How to Disable Voice Assistant on Samsung TV

How to Disable Voice Assistant on Samsung TV

After the children play on the phone, strangely enough, it is difficult to use it later. Include many different miracle features. To such "miracle functions" I would include the built-in talkback program on android. Of course, like any Android system, it’s also not without its “jokes.”

I did not plan to write about disabling voice guidance. But google, found the instructions written by the developers and was horrified. Well, of course, this is a no brainer to turn off any application, go to settings, then applications, select talkback in accordance and turn it off. But not so simple. When talkback is on, using the phone is almost impossible, so that you need to double-click on it, you can’t scroll as before.

So, to turn off talkback. voice prompts, you need to hold down all the buttons at the same time, in my case it is the power and sound buttons, then in the dialog box, confirm the talkback is turned off (double click).

or do as recommended in google &# 128578; go settings-accessibility-talkback and turn it off

What is the talkback application for?

The talkback application is intended for users who have vision problems, or people who generally do not gu-gu. As stated by the developers, a very useful thing helps to understand the phone. As for me, to deal with the phone is a meaningless thing. Although other features may be useful.

Key features of talkback:

At the moment, I did not find any benefit from these functions, possibly over time.

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Devices on the Android platform have fairly convenient controls, which can be simplified even more with the help of voice assistants. However, due to the availability of several options at once, some software becomes useless and requires removal to save memory space. It is about turning off voice assistants that we will discuss later in this article.

Mute voice assistant

To date, a huge number of voice assistants are available for use on Android, each of which has its own settings and deactivation methods. We will pay attention only to some options from the most famous developers, while most other analogues are unlikely to cause difficulties.

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Method 1: Google Assistant

Since the Android operating system was developed and released by Google, most of the pre-installed software consists of services and applications of this developer. This applies in particular to the Assistant, which provides the voice search function, better known as Ok Google. To deactivate, just visit the internal "Settings" Google Assistant and turn off the previously mentioned option.

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Method 2: Yandex Alice

Another fairly well-known voice assistant Alice was created in Yandex and today by default is integrated into the latest versions of the corporate browser. Initially, the option is in a deactivated state and therefore, in most cases, additional actions are not required. In this case, inclusion, as well as disconnection, can be done through the internal settings of the browser.

  1. Open Yandex.Browser, swipe down to the screen with live tiles and expand the menu in the lower right corner of the page. Here you need to touch the line "Settings".
  2. In the next step, find the block "Search" and in the subsection “Voice capabilities” tap "Voice Assistant Alice". As a result, a page with the basic parameters of the assistant opens.
  3. To deactivate, select "Do not use voice" in the main unit and optionally slide the slider Voice Activation to the left. Thereafter "Settings" can be closed, as Alice will be disconnected.

The shutdown process, as you can see, is not much different from the opposite task and is unlikely to raise any questions. In addition, you can not only completely deactivate Alice, but also leave some functions by selecting Voice Search.

Method 3: Maroussia from

Of all the voice assistants presented in this article, Maroussia from is the newest and, therefore, less popular application. Here, as in other analogs, there are settings for controlling functions through which deactivation can also be performed.

  1. Through the application menu, open Marusya and in the lower left corner tap on the icon "Settings". After that, you need to find the block "Basic" and change the status of the function Voice Activation.
  2. As a result, the assistant will stop responding to the keyword and will be available only inside the corresponding application. If you are not comfortable with this option, you can additionally disable the linked accounts using the button "Log out of account", which will automatically limit the use of software.

Despite the short time since the release, already at the end of 2019, Maroussia provides an impressive number of tools. Try combining different settings to use only the functions you need.

Method 4: Microsoft Cortana

Cortana Voice Assistant, originally introduced by Microsoft specifically for Windows 10, is currently available on several other platforms, including Android. Like any other similar software, this application can be used partially by disabling unnecessary functions through internal settings.

  1. Expand the application and open the main menu in the upper right corner of the start page. From the list presented, you must select "Settings".
  2. When the settings page appears, tap on the block “Phone Settings” and after the transition, find the block "Entry point". Here, for starters, you should expand the subsection "Cortana on home screen".
  3. On the screen "Cortana on home screen" you need to move the slider with the same signature to the left to deactivate the function. Other items will be disabled automatically.
  4. Return to the main settings page. "Settings" and in the same block, select the section "Hey Cortana". To turn off, move the slider. "From the Cortana app" to the left, and this can be finished. When returning to the main page with the application settings, both options considered should be able to "Off". Please note, as in the case of Marusya, you can completely disable Cortana by logging out of your Microsoft account.

Unfortunately, the Android application does not support the Russian language even in a text version, however, most of the settings are intuitively understandable. In an extreme case, you can always resort to the deletion mentioned below.

Method 5: Google TalkBack

Unlike previous options, Google TalkBack is a standard service of the Android operating system and acts as an assistant for people with disabilities. Due to the fact that when using the option all actions will be automatically voiced, using it is not always convenient. About the deactivation of the function we have been described in detail in a separate instruction.

