How to Drop Video on Computer with Iphone

How to Drop Video on Computer with Iphone

IPhone owners shoot videos every day using their smartphones, but more often than not, this creativity remains in the device’s memory. There are several reasons: some simply do not want to bother about this, while others have not figured out how to do it correctly using iTunes. We recently reviewed the easiest way to upload video from iPhone to YouTube, but now it’s time to talk about how to upload video from iPhone to computer.

In iOS 7, the standard Photo app is responsible for storing not only photos, but also videos. That is why it has become much easier to save a collection of multimedia files.

How to Drop Video from iPhone on Mac Using iPhoto

Step 1. Connect the iPhone to the computer. Program iPhoto will start automatically (if the program is not installed, you can download it from this link)

How to Drop Video on Computer with Iphone

Step 2. In the interface iPhoto click Import all to save all media files or Import. selected to download individual photos or videos to a computer

Step 3. After the import is completed, you will be asked to delete the photos from the device. then decide for yourself whether you need them on the device or not.

How to Drop Video from iPhone on Mac with Image Capture

Step 1. Connect the iPhone to the computer. Program Image capture should start automatically, otherwise go to the folder The program and open it manually

Step 2. In Image capture specify a place to import photos

Step 3. Click on the button. Parameters, go to the tab Parameters and set the parameter Delete objects from camera after loading, Naturally only if you want to free up space on your iPhone

Step 4. After exiting the settings, click Download all in order to upload videos and photos from iPhone to computer

How to drop video from iPhone on Windows 8

In Windows 8, there are also several ways to save photos, but there is only one fully working:

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Step 1. Connect the iPhone to the computer and go to the folder A computer.> [Your device]

Step 2. Go to the folder \ Internal Storage \ DCIM \ 100APPLE, it contains all your photos and videos

Step 3. Select all the files or several specific ones and copy them to the necessary folder on the computer

This method is not the easiest and most convenient, and photos are not automatically deleted from the device, but all alternative methods simply do not save all the media files from your iPhone.

How to drop video from iPhone on Windows 7 or Windows Vista

Step 1. Connect the iPhone to the computer. If the autorun window starts, click Import images and videos using Windows in another case, you need to do this manually. To do this, go to A computer, find the icon of the connected iPhone and, right-clicking on it, select Import Images and Videos

Step 2. Click on Import Options and select the folder where you want to drop videos and photos from your iPhone

How to Drop Video on Computer with Iphone

Step 3. Press the button. OK, then Import

Step 4. Wait for the import to finish and check for the presence of all media files in the specified folder

How to Drop Video on Computer with Iphone

In Windows 7 and Windows Vista, automatic import of photos and videos works much more stable than in Windows 8, but still sometimes crashes. You can always copy all media files from your device by going to the folder A computer.> [Your device].> Internal storage.> DCIM.> 100APPLE.

How to drop video from iPhone on Windows XP

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your computer and wait for it to start. Scanner or Digital Camera Wizards

Step 2. Press the button. Further, then select which photos and videos you want to drop from the iPhone to your computer, as well as the folder in which they will be placed

How to Drop Video on Computer with Iphone

Step 3. Press the button again Further and wait until the photos are completely saved in the memory of your computer

How to Drop Video on Computer with Iphone

Attention! The wizard for working with a scanner or digital camera does not support the import of large videos (larger than 500 MB in size). In order to download these files you need to manually go to the folder My computer.> [Your device].> Internal storage.> DCIM.> 100APPLE and transfer the videos to the desired folder.

This manual is equally suitable not only for iPhone, but also for iPad and iPod Touch, so you can safely import videos and photos from any Apple mobile device.

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