How to Duplicate Laptop Screen On TV

How on LG TV to watch movies from a computer (via wi-fi, or network)? DLNA Setup via Smart Share

Hello! In this article, we will take a very detailed look at the process of setting up a DLNA server on a computer or laptop that runs on Windows 7, 8, or Windows 10. We will configure DLNA for a TV so that we can watch movies that are on a computer on an LG TV ( as well as watch photos and listen to music). And all this via Wi-Fi, or when connected via a network cable. In this article, we will consider LG televisions with the Smart TV function, or simply with DLNA support. By the way, Smart TV can be either an older version or a new one. Web OS, which runs all new LG TVs with support for smart functions.

What is DLNA, I wrote in this article, you can read. If your LG TV supports DLNA, then this means that by connecting your TV and computer to the same network (via one router), you can watch movies on the TV that are in folders on the computer. We will consider the configuration of this function in this article.

This method was also tested on a computer with Windows 10. Everything works without problems.

You can configure it in several ways, and using different programs.

  • Configuring DLNA to watch movies on LG using a special, proprietary program Smart Share.
  • Configuring DLNA as a standard tool through Windows Media Player.
  • Using the program “Home Media Server (UPnP, DLNA, HTTP).”

In order not to get confused, in this article we will look at customization using the proprietary program Smart Share. I will write about other methods in separate articles. It seems to me that the Smart Share option is the easiest, and definitely working. Verified.

What we need to configure DLNA:

  • Desktop computer or laptop. On it we will start the server. Movies that are on this computer will be displayed on the TV.
  • LG TV with DLNA support. If your TV has a Smart TV, then it definitely supports DLNA.
  • Home network to which a computer and TV are connected. Simply put, a computer and a TV must be connected to the same router.

By the way, the TV can be connected to the router via a Wi-Fi network or via a network cable. A computer (laptop) can also be connected via cable, or Wi-Fi. It is possible to connect the TV to a computer directly, without a router, using a network cable. Honestly, there’s not much point in this. It’s already better to connect the computer to the TV via an HDMI cable.

In the case of DLNA, only the movie itself or the photo will be displayed on the TV. Well, the music will play. Fully desktop, folders, etc. will not be displayed. To do this, you need to connect via HDMI, or wireless technology Miracast.

Configuring DLNA with Smart Share

The first way is to configure DLNA using the proprietary program Smart Share, which we need to download and install on a computer. You can download the Smart Share program from the official website: The size is approximately 182 MB, the version at the time of writing is 2.3.1507.2802.

Download the archive with the program, and start the installation by running the setup.exe file from the archive. Installation is very simple, there is a Russian language. Do not change anything, just click Next.

You can run the program by a shortcut on the desktop. Smart Share by the way will start automatically when you turn on the computer.

Advice! Autostart is done through the Windows Task Scheduler (Computer Management / Utilities / Task Scheduler / Task Scheduler Library / [File. SmartShare] [Status. Finished] [Triggers. When you turn on the computer]). When deleting this task, autoload will no longer be performed!

Thanks to TVZ, suggested in the comments.

How to Duplicate Laptop Screen On TV

After launching Smart Share, an icon will appear in the notification panel (in the lower right corner). Right-click on it, and select Smart Share Settings.

Immediately put the switch in the ON position. And click the Apply button.

This allows us to share files on your computer so that they appear and open on your LG TV. If you later want to close file sharing, just set the switch to the OFF position.

Next, go to the main tab My shared files. Here you can specify which folders, or drives, will be available on the TV. That is, for example, we can add only one folder with movies, photos, or music. Or open access to the local drive.

By default, shared folders are already added. To add the folders we need, we press a special button, and check off the folders or disks we want to share with. For example, I opened only the Movies folder, which is located on drive D. When you select the desired folders, click Ok. Then, click on the Apply button.

You can delete unnecessary folders by simply selecting it and pressing the special button. You can open access to new folders.