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Uninstall apps

Each submitted application, including Google Assistant and, under certain circumstances, special features of the Android operating system, can be removed by standard means through "Settings". This method of deactivation is the most radical, although it does not require memory cleaning. Using other programs as an example, the procedure for uninstalling applications was described in detail in a separate article.

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We paid attention to both the standard function of the platform and third-party voice assistants, the disabling of which is very similar and applies to some other software. At the same time, you can always take advantage of the alternative by simply uninstalling the application, even in the case of pre-installed applications, using the PC if necessary.

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Some smartphone users like to check all the functions of the phone, after which there is a problem, how to turn off voice guidance on Android? over, the talkback option can be activated randomly. As the standard interaction with the mobile device changes, returning old options is often difficult. Developer companies rarely give a detailed description of such opportunities and expect that the owner will logically determine all the nuances.

Function value

In order to further more quickly and naturally carry out the deactivation procedure, it is proposed to first understand what a talkback is. If you are aware of the localization of the options in the phone settings, you can easily find other controls.

Voice guidance mechanisms are designed for users with poor or no vision properties, while the system somewhat simplifies the interaction, reproducing all manipulations with the voice. In practice, the option is predisposed to people who previously sat at a computer a lot, since all operations are more like clicks with an ordinary mouse.

Before you turn off voice guidance on Android, it is worthwhile to understand that the function scores actions performed with one click. Additionally, notification of incoming calls occurs, and during shaking, it reads all the information displayed on the interface.

If you hold down any letter for several seconds, then talkback will first sound the character, after which the word itself refers to. The function allows the listener to understand certain sounds for the correct typing. Among other features, you need to highlight voice prompts that demonstrate some information on the various components of the interface. over, gestures and rewriting of voiced speech in a text format can be used for control.

Interaction Changes

  • By logic, the usual clicks of a computer mouse, it is paramount to indicate the desired object on the display by touching. To apply the selected item you need to make a double quick click.
  • To scroll through the menu list or scroll the web page in a certain direction, you should drag the screen in the selected direction using two fingers, because in the case of a single touch on the sensor there will be no effect!
  • Unlocking the desktop is carried out by a similar principle, since it is with two fingers that you need to touch the bottom of the display, and then lift it up. over, you may need to enter a password to confirm. Also, to release the lock, the touch key is often used under the screen, where you also need two touches. It is especially important to comply with the voiced prompts.

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The procedure for manipulating the shutdown

In the question of how to remove voice guidance on Android, you should demonstrate the easiest sequence of actions:

  1. Double-click to open the desktop;
  2. Find the standard settings application and select with two clicks;
  3. Holding a couple of fingers on the display, you should go down the list to the item "System";
  4. Go to the accessibility subsection and look for the component with the name “Services";
  5. Go to the talkback parameter, after which some description of the function and the activity lever near the upper right edge will be displayed;
  6. By double-clicking, switch the lever to the off side to stop the option being active.

Disable One Touch

When the option to quickly deactivate and enable talkback was not initially active on your smartphone, you can solve the problem by a single action in two ways:

  1. Press and hold the power key on the chassis until the device reproduces a standard signal or vibration response. Then hold both fingers on the display, maintaining the position for five seconds, after which the smartphone will notify you that voice guidance is turned off;
  2. Hold two fingers on both volume keys of the smartphone, which in most cases are located on the side of the case, until a characteristic signal appears.

Next, you can either remove voice guidance on Android, and activate it again by similar manipulations in any situation.

What to do if you have a different phone model?

Depending on the version of Android, the menu format and the layout of the commands may change, so when using old smartphones, you also need to download the Accessibility Preferences program, which will open access to TalkBack Preferences in order to deactivate the function. In the case of Samsung devices and the TouchWiz software interface, the first thing you need to do is open the settings and the category “My device, where by standard go to special features and turn off talkback.

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In practice, the procedure does not imply significant complexity and the need for a large user experience, so it is expected that you understand how to turn off voice guidance on Android.

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How to disable voice assistant. a question that interests users of gadgets equipped with this useful feature. The need to disable and deactivate arises for various reasons. The article lists and describes methods to disable the option.

How to disable voice assistant?

The voice function on the smartphone is intended for users who have vision problems or those who are busy and do not have time to manually enter queries. Before you understand the shutdown methods, it is worth exploring the main purpose of the option. Among the main functions should be highlighted:

  • Voice of the contact;
  • Gesture management;
  • Convert voice to text;
  • Volume control;
  • Reading text from the screen with standard shaking of the gadget.

There are users who appreciate the features presented and appreciate them. There are people to whom additional functions interfere, therefore they are trying to get rid of them.

On Android

How to deactivate, what kind of software to use, depends on what kind of smartphone a person has. In the case of Android, you need to perform the following actions:

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Applications are selected.
  3. The built-in operation is disabled.

The operation is easy and does not require the user to waste time. If you want to activate again, you will need to press the same button twice.


