How to Distinguish Fake Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

How to distinguish fake s5?

In fact, the Goophone S5 seems identical to the original Galaxy S5 only from afar, since upon closer inspection, the quality of the materials is immediately noticeable. For those who do not care, the characteristics of a fake will be enough to show off a couple of times to friends. But in such fakes, the user will never find those branded features that Samsung introduced this year (including IP67 protection and a fingerprint scanner).
The second clone of the Galaxy S5 was not long in coming. this is No.1 S7 all from the same Chinese manufacturers GizChina. Turning out to be of higher quality, the fake even received protection from moisture, which is present in the original Galaxy S5. This was limited. And the very degree of protection, for that matter, in the flagship Samsung is still higher. Clone No.1 S7 is equipped with a 13-megapixel camera with autofocus, 1GB of RAM and an eight-core MT6592 processor with a frequency of 1.7 GHz and. USB support is available here, there is a microSD slot. The 5.1-inch display has Full HD resolution. It just works fake Galaxy S5 on Android 4.2.

How to Distinguish Fake Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

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If you can’t get acquainted with the technical parameters of the phone that is in your hands, do not be too lazy to carefully read the following points that will help you distinguish the fake s5, and then subsequently execute them. In this case, most likely, you can avoid acquiring a fake Galaxy S5:
Take a couple of shots with the camera and look at the result. Note the presence of new features, such as real-time HDR or selective focus. Most likely, such opportunities will not be faked.
You will not find in the fake the fingerprint scanner specific to the Galaxy S5, as well as the heart rate monitor under the camera flash.
Clones are not able to perform such specific “smart” functions as Smart Stay and respond to other gestures for control. All this is in the settings.
It is likely that even access to the Google Play market will not be fake. A good idea would be checking for branded applications. S Health, Samsung Wallet, ChatOn, SideSync 3.0, and Samsung Content Viewer.
Instead of the standard USB 3.0 port for the model, there will most likely be USB 2.0. Distinguishing it visually is very easy. it is 2 times narrower than USB 3.0.
There should not be any Chinese characters in the application name and settings!
And, of course, any smartphone model simply cannot appear on sale before the official start of sales, just as it cannot be lower than the price declared by the manufacturer.

Now you can distinguish the fake Samsung Galaxy s5 from the original. Remember, all of these rules and verification methods apply to other smartphones. It is always better to buy a smartphone from an authorized supplier, avoiding contacts with dubious intermediaries.

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