How to disassemble Huawei P9 Lite

The fresh flagship of the “stylish and slim” line has already been in the hands of Chinese experts from IT168. Specialists found out that the OEM of the German giant Leica was engaged in the production of dual-camera lenses, thermal paste is present on the 8-core processor, and the fingerprint scanner cable has an unusual shape. Now, Huawei P9 fell into the hands of the guys from iFixit, who themselves disassembled the mobile device and appreciated its maintainability.

IFixit employees noted that on the bottom of the smartphone there are 2 non-standard screws, as in Apple devices, which require a special screwdriver for dismantling. Thus, the Chinese company Huawei decided to protect the device from the inept hands of ordinary users. Bevelled edges, polished aluminum and antennas were identified by similar elements.

The iFixit team positively commented on the modularity of most components with easy disconnection, including the USB Type-C connector, the presence of thermal paste under the memory chips and the processor, a small amount of glue during assembly, the ease of removing the battery and the convenient location of the cables. In the advantages of Huawei P9, experts also included a high-quality fingerprint scanner, which is used in the Nexus 6P and 5X, and a non-bulging main camera. Of course, there were some cons. First of all, this is the use of screws, as in Apple products, requiring a special screwdriver to access the insides. By the way, the hero of this article is the only currently available non-iOS mobile device with non-standard type screws. A more significant minus is the integrity of the display module and the protective glass, which will require large costs when replacing. In addition, to get to the screen you need to completely disassemble the smartphone.

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How to disassemble Huawei P9 Lite

In general, the craftsmen were happy with the new “stylish and subtle.” Considering all the pros and cons, iFixit put the Huawei P9 7 out of 10 for maintainability, which is a pretty good result compared to the flagships of other manufacturers.