I recommend that you open access only to those folders that contain movies (video), photos, or music. Since only this content you can open on the TV.

On the Settings tab of my device, you can change the name of your DLNA server, which will be displayed on the TV. Or you can leave the standard.

Well, the last tab is Allow / Block other devices. On this tab, you should see your TV. If it is turned on and connected to the same network with a laptop.

You can lock the desired device. If, for example, you have two televisions at home, and you do not want to share files with one of them.

That’s all Smart Share settings. Click the Apply button and Ok again. If in the future you want to open new folders, or delete, you can do this in the settings, as I showed above. The Smart Share icon will be displayed in the notification panel.

We start watching a movie from a computer on an LG TV

After setting up the program, it’s time to start a movie on the TV, which is located on the computer, in the folder we opened. We go into Smart TV (on old remotes, this is a little blue button). Then, we search and select the Smart Share item there.

But for new models with Web OS, it looks something like this:

Next, open the Connected devices tab, and select the server that we created on the computer.

If you did not see the DLNA server on the TV, but Smart Share was configured correctly on the computer, and the computer with the TV is connected to the same network, then first try disabling the antivirus or firewall. Then, check Smart Share settings, restart your computer and TV. Also, be sure to make sure that the TV is connected to your router.

Next, selecting the folder All folders, we will see the folders that are shared on the computer.

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Open the folder we need and start the movie, photo, or song.

That’s all. By opening the tabs: Video, Photos and Music that can be seen on the TV, all content will be displayed, for example, the video that will be found in all folders open on the computer.

Other features of Smart Share: we control the playback of movies on a computer

I showed you only the settings of the Smart Share program. There is also the ability to control the playback of video, music, or view photos directly from a computer (laptop). To do this, just right-click on the program icon (in the lower right corner) and select Open Smart Share.

A small window will appear in which you need to select MOVIE, PHOTO, or MUSIC. In principle, no difference. You can switch between types of content in the program itself.

A window opens, with a list of for example Movies (if you selected the MOVIE tab). The program will display all the videos that were found in the folders that we added during the setup process (see above). To start watching a movie (photo, or playing a song) on ​​an LG TV, just right-click on the file we need and select Play with, and the name of your TV. Let me remind you that it must be turned on and connected to the same network as the computer.

Playback starts immediately on the TV. And a new window will appear on the computer in which you can control playback.

Video: How to Duplicate Laptop Screen On TV

As you can see, it’s not at all necessary to search for a movie on the television itself.

There are many more interesting features in the program itself. For example, you can add movies to a playlist. Queue them. Everything is simple there, I think you’ll figure it out. And ate what, ask questions in the comments.

Possible problems when watching DLNA movies on TV

The computer does not see the TV, and the TV does not see the computer. What to do? Check the connection on the computer and TV. They must be connected through one router. Disable the antivirus on the computer, or the firewall (for a while). Restart the device.

When watching large films everything slows down and freezes what is the problem? The problem may be that not enough speed. Very often, this is observed when watching movies on a Wi-Fi network. Try connecting using a network cable. If the films are very large, in good quality, then you can watch them from an external hard drive, or flash drives. And also, you can connect via HDMI cable. Yes, not by air, but reliable.

In fact, the setup is very quick and easy. It’s just that I painted everything 🙂 There will be questions. ask in the comments. And do not forget to share tips on the topic. How does DLNA technology work on your LG TV? How do you use it? What movies do you watch?

How to transfer image from laptop to TV in different ways

Sometimes it happens that there is a need to connect a laptop to a TV. What is it for? First of all, home users are interested in this. They use such a tandem of a TV and laptop to view photos on a large screen, films and games. Many do this for work, since the big screen is much more convenient.

But not everyone knows how to transfer the image from the laptop to the TV correctly. And most of them hear about it for the first time.

There are several ways to establish communication between the TV and laptop. The following is a description of all these methods.

