How to Disable T9 On Huawei P10 Lite

Honor 10 4 / 128GB reviews

A terrible camera that overestimates ISO and also oversaturates the photo.
If you turn on ai (the same artificial intelligence), the situation will worsen.
Not natural bokeh, nor natural blur, not natural light. As a result, you get photos of TP that captivated Instagram. (overexposed wallpaper and your face, saturated bright red lips)
Effect "Tear out your eye fully"
There are a bunch of settings and a bunch of filters, faces that go SOFTWARE ala application inside the camera. One gets the impression that the camera was tuned in for weak-minded youth who want a blurred background, to lighten a scary face to become a beauty, and also to retouch it, while all this does not look natural, as a schoolboy-unskillful photoshopped your photos.

The phone itself is not so bad, I would say that it is good (the camera does not count). if you consider the categories

How to Disable T9 On Huawei P10 Lite

For your money, a smartphone is very worthy.

Disclaimer: used Xiaomi redmi note 4X. I surfed the entire Internet in search of interesting new products. I expected a lot from Honor, but alas.

UPD Almost a year has passed since I live with this pipe. What can I say. he is beautiful. It took me a while to try out his camera and rebuild, but now, without exception, all friends are asking to take photos of them on my baby, hiding iPhones and samsungs in their pockets.
With a fairly active use of the battery lasts for a day, in principle, I did not notice a critical decrease in operating time. System updates arrive stably, but so far minor (as of 11/12/19 EMUI version, android. 9). Occasionally there are app crashes, but I don’t know who is to blame. The fingerprint scanner and face id work just as fast.
In general, I did not regret a single drop that I moved to this device. Fresh photos in the attachment &# 128578;

Up to 5 stars is not enough. If you do not need a DAC, it will definitely be 5. but my hand does not rise.

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Video: How to Disable T9 On Huawei P10 Lite

In general: the feeling of use is very so-so. The first couple of days I wanted to pass it. Later, she decided to leave the device as a compromise / temporary option for half a year or a year until something more suitable for me comes out (while there is hope for Google Pixel 3).

Not ready to recommend for purchase, expected more. Honor 8 at one time (and now considering the price) was almost perfect, Honor 9 almost completely repeated Honor 8, and in Honor 10 there are still a lot of “raw” moments. Over time, when it becomes cheaper and something is finished in it, it may and will make sense to buy it. In the meantime, it is “under-flagged,” and for an ordinary smartphone, Xiaomi ala is a little expensive.

UPD: After a month of use, I could not adapt to it, could not stand it and sold it. The main reasons are camera and lag / hangs. I bought Google Pixel 2 and am delighted.

There are a lot of small glitches that are individually not seemingly scary, but in total leave a very negative impression on the use of the device.
Of particular annoyance is the work with Bluetooth devices.

For example, I connect the phone to the audio system in the car, everything is connected, I listen to music, but sometimes for some reason voice calls are not connected, and you have to go into the settings and turn them on manually. And driving through the settings is not very pleasant. And you find out that the calls did not connect only after they called you and you don’t hear anything, or you call someone yourself and don’t hear the person you are talking to, as the sound is output through the phone’s speaker.

Another moment. Listen to music through BT. Someone called. You talked, hang up, turn on the music again. But it was not there. Music plays, but song names are not displayed, and controlling the phone through the car’s audio system does not work. You need to close the application with music, and turn it on again, then everything will work.

From the same opera. You listen to music, a notification comes from facebook or e-mail, after which the sound of your audio system turns into the sound of a cheap radio from a minibus of the 90s. But everything is solved quite simply. restarting the application, or reconnecting. However, driving is not so nice to do.

For some reason, sometimes the sound of messages becomes very loud and does not respond to volume settings. You remove all the sliders to zero, but the message sound cannot be broken, it is still loud. It is treated by rebooting the phone.

And all these little things begin to annoy greatly. I use my old telephone more and more often, because I know that I don’t have to get into the phone with it while driving. And Honor 10 does not cause confidence in its reliability.