How to Disable Vibration Response On Huawei

All users of the Honor 10 smartphone always strive to customize the device, focusing only on their desires and needs. Often, owners are annoyed by unnecessary and extraneous sounds that prevent them from concentrating. For example, vibration when using the keyboard.

In today’s world, many users daily use various social networks, instant messengers, email, etc. Sometimes you have to send hundreds of messages. It is very important that the message collection process is easy, simple and convenient. And vibration is often quite annoying. But it can be turned off. In addition, this can be done very quickly and easily. No additional knowledge is required. Any user can disable vibration on Honor 10.

Turn off keyboard vibration

The whole process of disabling vibration on the Honor 10 can be divided into several simple and understandable steps. In this case, the user does not need to download any applications, does not need to go inside the smartphone, and also does not have to change system files.

There are a great many types of keyboards, and each user can choose the most convenient keyboard for him, focusing only on his wishes and possibilities.

One of the popular keyboards on the Honor 10 is the GBoard keyboard. The procedure for disabling the vibration response of this keyboard is as follows:

  • Go to the device settings.
  • Select the lowest point “System”, open.
  • Click on the line “Language and input”.
  • Select GBoard Keyboard.
  • Then click on “Settings”.
  • Next, you need to scroll down a bit, find the item “Vibration feedback on keystrokes”.
  • Toggle the slider to OFF.

Video: How to Disable Vibration Response On Huawei

In addition, there is another popular keyboard for users on the Honor 10. SwiftKey. You can also turn off vibration on it, if you use the following instructions:

  • Open smartphone settings.
  • Go to the “System” menu.
  • Open the section “Language and input”.
  • Select the line “SwiftKey Keyboard”.
  • 4 squares will be displayed on the top, you must click on the word “Enter”.
  • Select “Sound and vibration” in the menu that appears.
  • After that, move the slider to the inactive position in the line “Vibrate when you press keys.”

In addition, here you can also turn off the sound when you press the keys.

How to Disable Vibration Response On Huawei

Turn off vibration when notifications

Many users of Honor 10 are annoyed by vibration. In addition, often the owners try to keep the charge as high as possible, therefore they try to remove the vibration.

In any case, this is easy enough, following the correct sequence of steps:

  • Open device settings.
  • Select the Sounds menu.
  • Here you can turn off a parameter such as “Vibrate in silent mode.”
  • Also below can be brought into inactive position “Vibrate and melody SIM card.” If the device has 2 SIM cards, but you can turn off the vibration signal, both on both, and on one of the two.
  • In addition, at the bottom of the menu, you can click on “Other sound settings”.
  • In this case, a menu will be displayed where you can turn off the vibration response (vibration when you press the navigation buttons and unlock the device).

Also here, you can turn off the vibration of the user when you click on the physical navigation key.Share link: