How to Disable T9 On Huawei

“How to disable or enable t9 on Honor and Huawei?”. A common question for users of gadgets of this brand who prefer to quickly send messages. Or vice versa, disable the function to spell words more clearly. We tell about how to do this below.

Auto Fix Function

The autocorrection function is an option that allows you to type messages faster: displays word options after entering a few letters, autocorrection, and more. In newer models, the option has been improved to correct errors. It is noteworthy that the user can create his own dictionary by adding frequently used words.

Interestingly, the name of the option comes from the English. Text on 9 keys, i.e. typing on 9 buttons. The system offers in the list such words that consist of the same number of letters that are entered by the user. And, unlike the iTap system, longer words are not foreseen.

How to disable t9 on Honor and Huawei

The need to remove the function occurs when a long time writing messages using slang words and so on, and then you need to switch to literary or professional speech. That is, remove t9 on Huawei and Honor to clear the history of the entered words. You can either constantly update the T9 word set, or disable the feature. To deactivate:

How to Disable T9 On Huawei
  • open the Android settings;
  • go to “Language and input”;
  • Click on “Android Keyboard”;
  • perform the transition “Correction of the text” / “Autocorrection” / Disable “on all points.

Video: How to Disable T9 On Huawei

How to turn T9 back on Honor and Huawei

As a rule, this mode is enabled initially. But if this is not so (especially if the smartphone was previously owned by a different owner), then to turn on t9 on Honor and Huawei, you need to perform simple steps. This is easy to do even without using the application. To activate, follow the algorithm:

  • open smartphone settings;
  • click on “Language and input”;
  • select “Google Keyboard”;
  • perform the transition “Correction of the text” / “Auto-correction” / “Enable”.

The system offers the opportunity to further adjust the following functions:

  • in many models you can turn off t9 by moving the slider;
  • turn off word variants. the system does not offer words for a replacement and does not change them independently;
  • hint words, which is formed on the basis of previously entered;
  • the system analyzes which words the user uses most often;
  • automatic punctuation corrects dots and commas where users do not put them.

The punctuation function can create whole sheets instead of regular messages. There is a filter of obscene words that allows you not to use them when writing text. But users rarely exploit this option, although it helps to get rid of unnecessary words in written speech. And for owners of a large vocabulary there is the opportunity to create their own dictionary in the phone settings.

A similar instruction to enable or disable autosave is valid on the tablet.