How to Download Video to Igtv From a Computer

How to Download Video to Igtv From a Computer

IGTV. what is it?

They watch TV less and less, and perhaps Instagram TV IGTV wants to become a replacement for your plasma on the wall. Directly on Instagram, we have the opportunity to watch long videos and upload your own. Another Instagram promotion tool!

What is IGTV and how is it different from Instagram Stories and Live Broadcasts? Videos will also be vertical. But they need to be done in advance and then uploaded to IGTV. But you can scroll back and forth while watching. Duration. no shorter than 15 seconds and no longer than an hour. First, create a channel (YouTube still frowns), and then upload a video to it. It takes two seconds. your Instagram account will be your channel.

Requirements for downloading video: size and duration

Sizes and format

The format as in Stories is vertical. If you want to download horizontal video, turn it over in the video editor. If you shoot and download video from your phone, you don’t have to think much. when you upload video to IGTV (detailed instructions below) you will see a gallery and it will contain only those videos that are suitable for duration and size.

Video size: any with an aspect ratio of 4: 5 to 9:16.

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File format:.mp4.


For mere mortals: 14 sec. 10 minutes. (file size up to 650 MB)

Large bloggers and stars. up to 60 minutes (file size up to 5.4 GB, download only from a computer)

How to watch and upload videos to Instagram TV (IGTV)

  1. Download the IGTV app
    &# 128073; download in the appstore
    &# 128073; download on google play
  2. Open IGTV, click "Continue as"
    How to Download Video to Igtv From a Computer
  3. You can watch videos from the channels you are subscribed to are popular. But the very first tab. “For You”. is an analogue of the “Recommended” section on Instagram. A selection of interesting channels based on your subscriptions / likes, etc. on Instagram. I don’t know why Instagram believes that I will like these cartoons and Arabic dances, honestly.
    How to Download Video to Igtv From a Computer

IGTV on Instagram on a computer

You can watch and upload IGTV video to your channel from a computer.

  1. Go to web version, log in to your account. To the right of the “Publication” you will see “IGTV” (see the screenshot below). Click on the video and see how it will be in your account, and in all the rest.
    How to Download Video to Igtv From a Computer
  2. To upload video to IGTV from a computer, in your account click the blue "Download" button on the right. You will be redirected to the download page, where everything is clear without words &# 128578; Do not close the page while loading.
    How to Download Video to Igtv From a Computer

IGTV statistics on Instagram

For your videos uploaded to IGTV, you can see the statistics. over, the number of views (this is all who watched for more than 3 seconds), likes and comments will be seen by everyone. But only the “Average percentage of audience retention” will be available to you (how long it has been watched on average).

To view IGTV statistics:

  1. Open the desired video. Swipe the screen from top to bottom.
  2. Below you see the number of views and comments. Click on “Views” and you will see views and likes. Click on the "Comments" and see them.
    How to Download Video to Igtv From a Computer
    How to Download Video to Igtv From a Computer

Notifications about likes and comments on the video will be in your place where all the other notifications.

How to Download Video to Igtv From a Computer
  • If you click the three dots at the bottom of the screen, you can delete the video, copy the link to it, or see the Statistics.
    How to Download Video to Igtv From a Computer
    How to Download Video to Igtv From a Computer
  • If the video does not load, something does not work. Exhale. Count to 10. IGTV is a completely new and still raw Instagram feature. As usual, not everything and not everyone will work. Especially if you do not have the latest iPhone. So wait a bit, try again later. And then again and again. One wonderful day, Instagram developers will read all the bug reports and calibrate the IGTV application so that everyone will work as it should.

    It is not yet clear how IGTV on Instagram will be monetized. But the fact that you need to start shooting and uploading videos for IGTV as early as possible is absolutely accurate. IGTV video will be as effective an Instagram promotion tool as Storis.

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