Google Assistant is a common assistant that accepts voice commands. In a similar situation, the following manipulations should be performed:

  1. The application opens.
  2. The menu is pressed in the form of three stripes.
  3. Go to settings.
  4. In the section called Assistant, you need to click on Settings or Phone.

The process of turning off the assistant will be carried out by moving the slider.


If you need to disable the android voice assistant, which is known as Alice, you will have to act according to such an understandable instruction:

  • The section with Settings opens;
  • The Applications tab is selected;
  • In the top menu, select All;
  • After that, a list opens where you need to find the desired option;
  • The application page opens. Here you can study the data, stop and uninstall the option;
  • Click Clear Cache;
  • Activated by Delete.

On Android OS devices, the deactivation operation can be carried out by moving the shortcut to the basket. It is recommended to delete the shortcut, and then run a special utility that cleans the device’s memory.

How to disconnect on the phone?

Removing is easy on a mobile device. Not all situations require manual actions; you need to use uninstaller applications. Here are the most important of them:

If you still have questions. let us know Ask a question

  • CCleaner;
  • Super Cleaner;
  • Norton Clean, Junk Removal;
  • Power Clean
  • Avast Cleanup
  • Cleaning wizard;
  • Clean Master.

This is an opportunity after removing the program in a standard way to remove residual files from a mobile phone. This option is considered the best, it frees the owner from unnecessary time costs.


If you have a Samsung device, it will be enough to remove the assistant using the usual Home button. Thanks to this action, constant recommendations no longer bother the user. If you need to remove the entire shortcut, you will need to perform the following actions:

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Go to the application.
  3. The tab of the default application is selected.
  4. The name of the option is pressed.

The main advantage of this option is the permission to use the program at any time. It is not necessary to reactivate it.


If the owner of the huawei smartphone does not need to use the voice option, if there is a need to save the built-in battery, you need to disable the assistant according to this scheme:

  • The application opens;
  • The icon of the three stripes is located, which is located at the top of the display;
  • The Settings section is selected;
  • In the presented list you need to find the Voice Assistant;
  • An inactive mode is required next to the function name.

After this operation, the option stops working in the background.


Voice assistant is also present on xiaomi devices. The user of such gadgets can also disable the program. To perform such an operation, you should carry out the following actions:

  1. The application starts.
  2. An icon that looks like a compass is clicked here.
  3. A button in the form of three dots is pressed.
  4. Settings is selected in the menu.
  5. You should touch the device on which you plan to disconnect.

At the end of these actions, it remains just to move the slider to the inactive state.

To summarize

If the voice assistant option works on the android phone, the device will respond to the owner’s voice and receive incoming commands. In a situation, if this assistant is tired, you can disable settings via Google or delete the program.

The question of how to turn off voice guidance on an iPhone arises from users when the gadget is constantly “talking”, voicing each action. This is not a malfunction of the system, but only means that the voice assistant is turned on. Not always such a soundtrack comes in handy. Sometimes a voice voicing any action is simply annoying. There are several ways to turn it off.

Voice over

Voice Assistant on iPhone is Apple’s development designed to help people with visual impairments in using the smartphone’s graphical interface. Voice notification refers to the following actions:

  • typing (each pressed letter is pronounced under the fingertip);
  • sections of the menu;
  • application icons;
  • reference information;
  • Caller Name
  • navigation elements;
  • texts.

If Voice Over is active, gadget management is undergoing changes.

For example, to perform an action, double-click. Since a single “tapping” serves to read the text, voice the name of the selected application or setting.

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There is a chance of launching the application by accident, not suspecting it. Disabling the feature is easy. This procedure is done in several ways.

Disabling voice guidance in the "Settings"

To turn off voice control, just do a few things:

  1. Open "Settings", then. "General" section.
  2. Next is the subsection "Universal Access".
  3. Voice Over item, move the slider here to the “Off” position.

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Disconnect from iTunes

The shutdown option through Aityuns consists of the following steps:

  1. Launch iTunes, connect a smartphone.
  2. In the "Parameters" section, click the "Configure Universal Access" button.
  3. In the menu that appears, check the box next to "Do not use".
  4. Confirm with OK.

For iOS 7 and iOS 8, voice dialing was characteristic. There is only one way to disable it. activate Siri. When enabled by default, this option becomes the only voice assistant. In order to use it, you must follow the instructions:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Further. "Basic", subsection Siri.
  3. Move the slider to the active (green) state.

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After that, the responsibility for all voice control actions will be transferred to Siri.

We remove the call announcement

Starting with iOS9, Siri completely replaced voice dialing. She, for example, conveniently announces the names of subscribers who are currently calling. But this action is not always appropriate. If you do not need a sound notification, it is turned off:

  1. Menu "Settings", section "Phone".
  2. Subsection "Call Announcement".
  3. Check off the item “Never”.

After these steps, Siri will no longer announce contact names when an incoming call is in progress.

It’s not so difficult to turn off unnecessary voice guidance. The choice of a convenient method depends on the iPhone model and the version of the operating system installed on the device.