How to Disable a Light Bulb on a Gopro Hero 5

(Questions about GoPro Hero 3)

IN: How to turn on the camera?

ABOUT: To turn on the GoPro Hero 3 camera, you need to install a charged battery in the case, and then press the No. 5 button (see photo) on the front panel of the camera once

How to Disable a Light Bulb on a Gopro Hero 5

IN: Why bundled "white gum" (latch)?

ABOUT: The latch is installed in the mount (see photo). In most cases, it is not necessary, because The connector sits very tight.

IN: How to enable video recording?

ABOUT: To start recording video, you need to press the button on top of the camera once

How to Disable a Light Bulb on a Gopro Hero 5

IN: Camera modes


How to Disable a Light Bulb on a Gopro Hero 5
How to Disable a Light Bulb on a Gopro Hero 5

IN: How to enable PhotoVideo mode?

ABOUT: Simultaneous Video and Photo mode allows you to capture both video and photo at the same time. You can set the camera parameters so that the photo is activated every 5, 10, 30 or 60 seconds during video recording. Before setting the Photo Capture mode in the Video mode, check if the corresponding video resolution is set and the Protune mode is turned off.

Note: You can shoot in Simultaneous Video and Photo mode only when setting the resolution to: 1080p and a frequency of 30 and 24 frames / s, 720p at a frequency of 60 frames / s, or 1440p at a frequency of 24 frames / s.

To enable this mode, you need to turn on the camera, enter the general settings, then go to the Capture Settings section and select the necessary item marked with an icon

IN: How to flip a recording?

ABOUT: If you install your HERO 3 camera upside down, but want the files to display correctly the next time you view or edit them, you must enable this function. It will avoid the need to flip video and photo files after recording.

To enable this mode, you need to turn on the camera, enter the general settings, then go to the Capture Settings section and select the necessary item marked with an icon

IN: Why spot meter mode?

ABOUT: The Spot Meter should be used when shooting in a direction from an unlit area to a lighted one, for example, when shooting from the inside of a car.

To enable this mode, you need to turn on the camera, enter the general settings, then go to the Capture Settings section and select the necessary item marked with an icon

IN: Why low light mode (auto low light)?

ABOUT: GoPro HERO3’s Auto Low Light mode automatically adjusts the frame rate to find the optimal frame rate for use in bright and dimly lit places.

IN: How to quickly exit the settings?

ABOUT: In order to quickly exit the camera settings menu without scrolling to the EXIT item, press and hold button No. 2 (see photo)

How to Disable a Light Bulb on a Gopro Hero 5

IN: Why do you get blurry photos?

ABOUT: Because the camera does not have an image stabilizer, flash, and / or other source of external illumination of captured objects, the presence of good illumination at the shooting location is very important. On a sunny day, you will definitely get good dynamic shots, but their quality will fall in proportion to a decrease in illumination (evening, twilight, night)

Tip: To reduce the picture blur, use a Wi-Fi remote / smartphone with the GoPro app, by pressing the capture button on it. Thus, the camera will remain more stable. You can also enable burst shooting in the camera settings, one of several frames should be clear.

IN: How to turn on / off Wi-Fi?

ABOUT: In order to turn on the Wi-Fi module in the camera, you need to press the button on the end of the camera once

The fact that Wi-Fi is on is signaled by a blue LED on the front of the camera and an icon on the display.

To turn off, you must press and hold the button on the end of the camera. A shutdown is signaled by 7 blinks with a blue LED, as well as the absence of an icon on the LCD.

Attention: Remember that the wireless module works autonomously, even when the camera is turned off.

IN: How to connect a Wi-Fi remote to the camera?

ABOUT: To connect the camera and the remote control, it is necessary to carry out the so-called pairing. To get started, turn on Wi-Fi on your camera.

You must enter the Wi-Fi settings menu. To do this, click on the Wi-Fi enable button again.

Next. Wi-Fi RC mode

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The camera will go into remote control search mode.

After that it is necessary, holding the red button to turn on the remote. After switching on (2-3 sec) release the red button. the remote control will switch to search mode. After a while, pairing is established.

Can the remote be immersed in water? is he water resistant?

It is protected against dust / moisture / spray. The remote control must not be immersed deeper than 3 meters under water

IN: How to connect a smartphone / tablet to the camera?

