How to Disable Auto Screen Rotate On iPhone

Modern smartphones are equipped with an automatic screen rotation function. It is convenient to use a mobile device when it itself reacts to a change in the position of the case. But sometimes it gets in the way. This article will tell you: how to disable auto-rotate on iPhone, in an understandable and simple language. And also about possible malfunctions due to which this function is inactive.

Screen auto-rotate missing on iPhone. reasons

The lack of auto-rotation of the screen in the iPhone is due to various circumstances. The simplest and most frequent “breakdowns” are eliminated without any special difficulties. They are hidden in the phone settings. The possibility of a technical malfunction is not ruled out. Then you need the help of a specialist.

The list of possible reasons:

  • Screen rotation lock is on.
  • Screen zoom function is on.
  • In some iPhone models, some applications have a static image.
  • Faulty accelerometer.

Screen auto-rotation setting

Factory settings include automatic screen rotation by default. This is convenient, but not in all cases. To watch videos, use games and applications, it is more convenient to use a static image on the display, which is also called horizontal or landscape.

To the displeasure of gadget owners, the auto-rotate display function sometimes starts to fail. Discomfort can be expressed in the fact that the screen becomes static, or, conversely, begins to arbitrarily change the position from vertical to horizontal, and vice versa. Solve the problem on your own: how to adjust the screen rotation on the iPhone. it will work if you take certain measures.


Restarting the mobile device to normal mode helps with a normal phone reboot. The task will be performed as follows: simultaneously press the power button, and the button Home. They are located in different ways on different models, so the photos posted below will help to understand in detail the nuances. The arrows indicate the buttons for iPhones up to 7, when clicked, the smartphone will reboot.

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For completely new iPhone models, such as iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, a reboot will occur after pressing two volume buttons (decrease increase volume) and the power button, as shown in the photo.

Update your operating system (iOS)

System errors of the OS itself can cause inadequate operation of the mobile device. This also applies to auto-rotate the screen. Updates from the provider are required for iOS. In their absence, the system is not able to fully implement self-regulation. Therefore, you should check for available innovations and install them. The following steps have to be taken sequentially:

  1. Go to “Settings”.

Video: How to Disable Auto Screen Rotate On iPhone

  1. Open tab “Basic”.
  1. Select item “Software Update”.
  1. Click on Download and Install and wait for the download to complete.
  1. Install update by selecting “Install”. After that, the mobile device will automatically restart.

Turn on / off the screen zoom

A feature of screen scaling is that the size of the pictures on the screen becomes larger. To activate the mode, you will need:

  1. Open “Settings”.
  1. Click on item “Screen and brightness”.
  1. From the proposed list, select “View”.
How to Disable Auto Screen Rotate On iPhone
  1. Use key “Increased”, then “Install”.

You should know that the function in the mobile phone, which allows you to enlarge the image on the display, comes into “conflict” with the auto-rotate display. That is, increasing the size of the symbols on the home screen (springboard) will block changes in the orientation of the desktop. But it will not affect the operation of applications where the automatic rotation is preserved. Returning to normal mode is easy.

To turn off the zoom function:

  1. Go to “Settings”.
  1. Select menu item “Screen and brightness”.
  1. Go to “View”.
  1. In chapter “Scale” click on the button “Standard” and “Install”.
  1. Confirm selection by “Standard” in the dialog box that opens.
  1. The device will reboot and begin to work as usual.

Accelerator damage

The cause of the malfunction may lie in the failure of the accelerator. This microchip determines the acceleration of movement of a mobile device in space. It uses algorithms that launch certain software processes that occur during any physical impact on the object (smartphone). It will not be possible to cope with this failure on their own. Contact a service technician.

Disable auto-rotate display on iPhone

Quite often, smartphone owners turn off the function of changing orientation. It interferes, for example, with watching videos, photos, or when using game programs. Changes are made in the settings of the mobile device.

It’s worth remembering how to turn off the screen rotation on the iPhone. The procedure is simple. Instructions for this small adjustment in the phone are as follows:

  1. Open control panel.
  1. Enable portrait orientation lock (button in the control point with the image of the lock inside the round arrow).

Screen static will follow. That is, when you turn the smartphone from vertical to horizontal, and vice versa, the image on the screen will be fixed. The indicator signaling the inclusion of this mode has the same image (lock with a round arrow), and is located, in the upper right corner of the display, next to the indicator of the battery charge level. When the lock is on, it is displayed in red. To return the phone to its normal state of operation, you just need to remove the lock. click on the lock button. The color of the image in this case will turn from red to white.