How To Dog Quickly Gain Weight

Excessive thinness is always alarming. It concerns both people and animals. But is it always necessary to take prompt measures to examine the bones through the skin? Is this evidence of dangerous ailments? What do experts say about the problem?

On the causes of animal thinness

Immediately, we note that pets taken from the street or shelters do not get in weight due to lack of protein and vitamins. Having taken them home, you should not start fattening sharply, give large portions of food, because good intentions can only harm. And to weight gain and weight loss must be approached carefully. The main thing – do not harm the metabolism of the animal. It is best to show your pet to a veterinarian, to undergo a full medical examination. But not all owners have this opportunity. Therefore, it is necessary to exclude the probable causes of weight loss.

Perhaps your pet feeds multiple offspring? Then she really needs to increase the diet, because the growing body of puppies every day more and more takes nutrients from the mother.

Sometimes in the presence of two dogs, one can simply devour the other, less active and fearful. Observe both and draw the right conclusions.

If the animal, in addition to weight loss, there is vomiting, diarrhea, poor appetite, then, most likely, the reason lies in the "uninvited guests" – worms. They simply steal the nutrients that enter the dog’s body, and thereby deplete it. Moreover, the worms poison the body of the animal, because they secrete the products of their vital activity, which leads to a general intoxication of the dog. In this case, you need to start with anthelmintic drugs. Only clearing the body of parasites, you can do and set the weight of the ward.

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When dysbacteriosis food also will not be fully digested, which means that the dog will lose weight. If there are undigested residues in the stool of a pet, then surely the cause is precisely this disease. In this case, it is necessary to conduct a course of probiotics.

Perhaps your dog is too young. Some representatives of the official breeds gaining full weight only by 2-3 years. They should not try to fatten at a young age, exceeding the rate of food consumption or increasing the frequency of its reception. Overactive metabolism for such dogs is the norm at a young age.

Or maybe the reason lies in malnutrition? Are you sure that you offer your dog a sufficient amount of food, that she has enough calories? Start by weighing your pet. Canine tables showing the minimum and maximum weight depending on the breed and sex of the dog will help you determine the compliance of the result obtained with generally accepted standards.

Count how many calories a day your dog gets. Consider that for 1 kilogram of weight per day, representatives of small breeds should receive 85 kcal, medium – 70 kcal, large – 60 kcal. If your dog really loses his calories with natural feeding, it is recommended to gradually, during the week, increase the serving size by 5-10% to the required daily intake.

How to fatten the dog?

If the dog is very thin, then it should not be fed twice, but three or four times a day. After all, a small stomach of an animal simply can not accommodate a lot of food for good reason.

How To Dog Quickly Gain Weight

Experienced dog breeders recommend, with strong thinness, to transfer a pet to a special high-energy feed. On their packages there are exact instructions, the dosages corresponding to the weight of the dogs. Strictly follow these recommendations. Ensure that the animal always has access to fresh water.

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Also in the case of severe thinness and nutrition of the dog with ready-made feeds, it is recommended to replace them with canned food. If during the week the animal began to gain weight, then he was just tired of the monotonous diet. In this case, you can think of a variant of changing the usual feed to a better one or transfer the dog to “naturalku”. But to combine it and industrial feed categorically not recommended.

With natural nutrition, you need to make sure that your pet receives enough B vitamins, especially B12, which is found in eggs, liver, and lean beef. With a catastrophic weight loss (for example, after a serious illness), veterinarians are advised to offer a dry sugar-free infant formula as a snack. Too fast, active dogs will not harm energy supplements. These are substances that stimulate metabolism. If within a week or two after all the actions taken, you do not notice an improvement, that is, a dog gains weight, then you cannot do without a comprehensive survey of your home friend.

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