How to Disconnect a Card from a Phone Number

How to disconnect a number from Sberbank Online card

When applying for a card at Sberbank of Russia, the user must always add a mobile phone number. He automatically becomes a user of the mobile service of the remote bank, and the set of parameters available to him will depend on the selected full or economical package of services. In any case, the bank will send you a message to the added number, so when changing the SIM card, you will need to ask how to disconnect the phone number from the Sberbank card.

How to Disconnect a Card from a Phone Number

Why you need to replace your phone

If you have lost your SIM card or decided to replace your phone, you must first disable this service to avoid leakage of information about your account. After all, the number can fall into the hands of attackers who can easily clear their account using a remote service. Therefore, first of all, call the bank hotline and temporarily block the service.

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Please note that temporary blocking of the service does not exempt the user from paying for the service.

So, if you have lost your SIM card, but plan to restore it in the near future, you still need to block it. Then you can go to the mobile operator and get a new SIM card, and the previous one will be completely blocked, only then you can activate the service. However, it is impossible to remove the number from the Sberbank card.

How to untie a card

There is only one way to completely block the service from your phone number. In order to unlock the phone from the Sberbank card, you need to personally go to the bank branch with documents and plastic and write a statement there. This measure is necessary for one simple reason, because it is a matter of cash security, the bank takes a number of measures to protect the accounts of its customers. And the only way to 100% identify the client. it is to accept a written statement with a signature and verify the identity document.

Some people wonder how to remotely unlock a number from a Sberbank Online card, but you should understand that this method is not available. Indeed, in your personal Internet bank you can set up remote services of the Mobile Bank.

I have the same "interesting" history. I decided to change the phone number, asked Sberbank to visit in person, asked to remove the “link” of the phone from the card and disconnect the mobile bank from the old number. The bank employee briefly manipulated the computer and assured that everything was in order. Arriving home, I went to Sberbank via the Internet to check, and the old password comes along with an SMS with an access password. I called the contact center, explained the situation, the first call refused to serve me at all, because I do not have a personal code that I need to get at the ATM or go to the bank again, the second time I asked the question from the edge: “So you refuse to serve me without this personal code? ” another operator called. She explained everything again, they said that yes, this is a really strange situation, but in a day everything will be fine, there will be no trace of the old number. The saga began on Friday, Sunday today and everything there sms comes to the old number. I’m sitting right now and I’m afraid to throw away my old SIM card and I do not need it. On Monday, I will swear.

Christina, I understand you. When the time comes when everything goes smoothly, wherever you go, everything seems damp, uncomfortable, and for the first time almost never works! The problem is maintenance!