How to Disable Fn On Hp Laptop

Not so long ago I bought a laptop brand HP. I admit honestly, the device is quite worthy, especially since the amount paid for it is relatively small, but out of habit fingers do not fall on the required keys. Prior to that, I used an Asus laptop and was more used to their keyboard layout. Nevertheless, after buying a new laptop, you can carry out a small adjustment of the keyboard on the laptop for more convenient use. But this is not about that.

Using a laptop brings tremendous pleasure, but still I came across one small problem. After installing the operating system, there were some inconveniences with the F1-F12 keys. For an incomprehensible reason, when I clicked on these buttons, the multimedia part worked, which in theory should work if you use the Fn [F1-F12] key combination. Nevertheless, I managed to solve the problem, and now I will try to help you in eliminating this trouble.

How to Disable Fn On Hp Laptop

Disable Fn on HP laptops

Turning on the Fn button on HP brand laptops can have some unpleasant consequences. For example, when you press the F11 button in the browser, instead of the desired view in the whole window, we can accidentally turn off the speaker. If this bothers you and you don’t know how to disable the Fn button on your HP laptop, do not worry. there is a solution.

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I will say right away that the method is not one of the simplest and it may seem complicated for a beginner. Nevertheless, if you look, then everything is simple.

To disable Fn on most HP laptops, you must follow these guidelines:

  1. Go to BIOS. If you have a very old BIOS version, then at first it will not be superfluous to update the BIOS first. Then, to carry out the procedure for disabling the key, you must press the Esc or F10 key at startup, depending on the model. The main thing is not to miss the moment.
  2. In BIOS, you should definitely enter the tab called “System Configuration”.
  3. In this tab, you need to change the “Action Keys Mode” parameter to “Disabled”, and then press the F10 key.

When you turn on the laptop again, you can see for yourself that the problem has been successfully fixed. The keys now perform their original functions. To take advantage of the multimedia features again, you now have to hold down the Fn key.

Disabling Fn on Asus, Samsung, Fujitsu laptops

At one time I used Asus laptops, and I once had a similar problem. At that time, I had no idea how to disable Fn on an Asus laptop. Then a friend helped me: he advised me to press the Fn and NumLk buttons at the same time, after which my problem was fixed. On some Asus models you should press Fn Insert, Fn F11, Fn F12 or just NumLk. If you do not know how to disable Fn on a Samsung laptop, also try the above options. On some models this will work. But some do not, and still have a lot of work to do to solve this problem. At these moments, the question sometimes arises: "Which company laptop is better." To this I can say that this is a matter of habit, each manufacturer may have its own "chips".

Now let’s move on to Fujitsu brand laptops. Of course, few people use them, but maybe someone, but come in handy. On most models of this brand, the Fn key is disabled by the Fn NumLk button combination.

How to disable Fn on Toshiba laptops

If you need to turn off the Fn button on Toshiba brand laptops, install the HDD Protector software.

With it, you can disable the annoying button. How to do this?

  1. When the program starts, go to the tab called “Optimization”, and then select the “Accessibility” item.
  2. In the window that appears, uncheck “Use the Fn key”.
  3. Save the changes by clicking on Ok and continue to work.

As you can see, there are several ways to disable the Fn button on laptops of various manufacturers. Perhaps the most versatile is the Fn NumLk keyboard shortcut. Although in the case, as with my HP laptop, you have to pretty sweat. Go ahead and hope you succeed!