Wireless Image Transmission

If only a TV and laptop are available, but the cable you need is missing, then do not despair. You can carry out your plan. But how to transfer the image from the laptop to the TV wirelessly? To do this, you will additionally need a router and a special program that must be installed on a laptop. Important! The TV must be connected to the router, but before that you need to make sure that it has the ability to connect to a Wi-Fi device.

Establishing a connection. Step-by-step instruction

  1. Connect the TV to the router and check that it is really connected.
  2. Establish a connection between the laptop and the router via Wi-Fi.
  3. Run a program similar to the Windows Media Center Extender on the laptop, connecting to the TV.
  4. Drag and drop files to Media Center and enjoy watching on your TV!

How to transfer image from laptop to Apple TV?

In this case, you need a device that will transmit video in streaming mode to the TV screen. It is called Apple TV. It is connected via a special cable, and then to a Wi-Fi network. Then you can enjoy watching videos and images via Apple TV.

How to transfer image from laptop to TV via HDMI cable?

This method of data transfer is the most common. The connection is of high quality. It differs in that not only a picture, but also sound is transmitted through one cable.

Modern laptops and TVs are equipped with HDMI ports. There are three types of HDMI connectors:

  • Most TVs have Type A.
  • Notebooks and camcorders use a smaller mini HDMI connector. Type B.
  • Type C, micro-HDMI, is designed for digital cameras, smartphones and tablets.

All of these types of connectors can be combined with adapters. Therefore, do not despair if any connector does not fit right away.

You also need to know that there are two types of HDMI cables:

  • Standard, for video transmission with a resolution of 720 × 1080 pixels and a frequency of 74.5 MHz.
  • High-speed, for images with a resolution of 1080×2160 pixels and a frequency of 340 MHz.

So, there is a necessary cable and the necessary connectors are found. How to transfer image from laptop to TV via HDMI? Everything is very simple!

Turn off both devices and connect them with an HDMI cable. Then we turn on both the TV and the laptop. While the operating system is loading, on the TV you can see an inscription indicating a missing or weak signal.

Using the remote control, open the TV menu and select HDMI devices. Attention! You need to choose exactly the device that was connected to the desired connector! If everything is done correctly, then the laptop desktop will be displayed on the TV screen.

Everything! Now you can play games, watch movies and photos on the big screen and enjoy the quality!

If the image on the TV does not appear, then on the laptop desktop you need to right-click. From the drop-down menu, select “Screen Resolution”. A settings window will appear. In the “Screen” you need to select “Multiple Monitors”. The permission will be set automatically, but you can change it at your discretion. In the item “Multiple Screens” you need to set “Duplicate the desktop to 1 and 2”. After all these manipulations, the image should appear on the TV.

Screen customization in Windows 10

Many users have long been using the latest OS, which is significantly different from previous versions. How to transfer image from laptop to TV via HDMI Windows 10?

For users of this operating system, the connection of the laptop and the TV differs only in the screen settings.

To do this, find and open the “Screen Settings” section. A window with additional options will pop up. Here you need to select “connect multiple screens.” Be sure to click the “Save” button. Resolution setting is performed by the following item. Here you can choose the best quality for your monitor as you wish. Then click “Apply.” You can also “fit” the image on the TV screen by scaling. This feature is available on all digital TVs.

Establishing a connection between the TV and other devices

So, how to transfer images from a laptop to a TV, now it’s clear. But what do users of tablets and smartphones do?

There is also nothing special here. If the TV supports Wi-Fi or has a connected Wi-Fi router, then it will be simple to establish a wireless connection between it and the smartphone. You can use an HDMI cable that can be connected through the appropriate connectors on the devices.

Currently, technological progress continues to evolve, and soon there will be televisions with all the supporting functions. And then the question of how to transfer the image from the laptop to the TV will not be a problem. And everyone can enjoy the pictures on the big screen.

How to connect a laptop to a TV via wifi. 3 easy ways

How to connect a laptop to a TV via wifi? Actually, this is the topic of this article, in which we will analyze in detail several ways.

