How to Drop Photos From a Phone on a USB Flash Drive

Using a flash drive to transfer photos

Often, computer users have a question about transferring personal or work files to external media. Typically, these drives are CD / DVD discs or various flash drives. The latest most popular in frequency of use. This is due to many factors: compactness, convenience, quiet operation.

But despite the practicality of flash drives, many users are afraid or do not know how to copy their data to them. First of all, you do not need to be afraid of this method and constantly experiment. This article will tell you in detail about the types of flash drives and how to transfer data (for example, photo).

Types of flash drives

Flash drives are used everywhere and are applicable to almost any device: from a telephone to a modern TV. The most popular and sought after are USB drives. They are used to transfer any information: photos, music, programs and work files. Many gadgets work with these devices: computer, phone, TV, etc.

The second place is occupied by flash drives for working with the phone. Micro SD card. They have a capacity of 2 GB to 128 GB. To work with them, you can use both the phone itself and the computer (for this you need a special device. a card reader, or by connecting the phone with a cable).

The third type of card is mainly used for cameras. It has the name SD card. Volumes up to 64 GB are known. To work with such flash drives you will need either a camera or a computer.

How to Drop Photos From a Phone on a USB Flash Drive

How to download a photo from a computer to a USB flash drive

The first step is to connect the USB flash drive to the computer. To do this, find a special connector called USB. On the system unit, it can be found on the rear panel or on the front.

On a laptop, a USB connector is located on the sides of the device.

If the flash drive is installed in the computer for the first time, the automatic driver installation process should begin. After its completion, a dialog box appears, where the user will be offered several options for opening a flash drive.

For fun, you can click on the item “Open for viewing” to see what is already stored on the USB drive. The flash drive should also appear in the explorer menu. To see this information, click on "Start". "Computer". Here, a new disk should appear (in our example, this is partition F).

Next, you need to open the folder where the photos are stored. Select one file or several and press the right mouse button. Then select “Copy”.

At this point, the photos are saved in the computer. To transfer them to a USB flash drive, you need to go into the explorer ("Start". "Computer") and open the USB drive section. Then, if necessary, a folder is created for subsequent storage of a photo in it (the right mouse button is “Create.” “Folder”).

After creating and determining the place, you need to click on the right mouse button and select the "Paste" item. Then a window will appear with the status of copying photos from a computer to a USB flash drive.

How to download a photo from a tablet to a USB flash drive

The tablet is increasingly gaining popularity among users of digital technology. This is due to the fact that it can perform the functions of a laptop, compact and multifunctional. Also, the presence of a touch screen makes it the most attractive.

Among tablet owners, the question often arises of transferring photos to a USB flash drive. This article tells how to transfer photos from a tablet to a Micro. SD card and a USB drive.

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USB flash drive and tablet

This method can be used if the device supports OTG technology. To find out, you can refer to the tablet’s manual or use specialized applications (for example, for android: USB OTG Checker). As a rule, if a special OTG cable is shown in the box, as shown in the figure, then the tablet has such an opportunity.

The small end of the cable is Micro USB, the other end is the connector for the USB device. The tablet has a Micro USB connector, which is connected by cable. On the other hand, a USB flash drive is connected.

Further, all the actions are explained for the tablet on the android platform. After connecting, a message appears on the screen stating that a USB drive is connected. You can see detailed information in the settings. “Memory”.

Next, go to the file manager section. To do this, select "Files", "File Manager" or "ES Explorer" in the menu.

Next, go to the section where the photos are stored. As a rule, on Android, by default, all photos are saved in the DCIM / Camera / folder, it is here that the main part, which is displayed in the gallery. If these folders or photos are not on the internal memory of the tablet, then most likely they are stored on the device’s SD card. And you can find them in the same way.

After the desired photo is found, you must click on the file and do not release until it stands out. Then at the bottom there will be options for performing certain actions with the photo (copy, delete, cut).

Having decided on the transfer option, you need to go to the section of the connected flash drive. To do this, press the "Back" button two times. Or again press the "Menu" button. "ES Explorer." In the window that opens, select "External USB storage".

Next, go to the desired section or folder and click the "Insert" button.

To save the photo on a USB flash drive, it must be safely removed. To do this, select the "Settings". "Memory". Here, scroll down to the drive point and select the "Disconnect USB drive" option.

After clicking after some time, the system will inform you that the USB flash drive can be removed without fear of losing the saved files.

