How to Distinguish Original Cord Iphone 5

Usb kabel ’dlja iphone

The usb cable for iphone is fully adapted to modern fifth-generation smartphones. These iPhones have an eight-pin USB port, which replaced a relatively obsolete connector. Subject to such changes, the new accessory provides high-quality synchronization, as well as the functioning of Apple devices. This is not only an iPhone, but also an iPod, iPad.

The cable for charging and data transfer has a whole range of advantages, thanks to which it becomes easier and easier to work with a smartphone. USB for synchronization provides the maximum speed of the exchange of various data between the iPhone and the personal computer. This feature is provided by a modernized device interaction algorithm.

Custom designs were originally designed for iPhone5, iPad mini, iPod 5 and iPad 4. The modern data cable has an eight-pin connector, as well as an authentication chip. The cable is intended for replenishment, power supply of the smartphone battery from a personal computer via the USB channel. A universal car charger may also be used. For example, from manufacturers Belkin and Griffin.

Working qualities

The sync wire is equipped with USB 2.0. Working with this device, you can achieve the transfer of files of any size to any mechanisms and systems. Since the iPhone device is in incredible demand, there is a high probability of attempts to implement non-original cords. For example, it can be fakes made in China.

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Externally, it is almost impossible to distinguish the original USB cable for the iPhone from a fake. However, functional qualities vary markedly. The Chinese version charges the smartphone significantly longer. There are cases that after using a fake, phones are no longer charged with original wires.

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Differences between the original and the snag

Each Apple cable is labeled “Designed by Apple in California, Assembled in China,” as well as a personally assigned number. Similar data can also be applied to fakes, but they will look different. On a Chinese copy of iPhone charging, the font is usually painted in dark gray, and the font will be bold. The official cord has a dimmer inscription, while the letters are printed better.


The plug housing is plastic and has a USB logo. The original cable has a light gray color, and the paint is very neat. The Chinese copy will have a darker hue, and the borders will be much more blurred. Looking more closely, you will see that on the original there are two holes on the same side where the emblem is applied. And in a fake can make four holes at once.

In a branded iPhone accessory, the parts of the junction fit tightly together. The plug is neatly coated and has a smooth polished tip.

Lightning connector

The cable for iphone 5 has a one-piece plug, made of a single piece of metal. The tip in it is most accurately inserted into the casing. The blende has a noticeable gap. Such nuances are visible to the naked eye, especially if we take for comparison both the original and the fake.

Price category

A branded USB cable is much more expensive, on average, its price is about 800 rubles. Mimicking an Apple product will be significantly cheaper. You should not chase for 50 percent discounts or take a fake for the sake of economy.

Apple products are an example of quality, so all accessories for the iPhone and other devices should be in the same category. We decide to save several hundred rubles, you can lose not only in the speed of charging and transmitting multimedia, but also reduce the life of the devices.

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