How to Disable Meizu Pop 2 Headphones

Recently, Meizu Pop Bluetooth headphones (model tw50) have caught their wave of popularity. People praise their comfortable shape and fit, decent sound quality, good battery life and an ergonomic case. Of course, the device also has a number of disadvantages. To use these headphones, you need to figure out how to connect wireless headphones to your phone.

How to Disable Meizu Pop 2 Headphones

What you need to connect

How to Disable Meizu Pop 2 Headphones

To connect the headphones to an android smartphone or iPhone, they need to have a working Bluetooth module. The higher its version is, the better and more reliable the connection will be. If desired, they can even be connected to a computer. for example, a laptop, also via bluetooth.

It is also important that the device has a sufficient amount of charge. Therefore, it is advisable to recharge them before the first connection attempt. To charge, leave the headphones in the case, and connect the cable to its port. Here the first inconvenience pops up. for some reason, the nest was located at the bottom of the case, and to connect it you have to roll it on its side.

The charging cable is usually connected to the computer, but you can use any charger that works with a voltage not exceeding 5 V. On the white case of the case, the blue LED will flash during recharging. And on the front panel there are 4 indicators indicating the current battery level.

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The minimum charge time is ten minutes. As soon as the charging indicator stops blinking and goes out, the headphones are fully charged. The maximum charge allows them to work for about eight hours.

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How to pair with a phone

How to Disable Meizu Pop 2 Headphones

How to connect meizu wireless headphones? The instructions for use are simple:

  1. Headphones must be turned on. We press the button located between the volume up keys. If the headphones are separate, we get them out of the case and wait 10-15 seconds to synchronize with each other. 8.jpg
  2. After a few seconds, the indicator lights up in blue and red. If this does not happen for a long time. most likely the device is not sufficiently charged.
  3. Before you start connecting, you need to configure your smartphone. Namely, turn on Bluetooth.
  4. After that, open the list of available to connect. After a while, the phone should detect the headphones. a list containing the word “MEIZU” and the model name will be displayed in the list.
  5. Select this item. The headphones will emit a special signal. indicating a successful connection. The smartphone icon displays the connected headset icon.

Now you can start listening to music.

What to do if the headphones do not connect

How to Disable Meizu Pop 2 Headphones

If you still have questions. let us know Ask a question

How to connect meizu pop if they do not want to appear in the list of devices or are connected due to another error? You need to try resetting the factory settings:

  1. Put the right earphone in the case.
  2. We wait until the LED flashes.
  3. Press five times on the earphone (quickly).
  4. If successful, the indicator will blink four times. If this does not happen. repeat the action.
  5. We rotate the same procedure for the left.

The second earphone does not work

Occasionally, the left earphone refuses to work. Some users managed to eliminate this bug by trivially tapping the device. But there is a safer option that works almost always:

  1. We get the right headphone out of the box.
  2. The LED on it will start flashing, indicating an attempt to connect.
  3. While the left one remains in the case, we bring the right one to it and touch it.

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