers with high quality sound and ease of use. For example, the T450BT model is perfect for those who like morning jogging accompanied by their favorite music.

To enable such a device, find the control buttons on it:

    Press the power button. All of them will be signed, you will not confuse them;

In the settings, you can also cancel the pairing or select a ready-made profile, set to use for telephone conversations. Or activate additional functions for the buttons, for example, switching tracks with the volume buttons. By connecting them once, you will no longer need to configure them the next time you turn them on. You can use them until you remove them from the list of connected devices in your smartphone.

Turn on the JBL Tune 120 TWS Wireless Headset

Headphones in the form presented by the JBL Tune 120 TWS are also called “True Wireless”, which roughly translates as “really wireless“. The device in its form resembles Apple’s popular AirPods.

They also have a special case for storage and charging. There should not be any problems using this device. Headphones are always stored in a case. And when you open them, you can immediately take them out and use them.

On the case itself there is a power indicator that tells us that they are turned on and ready for use. When their charge level is extremely low, the case will notify you with a special signal. You can connect the wireless device case for charging using a USB cable. It can be connected to a PC or other devices. The process of fully charging the case is about two hours. Then you can use the headset for more than 4 hours continuously. Thus, we have examined all possible ways that will help turn on your wireless headphones of the American brand JBL.