How to Download Songs on Iphone 5s

Download songs on iPhone. the process is not so simple. He does not have a flash drive mode (there is no file system), so you will have to fuss in order to update the playlist.

There are several ways to download ringtones to your iPhone: using iTunes or using third-party applications on the device or computer itself.

How to Download Songs on Iphone 5s


Next, we will analyze each of them in more detail.

How to download music to iPhone via itunes

Downloading and adding to the media libraries of all devices will happen automatically.

Downloading audio files available on your computer’s hard drive is a more time-consuming process. First of all, you need to install iTunes (if it is not).

Then you need to prepare the folder in which the files for loading into memory will be collected.

Stage I: Preparation

Before you download ringtones to your gadget, you will need to add them to your music library. To do this, select “My Music” in the top menu bar.

How to Download Songs on Iphone 5s

The proposal to search for media files on a PC must be rejected, because all sound files will be added in a row.

Also, the “Music” section opens by pressing a button with the image of a note in the left corner of the program window.

Stage II: Formation of the Library

In the music section, you will need to select the “File” item in the top menu bar.

In the list that opens, there will be a line “Add file to the library”, there will also be an option for adding a folder. You need to choose one of them.

After clicking, Explorer opens to indicate the path to the folder.

How to Download Songs on Iphone 5s

Stage III: Moving Songs

Now you need to connect your gadget to a PC computer.

After the synchronization is completed and the data backup is created, you can proceed directly to moving the audio files.

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How to Download Songs on Iphone 5s

An icon with the image of the connected device that you need to click will appear in the top menu. This click will open the beech panel with the device menu.

In the “Settings” section, select the “Music” item and check the “Sync music” and “All music library” checkboxes.

After that, it remains only to click the “Sync” button located in the lower right part of the screen.

How to Download Songs on Iphone 5s

Upon completion of the synchronization process (it may take some time if there are a lot of songs), the new one will be on the device, available for listening and playing.

Video: How to Download Songs on Iphone 5s

Removing audio from the phone is the same, only recordings from the library need to be deleted, and then synchronize the device.

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How to download music on iPhone for free through the application

There are many special programs for downloading songs to an iPhone without connecting to a PC. Such programs allow you to replenish your music library using your device.

To do this, you only need access to the network.

Next, we consider three free options for such applications.


SoundCloud has released the eponymous resource, in fact a social network for musicians and music lovers.

The application allows you to create lists of your favorite music, listen to and create podcasts.

But the main feature is that the tracks published there are available for download to your phone.

How to Download Songs on Iphone 5s

At the same time, copyright is not violated, because all users uploading their audio files to the network servers sign an agreement on non-commercial distribution.

Thanks to the developed system of tags and likes, SoundCloud generates an algorithm for adding songs.

Free Music Download Pro

A great option that will not only listen, but also download files. Supports the ability to form playlists and a lot of streaming downloads.

It is noteworthy that it is equipped with its own browser, which is not inferior to the same Safari. A kind of columnist for music lovers.

How to Download Songs on Iphone 5s

With it, you can save to the gadget any audio from any page. Even downloading the video is easy. In addition, it can be paused and resumed at any time.

At the same time, even connecting to another access point (different from the one to which the gadget was connected during the initiation of the download) will not hurt.

How to Download Songs on Iphone 5s

Free Music Download Pro has a paid and non-paid version.

There are only two significant differences: the limitation on the number of simultaneous downloads and the availability of advertising in a free one. All other functions are absolutely identical.

In addition, statistics are collected on the frequency of listening to songs, from which they form their own ratings and many other ways to organize the music library.

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iDownloader Pro

Universal content downloader for iPhone. The user interface is designed in the same way as the Mobile Safari browser.

precisely, it is also a download manager, an audio / video player, a tool for viewing images and a file service in one bottle.

How to Download Songs on Iphone 5s

Use as a full browser, iDownloader Pro, of course, will not work. For a large set of features you will have to pay for speed.

Downloading content is possible from almost any resource.

When you click the page download button, it takes some time to analyze the media.

Then all the files are transferred to the download manager, where the user decides which files to download and which ones not.

Another way to download music

in iPhone you will find in our article about Yandex Music:

New Yandex Music

How to Download Songs on Iphone 5s

Download music on iPhone for free

Downloading music to your iPhone has never been so easy.

A simple and clear explanation of working with information on Apple technology. The material contains several useful tips and life hacks that you most likely don’t know about. If you strictly follow the instructions, then there is nothing complicated in them. Everyone who reads the material will learn more about the features of downloading music and other information on the iPhone.

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