How To Distinguish Iphone 5 And 5s Interchangeability

iPhone 4 generations, that is, 4 and 4s, look very similar to each other. Without knowing certain features, they can even be confused (we’ll also talk about the differences between the models), so the question of compatibility of various components of these two devices may often arise.

Today we look at the display modules of the iPhone 4 and 4S.

You may also come across the names: Module, assembly, lcddigitizer assembly, glass, matrix or touchscreen.

True, the last three terms are not entirely correct, since the display module includes the matrix (screen, display, lcd) of the iPhone and the glass protecting it with a sensor film (touchscreen, sensor, touchscreen, capacitive touch), which is why this element is called the module: it includes several components, each of which (glass, matrix, fastening), you can well purchase separately, but it is extremely difficult to achieve factory-quality assembly in this scenario.

We proceed directly to the distinctive features of the displays (display modules) of the iPhone 4 / 4s.

How To Distinguish Iphone 5 And 5s Interchangeability

The display on these models is available "assembled", replacing a touchscreen or the matrix itself is rather difficult. The photo shows a clear similarity, but in the iPhone 4 button "Home" located directly on the display, while in a more recent model, it is freely separated from the display. Also underwent changes in the attachment to the middle part. In the iPhone 4s, all the mounts are symmetrical, and the corner mounts are exactly in the corners, unlike the older model.

As you can see in the photo, it is almost impossible to distinguish the front panels from each other installed in the iPhone (or by looking at the front panels of the displays). Are they compatible?

The iPhone 4G and 4S actually use compatible components (but not necessarily completely identical. It depends solely on the delivery number and the manufacturer / assembler of the modules):

Compatible components:

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  • Matrices (screens, displays) and LCD and touchscreen connection cables
  • Touchscreens (touchscreens)


Video: How To Distinguish Iphone 5 And 5s Interchangeability

  • Fastening components (frame with fasteners). Here, the upper mounting grooves for the screws holding the iPhone module in the housing differ.

On iPhone 4s. the mounts are symmetrical, on 4g (if you put the module as shown in the photo: with the inside facing you, with the cable up). the right one is shifted towards the upper side, the left one. towards the side

Some suppliers even offer prudent colleagues to purchase a module without a mounting frame, and only after. stick it on your own for the model you need (4 / 4s), but we do not recommend doing this, since it is extremely difficult to achieve factory quality even with such simple work.

Therefore, once again we will answer the question that interests us:

The display modules for the iPhone 4 / 4s are compatible, but for an ideal result, and in order to avoid possible problems during installation, it is worth buying a display already prepared for 4g or 4s. such modules will differ only in the mounting frame (the location of the case mounts).

On the plume of the iPhone’s display, you can also see a metal screen protecting some electronic components. There is no touchscreen controller, as you might guess. It is located on the device’s motherboard. On the loop, there are some elements of the “harness” that are responsible for power and signal transmission.

How To Distinguish Iphone 5 And 5s Interchangeability

The connectors on the 4 and 4s loops are completely identical, therefore, you can safely connect the display modules from one model to another. It is worth noting, however, that the cables are actually connected: if the connectors on the LCD cable are damaged, problems with the sensor can occur and vice versa.

How To Distinguish Iphone 5 And 5s Interchangeability

On the “lower” loop of the module you can find the part. number: 821-0999, 821-0695, and despite the fact that somewhere you can come across incompatibility information. The main difference between the modules. fixing system 4 / 4S. (On the matrix itself. Photo above. Its serial number is indicated, it will be possible to determine the release time from it at the factory, but it will be quite difficult to find information on the network by the serial number of the display.).

How To Distinguish Iphone 5 And 5s Interchangeability

To summarize, we note: given all the design changes, we can safely say that the displays on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s are interchangeable, but it’s better to purchase modules prepared for installation in a specific device model. This will allow you to carry out repairs faster, better and avoid many problems.

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