ABOUT: To connect the camera and your device, you need to download the proprietary GoPro app. You can do this in the App Store (for iOS) and in PlayMarket (for Android).

To start, turn on Wi-Fi. Press the button again and go to the settings. Choosing the GoPro app

How to Disable a Light Bulb on a Gopro Hero 5

Go to the smartphone / tablet. Open the settings for connecting to WiFi and select the network with the name of the camera. Enter the standard password for connection goprohero (pay attention to the case of letters, this is important).

Video: How to Disable a Light Bulb on a Gopro Hero 5

Open the application. We are offered to change the name of the Wi-Fi network and its password (step is required).

A change confirmation with the new data will appear on the screen.

Next, Wi-Fi will turn off. You need to connect again with the new data (name and password) that you set.

The connection is established, you can use the application functionality to control the camera.

IN: What is the standard Wi-Fi password?

ABOUT: goprohero (no spaces)

IN: Camera runtime. Charging


The charging time of the camera can be different, it depends on the output current of your charger. If you charge the camera through the original charge, the charging time will be 1.5 hours at 80% and 2 hours at 100%. Standard charging produces a current of 1A at a voltage of 5V. When choosing Z \ Y, look at its parameters. Ideally, they should match the parameters of the original charges. When using Z \ Y with a greater current strength, battery wear increases. Non-original charges can charge the battery up to 100% in two to three hours.

IN: What is hard reset for GoPro?

ABOUT: hard reset is resetting the camera to its default values.

IN: Does hard reset reset the firmware?

ABOUT: No, the firmware does not change, all your settings are simply reset to the factory values

IN: How to make a hard reset?

ABOUT: Turn off the camera, remove the battery, press the capture button and do not release, insert the battery, press the power button. The settings will be reset.

IN: How to format a USB flash drive through the camera?

ABOUT: You need to go into the settings and scroll to the last item with the basket icon. At this point, select All / Format and confirm the action.

IN: Why can’t I delete files from a memory card when the camera is connected to a PC?

ABOUT: The Hero 3 camera is protected against file deletion when the camera is connected to a PC via a USB cable. In order to clear the memory card, you can use the method described above (No. 21) and clear the contents of the card in the camera itself. Or by connecting a memory card to a PC using a card reader.

IN: How can I watch the captured video on TV?

ABOUT: There are several options, you can choose the most convenient:

1. By connecting the camera via an HDMI cable (cable not included and sold separately)

2. By copying files from a memory card to a USB flash drive and connecting to a TV (smart), set-top box / player, etc.

3. By connecting the camera to the TV directly via the USB port, like a flash drive

IN: Why does the video slow down when viewed on a PC?

ABOUT: The camera shoots video with a high bitrate and the computer can not cope with its decoding. There are several ways to fix this situation:

1. install the current (fresh) codec

2. try another player (VLC for example)

3. if possible, use "hardware video acceleration"

4. change the computer to a more powerful one (upgrade CPU, video cards, RAM)

5. recode the captured video in less "heavy" format / bitrate and then watch it.

IN: How and how to handle the captured video?

ABOUT: There are many programs for video editing, you need to decide which one will be convenient for you? Which is suitable for a specific task?

The simplest to learn, but at the same time quite powerful in functionality are:

Final Cut Pro (Mac)

Further, more complex programs, such as Adobe products. Adobe Premiere Pro (not to be confused with Adobe After Effects, as AE for composing and creating special effects), can be noted. So are simpler ones, for example, standard Windows Movie Maker, etc.

IN: What to do if the camera freezes?

ABOUT: If your camera freezes, this usually means that you need to update the firmware or you have any problems with the SD card. The following are the steps to help you fix the problem:

1. Find out that you have the latest firmware installed. You can find out how to do this in paragraph # 30. If you have an old version of the firmware, or if you are not sure that you have the latest version, we recommend that you update it.

2. If you have the latest version of the firmware, you may need to update it manually, because during installation, some malfunctions could occur.

3. Try reformatting the SD card using the menu function "delete ALL".

Try another known-good SD card. Try to use cards of high-quality manufacturers!

4. If your camera still freezes, you need to contact GoPro customer support using the form "Contact us".

IN: How to reduce the fish eye effect?