It would seem, why create such a connection when you can use a conventional HDMI or DVI cable? On the other hand, why buy an expensive multi-meter wire when both your TV and PC support wireless connection.

Such bundles are often created to use the LCD as a second monitor for watching movies, pictures and other multimedia content broadcast from the HDD of your machine.

The instructions below are equally suitable for all recent versions of Windows.

We will consider such methods as:

To connect to the TV via wifi, you need your TV to be already connected to the same subnet as the laptop / PC.

In other words, they must receive traffic from one router. Although, if your panel is capable of supporting Wi-Fi Direct technology, then having a router is no longer necessary. You just need to connect to the network that is created by TV.

Next, you will need to configure your own DLNA server. No matter how loud it sounds, in fact you just open network access to folders with video and other content.

For these purposes, switch the value of your Wi-Fi network to “home” (on the PC). Such folders as “music”, “video”, etc. will become available.

If you want to “share” this or that directory, right-click on it and look for the item with properties, and then the “access” tab.

Next, follow the steps in the same sequence as in the example.

Another way to quickly open access is to open the explorer, find the point with the network and click on the message “Network discovery and access.”. Follow the instructions of the assistant.

If you were unable to find anything like this, it means that someone before you has already set up full access and created a laptop network. TV.

Note! Once DLNA is activated, you need to take the remote control from the TV and find the item that notifies you of viewing the contents of various external connected sources. For example, on Sony TVs, this is done by clicking on Home. Movies, Images or Music. Next, select the desired content from the PC. In the case of LG: SmartShare. view the contents of the “shared folders” on the laptop. In general, the algorithm of actions for most TVs is similar.

Another point: If DLNA is configured correctly, select any movie on your computer, right-click on the file and find such an item. Broadcasting will start automatically.

Important! The TV does not “see” films in MKV formats. Saves the banal extension change to AVI.

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If the previous technology required sharing and sharing, then this allows you to duplicate the picture from your monitor wirelessly. The function is also called Miracast.

If your laptop / PC is built on the basis of Intel 3rd generation, equipped with Wi-Fi-module from Intel and integrated graphics of the same name, this means full WiDi support for Win7 / 8.

You may need drivers for a wireless display that download from the blue site.

If the PC was purchased with Win8.1 preinstalled and equipped with a Wi-Fi board, then it supports Miracast. If the OS was installed independently, then support may not be.

One source is not enough. The TV must support technology. If you previously needed an additional Miracast adapter, now everything is limited by the built-in support or firmware update. Clarify this point for your model.

1) Turn on WiDi on the TV by finding the item in the settings. If there is none, just activate Wi-Fi.

2) (For PC) Launch Intel Wireless Display to find the wireless monitor. You may need a special code that appears on the TV display.

3) To start Miracast, open the Charms-panel in the OS, click “Devices”. “Projector” and add your wireless screen. If the item is not there, update the Wi-Fi drivers. That’s all.

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If you are not the owner of Smart TV, but are content with the usual “plasma” with an HDMI port, then do not be discouraged. You will need a special device, for example:

1) Google Chromecast. Wi-Fi “whistle” that helps broadcast video from PC to TV;

2) Android Mini PC (any) that activates the “Green” OS on your TV.

3) Intel Compute Stick is another type of PC assembled in a compact package.

By the way, some models of modern TVs allow you to connect a Wi-Fi set-top box to a USB port. You can also purchase a special Miracast adapter in addition. Read the specifications of your device, and only then draw the appropriate conclusions.

Creating a wireless PC-TV bundle can be called an alternative to Smart TV. Although no one bothers you to use alternately both technologies at once. Set up access and enjoy the possibilities of modern scientific achievements and technological progress.

How to connect a laptop to a TV via wifi. 3 easy ways

A simple and concise guide to setting up the transfer of images from your laptop or other gadget to the TV screen. Setting up this connection will take you a maximum of 15 minutes, but you can use its fruits at any time convenient for you.