How to download a photo from a phone to a USB flash drive

Modern life cannot be imagined without a mobile phone. Almost everyone has it. The phone has replaced many other devices: a camera, an alarm clock, a radio, etc. He plays a special place in the world of photography. The only drawback is the lack of memory for active use. Therefore, for many, the issue of transferring their files to flash drives is an acute issue.

All actions are explained for the android platform.

The first method involves using an SD card. To do this, it must be installed in the phone. Then go to the menu and select the “Files” item.

If the flash drive is installed correctly, you can see it in the main menu of the file manager.

Next, you need to go into the internal memory to the desired folder or file that you need to transfer to the USB flash drive. In our case, it’s DCIM / Camera, where the photo “For SD card.jpg” was prepared for transfer. You must click on the file and do not release until it is highlighted. Then at the bottom there will be options for performing certain actions with the photo (copy, delete, cut).

Selecting cut (transfers to the specified location and deletes at the source), go to the SD card section to the desired location. In our case, this is the tmp folder. Click on the corresponding icon in the bottom middle, after which the photo is transferred to the SD card.

The second method is similar to that described above for the tablet. If your mobile phone supports OTG technology, then you can use it. All actions are the same as for a tablet on an android device.

The third method involves copying photos from your phone to a computer. Then you can transfer the file to any flash drive in the manner described previously for the PC. To fulfill this condition, you need to have a special cable. For modern devices (except for IPhone, iPad), it looks as shown in the figure. It acts as a cable for charging and connecting to a PC.

Having connected to the computer, you need to select the mode how the phone will work with this connection. In our case, in the mobile, you must select the "Connect as a media device" mode. To do this, select the USB connection icon that appears at the top of the notification panel, then select the "Media Device (MTP)" section in the menu.

After that, the connected device will be displayed in the computer’s explorer, by going to which you can see the phone’s internal memory and SD card (if connected).

How to download photos from "Classmates" on a flash drive

The richest and most diverse collection of photos, videos and other information is of course located on social networks. is no exception in this matter. It takes the second place in popularity and almost every second has its own page here. Therefore, many have thought about how to download a photo or picture to a computer, flash drive, etc.

It is very easy to do. To do this, you need to left-click on the photo you like to open it in full size. After that, you need to right-click on the picture itself. In the context menu that appears, select the item: for Internet Explorer, it is "Save Image As.", for Chrome "Save Image As.".

Here the Explorer menu will appear, in which you need to choose a save location (in our case, this is a flash drive) At the moment, the flash drive must be connected to the computer! You can find it on the left edge after the item "This computer". by clicking on the letter of the corresponding section. If it is not visible in the conductor, you should check the connection of the flash drive and repeat the procedure for copying photos from classmates again.

After that, you can select the save folder and click on the “Save” button.

If at the moment there is no drive at hand and you really want this picture, then you can temporarily download it to your computer. Then, when the flash drive appears, use the method described above.

How to download a photo to a flash drive from "In contact with"

Vkontakte is no less popular social network, which ranks first in terms of frequency of use. Probably everyone has their own page on this resource. Some have two or more. Here, as in classmates, the collection of photos, videos, pictures, etc. is constantly updated and replenished. Of course, many people find interesting things here that they want to download to their computer or other medium. To show later to your friends, parents, etc. This can be done similarly to the method described above for classmates on a social network.

To do this, flipping through a news feed, photo albums of friends or acquaintances, you need to left-click on the image you like. This is done so that the picture opens in full size. Then you need to right-click and select "Save Picture As." in the context menu that appears.

After the Explorer menu appears, in which the user must specify the path to the connected flash drive. At this point, you can rename the photo. By default, the picture has a name that was indicated on VKontakte. To change the name you need to select the old value and write a new one in the explorer window at the bottom opposite the “File name” item. Then you need to select the connected flash drive and click the "Save" button.

In order to check whether the photo was saved, just go to the flash drive section in the folder where the file was downloaded. And try to open it. If the picture is not in place, you need to try this process again, carefully checking the path to save the photo.

All the above methods are simple and do not require special skills. All that the user needs is free time and a desire to experiment. Most people make the first attempt and fail to get the result no longer try again. Many errors can occur due to an incorrectly connected flash drive. If the system does not see the device, reconnect it.

It happens that errors occur because the drive is full. To solve this problem, clean the device. Errors can also occur due to the fact that the flash drive has less free space than the file to copy. Here, only replacing the drive with another one with a large amount of memory will help.

If you upload photos from social networks, errors can occur only in the wrong save path. To solve the problem, repeat the procedure and carefully check all the items.

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