ABOUT: To begin, let’s figure out what it is. Fisheye, fisheye (from the English. Fish-eye). a distorting ultra-wide angle lens. It differs from ordinary (orthoscopic) short-focus lenses in pronounced uncorrelated barrel-shaped distortion and an angle of field of view close to or exceeding 180 °. The use of the fisheye lens is most often reflected in the shooting of street extreme sports (parkour, skateboarding, BMX, etc.). We can say that he is the “main” lens in such shootings, allowing you to capture from a short distance both the “rider” and the architecture used when performing tricks. Also, the use of a fisheye lens is very common in shooting spherical panoramas, because it allows you to get the full scope of the panorama with a minimum number of frames.

Now we know that this is a type of lens with a wide viewing angle that is installed on the Gopro Hero 3. In order to reduce this effect, the settings need to take a few simple steps. Open the camera settings and select the menu with the resolution settings and the number of frames per second. In this menu there are 4 settings items: RES (Resolution); FPS (frames per second); FOV (viewing angle \ field of view); LOW LIGHT (low light).

We need an item called FOV. The camera has three viewing angle settings: WIDE (wide) MEDIUM (medium) NARROW (narrow). To reduce the effect of fish, we need to set the viewing angle to NARROW (narrow). Note that with a decrease in the viewing angle, the picture will cease to be widescreen.

Reducing the viewing angle through the settings is not the only way to remove the fish. For those who process video, there are video tutorials on how to remove fish in the editors. When using editors, any part of the picture will be lost anyway.

IN: What to do if the camera does not turn on?

ABOUT: If your camera does not turn on, then the problem may be either in the camera itself, or in the battery, SD card, or somewhere in the camera contact is lost. Here are some tips to help you find out what your problem is.

1. Disconnect all BacPac accessories, battery and SD card from the camera. Insert only one battery. If the camera turns on, it means your camera just hung up and now you can calmly continue to work with it.

2. If the camera still doesn’t turn on, remove and reinsert the battery and recharge the camera using a USB charger or your computer. Do not try to turn on the camera while it is charging. You should see a red light on the front of the camera. As soon as the light goes out, disconnect the camera from the USB and turn it on. If the camera turned on, it means your battery was dead and just needed to be charged.

3. If your camera does not turn on and this is HERO3, then look at the red light at the back of the camera. If it is dimly lit, remove / insert the battery and try turning on the camera again. You may need to do this 10 times until the camera turns on.

4. Try making a Hard Reset (item # 20)

5. If your camera still doesn’t turn on, you need to contact GoPro customer support using the form "Contact us".

IN: How to find out camera firmware version?

ABOUT: You can find out the firmware version installed on your HERO2 or HERO3 / 3 camera by looking at the version.txt file saved on the SD card in the MISC folder.

If you cannot find the file, follow these steps:

1. Reformat the SD card using the menu function "delete ALL".

2. Record a short video, or take one photo.

3. In the MISC folder, you will find the version.txt file.

4. Open the file. For the HERO3 camera you will find a line with the firmware version, "firmware version", and the line with the Wi-Fi version, "wifi version". For the HERO2 camera, you will find a line with the firmware version, "version".

IN: Why do I need lrv and thm files on a GoPro memory card?

About: lrv. These are video files in low resolution (Low Resolution Video).

.lrv can be used to edit video files on weak PCs, and in the final render, replace them with high-resolution originals. If you change the extension of these files to mp4, you can view them with a simple player. These files can also be used by smartphones to display captured videos through a proprietary application.

.thm. These are thumbnails of recorded video files (Thumbnail Image File).

.thm can be used to display the first picture on the LCD screen of the camera, or in preview on a smartphone through the GoPro app.

These files may appear on the memory card if you are shooting on the camera: HERO3 Black, HERO3 Silver Edition, HERO3: Black Edition, HERO3: Silver Edition, HERO3: White Edition, HD HERO2, with LCD screen, or through the GoPro app

IN: Why can’t I watch captured photos and videos on iOS through the app?

ABOUT: In order for you to be able to view the captured material through the application on your iOS-based smartphone, you must allow the application to save photos on the device when you first start the program.

Everything is solved simply: open "Settings",

How to Disable a Light Bulb on a Gopro Hero 5

Further "Privacy", the subsection is selected "Photo"

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