How to Delete a Profile in Classmates from an iPhone

How to delete a page in Odnoklassniki from the phone is a question and a problem, the solution of which is required if the user does not want to continue to use the profile of this social network. There are many reasons for temporarily or permanently removing a page. The article provides information on how to perform a similar operation quickly, with the possibility of return and without it.

How to Delete a Profile in Classmates from an iPhone

How to remove Odnoklassniki profile?

In this social network there is no option to automatically delete an account after prolonged non-use. Another feature is the inability to leave an account through the mobile functional version and the official application. The desired result can be achieved from a smartphone or tablet. Two surefire ways to get rid of a profile are suggested:

  1. Using the full version of the social network.
  2. Contacting support staff.

If the profile was deleted, but after a while there was a desire to use it again, the page will be allowed to return within the next 90 days. It is after this that the information about the user and his correspondence and photos disappear.

In the mobile version

If you want to eliminate the profile in OK in its mobile version, you will need to perform the following actions:

  • Sign in to your account through the browser installed on your smartphone;
  • The transition to the full version of OK. To do this, open the menu on the left and select the corresponding function;
  • It is required to go to the very bottom of the page, find service links and select the Rules;
  • After the text with the License Agreement appears, click on the opt-out;
  • The reason and grounds for deleting the profile are indicated.

The operation to resolve the issue of how to delete a page in classmates from an Android phone forever ends with the activation of the Delete permanently function. This method can be used with iPad and iPhone.

Through applications

You can perform a removal operation using a standard application. The main condition here is the availability of the Internet and a downloaded browser. To remove an account from the application, you need to follow these steps:

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  • The search engine on the smartphone opens;
  • The name is entered;
  • The program will ask you to download and install the software. This notification must be ignored;
  • A code and login are entered in a special form. During authorization, this information cannot be saved;
  • On your own page you need to click OK, which is located at the top;
  • In the open side menu, it is important to activate the transition to the portal;
  • Next, you need to go down and find the rules section;
  • Below, click on the rejection of services;
  • It will be necessary to indicate the reason why the account is no longer needed;
  • Below there is a column where the code from the profile is entered;
  • The delete button is pressed.

After performing this option, you can be sure that the page does not appear on the resource.

On Android

Through the resource on the mobile OS, the operation will not work. In this case, the operation can be carried out through a regular search engine on this phone. To solve the question of how to remove the mobile version of a page in classmates from an Android phone, you need to perform the following actions:

  1. The application is downloaded from the Play Market.
  2. Input data is entered.
  3. A menu is called up.
  4. Profile settings are clicked.
  5. It is required to click on the profile closing point.

If iPhone is used, getting rid of your account will be no less simple.

On iphone

If you have iPhone 7 and above, you can act through a standard search engine on your mobile. If you use the application, you can close the account and then simply edit the settings for individual privacy. To close an account you need:

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  1. The application is downloaded and installed.
  2. The utility is launched and authorization is carried out using the standard login and password from the profile.
  3. A menu is located on the side of the menu and an item with settings is selected.
  4. Under the name, the button with the page settings is pressed. Activated Basic.

At the bottom there is a button responsible for closing, you need to press it. Here you can choose the publicity settings.

On samsung

Completely delete the profile on the resource will not work. You will need to act through the browser. Here you can not cancel the account, but hide it and make the information visible only to friends.

The scheme of action in this case is the same as in the above situation. Only the corresponding button is activated. This is the best opportunity to adjust what can be hidden from strangers and what can be shown.


The need to completely eliminate the profile does not always arise. It is often necessary to temporarily save yourself from visiting a resource on a computer. In this case, you need to remove the application from the Samsung smartphone and not go there. First you need to exit it by clicking on the appropriate button.

Before the operation, the program will ask you to make a copy of the data for authorization. Here you need to uncheck the item with memorization and confirm the procedure. After the operation of this method, attention will be presented to the nullified application without signs of any other profile. Then it will be possible to log in from a new page already.

How to permanently delete a page in Odnoklassniki from an Android phone?

With the presence on your hands of a smartphone working from this operating network, you should perform the actions according to the following instructions:

  • Authorization is carried out in a social network;
  • On the profile page you need to find the OK logo at the top;
  • In the panel that appears after that, you need to select the Full version of the site. In an additional window, you need to confirm the operation using the Go button;
  • In the menu where the avatar is located, click on the change settings;
  • The review moves to the bottom of the options page. In the last column, click on the Regulation link;
  • The rules for using the resource must be turned to the very bottom. The option Opt out of services is pressed;
  • In the window that opens after this, you need to specify the reason why there is a desire to say goodbye to the profile. Next to the most suitable option, check the box;
  • The password for authorization is entered;
  • The button to delete the page in the application is pressed.

A few minutes after a similar operation, the account in the mobile version is deleted, photos and videos cannot be viewed even through the site.

To summarize

To stop using your classmates account on your phone, it takes a few minutes. Performing such an operation is easy, regardless of the OS used. The described action schemes are relevant for tablets and smartphones in 2020. You can perform a complete deletion from Android, it is also possible to conduct a temporary deletion for free or close the page from outsiders.