How to Distinguish Original Apple Earpods Headphones

Our choice fell on the Apple Lightning USB cable, Apple EarPods to draw your attention to the fact that it makes sense to buy even an original accessory instead of a fake. So, by acquiring a Chinese replica you risk:

  1. get a product that, according to its characteristics, does not match your device;
  2. get a breakdown of the device itself;
  3. spend more money than the replica is worth in itself, because to distinguish a fake, you need to know the real features of the original.

Price is the first feature that sets off the original charging cable from a copy. Fakes most often cost significantly less, but there are situations when, at the price of a genuine product, you get a poor-quality unreliable replica. If you are worried about this, then carefully check the cable and pay attention to the following external features.

Lightning connector can also have its own differences. In the original product, it is made neatly, integrally, the contacts do not stand out above the metal surface. Many users, using a fake, noted that the contacts not only stand out above the metal surface, moreover, they are a composite structure. The size of the connector on the replica can be anything but standard sizes announced by the brand (7.7 mm x 12 mm). The external colors of the connector may also vary. The branded product has a gray color, the front panel insert is metallic.

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Go to the USB plug. The plastic case of this Lightning Apple has a light gray cable symbol. On copies, this designation is usually absent or has a significant difference in color. The metal part of the cable should be well polished; only two holes are placed on it, and not four, as can be found on many fakes. The contacts on the plug are gold-plated. The compounds have a trapezoidal shape, spaced at an equal distance from each other. The insulating surface of the plug is uniform smooth, which is not always adhered to by the scammers.

Video: How to Distinguish Original Apple Earpods Headphones

Apple Earpods headphones have also become a frequent subject of fakes, thanks to their impeccable design, comfortable classic form, which everyone loved so much. Many who have encountered Apple Earpods with lightning fake or with a 3.5 mm jack note that the first thing that catches your eye is the lack of a company logo. If you take a closer look, it can be noted that the box and the product itself are different in color. The box is often lighter than the Earpods themselves. The box in which the headphones are stored in the copy is often poorly executed, so there are difficulties with opening and closing it. Let’s move on to the product itself. The original headphones have an elastic rubberized wire, which less tangles the wires, protects against kinks. The left and right wires should be the same length, the difference even in the millimeter should cause you to be wary. Some copies of Apple Earpods differ even in such minor details:

  • elongated shape of the earphone shell instead of a rounded one;
  • fabric mesh instead of metal;
  • two round holes inside the sink come out of the oval instead of being placed clearly in it;
  • volume control panel without gaps instead of insignificant for a convenient click;
  • loud clicks when adjusting the sound instead of its absence;
  • headphones with a lightning jack have rough edges instead of a smooth cast assembly;
  • Headphones with a 3.5 mm jack plug tightly into the jack instead of a smooth soft plug.
How to Distinguish Original Apple Earpods Headphones

And of course the sound! Even an inexperienced music lover can notice the difference in sound between the copy and the original product. These are filled with bass and surround sound. When recording sound on a microphone, the originals smooth out the noise.