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A healthy lifestyle is increasingly becoming part of our lives. now many people include in the daily routine compulsory physical education. But there are also types of physical education that can be done, so to speak, on the go, for example. walking. But for this to be of any use, it is necessary to organize the systematic nature of the lesson and their control. And here you can’t do without a pedometer.

Modern smartphones are equipped with all kinds of sensors, including such as an accelerometer and a gyroscope. These sensors are mainly used in the implementation of the “screen rotation” function and in the management of three-dimensional games.

It turned out that the phone equipped with an accelerometer can still carry out step counting and distance traveled, that is, perform the function of a pedometer.

Pedometer on Huawei Honor two ways to turn on. step by step instructions

The accuracy of the pedometer of the smartphone is enough to conduct an independent training. And most often it depends on where we place the mobile device: whether it hangs on a cord around the neck or lies in a trouser pocket. Due to fluctuations that do not coincide with the movements of the legs, errors appear in the readings about the steps taken, therefore, when the device is in the pocket of the trousers, its readings are closest to the real ones.

On a HUAWEI (honor) smartphone, the pedometer can be turned on in two ways:

1 way: through the main Settings of the smartphone.

2 way: through the application “Huawei Health”.

In order to know the number of steps taken per day on a Huawei smartphone (Honor), it is enough to make a small change in the smartphone settings without launching additional applications.

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Huawei Honor – how to enable the pedometer in the settings of smartphones

  1. Need to log in“Settings”a smartphone.

On the first page, select “Security and Confidentiality”.

  1. Next, select“Screen locks and passwords”.

On the next screen in the “Lock Screen” section in “Pedometer on the lock screen” turn on the pedometer.

And from now on, the number of steps taken per day will be displayed on the lock screen.

Huawei Health. how to turn on the pedometer

  1. Run the applicationHuawei Health.
  2. On the first screen of the application, at the top there is information about the number of steps completed for the current day. (In our case, 26 steps).
  3. If you click on the numbers of the steps taken to the center of the screen, then you will go to the next page with detailed information:
    – the number of steps taken by the hours of the day;
    – the number of steps taken per week, per month, per year;
    – the percentage ratio between walking, running and climbing.
  4. The Huawei Health app allows you to conduct workouts under the control of your smartphone. In doing so, using the function GPS(geolocation) of the phone, you can create a training plan and get directions, and then track the progress of the workout.

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In the beginning, to begin training, you need to create a training plan:

A) To do this, click on the icon “The exercise” in the center of the screen.

B) Next, click on the icon Add at the bottom of the screen.

C) Now you need to enter the parameters of a new workout (for example):
– Type of exercise. Walking on the street;
– Duration. 1 hour;
– Distance. 5 km.

After that, you must save the new training record, for this you need to click on the “checkmark” at the top of the screen to the right.

  1. To start the training itself, you need to click on the icon“START A TRAINING”.

On the next screen, you will be presented with a map of the area indicating your current GPS position as the starting position for the start of your workout. If you wish, you can add a finish point to the map.

Next, to start the workout, click on the “triangle” icon in the red circle. the start is given.

During training, you can pause the training at will, for this you need to click on the Pause icon (“two bars” in the red circle).

To continue the workout, you click on the Continue icon (“triangle” in the green circle), and to end the workout, click on the Stop icon (“square” in the red circle).

After the workout, you can go to the “Workout History” section to familiarize yourself with the data of the workout.

application Huawei Health, included in the standard set of smartphone applications HUAWEI (honor) allows you to organize the following types of training:
– running on the street;
– walking on the street;
– bike;
– running on a treadmill;
– swimming pool.

This application in its work allows you to pair the following devices during training:
– smart watch;
– smart bracelet;
– scales;
– heart rate monitor.

How to disable the pedometer and remove from the screen lock mode to Huawei

But, not all users need to count the steps in their smartphone, and therefore we hear very often from our readers how to disable the pedometer on Huawei and Honor. Therefore, we have prepared a small instruction in which we will tell you how to remove the pedometer data from the lock screen, disable the step counting on the smartphone and, if necessary, turn the pedometer back on.

How to remove the pedometer from the lock screen of Huawei and Honor. step by step instructions

The first time you turn on a new smartphone by default, a pedometer is displayed on the lock screen next to the clock with data on the number of steps you have taken. In truth, the accuracy of this data leaves much to be desired, and not everyone is interested in this feature. To disable the number of steps on the smartphone’s lockscreen, go to Settings. Screen lock and passwords, look at the very bottom of the list of functions and see the item “Pedometer on the lock screen”. turn it off.

If you wish, in the same menu item you can turn everything back on. But this is not the end!

Instructions for completely disabling the pedometer on Huawei

Even after deleting information from the lock screen, step counting continues, which you can see in the Health application. This program without additional fitness bracelet or smartwatch, in fact, does not carry any value. She will continue to keep track of your steps and save this data, which you can see for yourself.

If you want to not just hide, but completely disable the step counting by your smartphone, you need to delete the Health application, since no developers have provided any software settings to turn off the function. To uninstall, go to the list of installed applications in the “Applications and notifications” section of the main settings menu. Find in the list of “Health” and give it. If you wish, you can always install it back from Google Play