How To Cut A Dog With Scissors

The gentle wool of some dog breeds requires constant care and weekly grooming, especially in the summer, in the heat or time of travel. But visiting salons is expensive, and when there is no special need to prepare, for example, an exhibition, and a haircut is necessary only for convenience, then why not try to mow your beloved pet at home.

How To Cut A Dog With Scissors

As a rule, small Yorkshire terriers, poodles and Cocker Spaniels first need a haircut at home. For them, this procedure is considered a vital necessity, most of all for yorkies, because soon growing hair clumsily falls off, sticks together and simply prevents the dog from not only looking around, but just moving around.

In this regard, first of all it is necessary to master the so-called "hygienic haircut." It implies shearing off hair around and between the fingers, on the paw pads, around the groin, near the anus, in some embodiments on the abdomen and in the armpits. In such breeds as York and the West Highland White Terrier, the tips of the ears are also processed; for the poodles, the muzzle, the neck, the beginning of the tail, as well as the legs.

As an example, let us cite the peculiarity of a haircut for York, as one of the most complex, but vital and regular procedures. In order to master the main techniques it is better to at least once clearly observe the work of a specialist and ask him clarifying questions in order to avoid wounds of the dog with scissors or a machine in the absence of experience.

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The main stages of grooming dogs at home

In order to prepare the wool for the process of cutting, for work you will need to have a comb and a puhoherku. For a haircut will also be necessary machine for animals (normal human can not stand and just break), and be sure to comb and scissors. It is recommended to select scissors with rounded tips in order not to accidentally injure your pet.

To begin with, it is worth carefully combing the pet’s fur with the Pudcherka, making movements parallel to the skin, so that you can avoid injuries to the dog. You should start with the areas behind the ears, near the groin and under the front paws. Then it is important to go through the comb along the entire length of the coat, from the very roots of the hair to their tips, in order to find not combed out lumps.

If the wool is already completely free to comb through the entire length, the dog must be bathed in order for the hairstyle to become even and the most important neat.

It is worth starting a haircut by combing parts of decorating wool and leveling with special scissors for splitting hairs.

How To Cut A Dog With Scissors

The next stage of dog grooming at home is cutting the hair from the ear area. It is enough to leave a wool length of 5 mm. You can shortly cut the triangle on the bridge of the nose, as well as shortly cut out the hair under the tail. On the legs, between the pads, hair should be left no longer than 5-6 mm.

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If you really do not want to part with the long locks of your pet, you can simply shorten them by a few centimeters, so that they simply do not interfere with the dog’s normal existence. But if you cut the body of York completely under the typewriter, the dog will turn into a beautiful plush toy. And in the summer heat she will not be so hot. And ideally similar haircut is suitable during trips to nature, rest in the country, where you expect such troubles as various dirt, insects, burdock, etc.

For the desired haircut, you need to start grooming from the area below the tail, where the hair length is left no more than 5 mm. Then you need to cut out a special machine neck and body, leaving the length of the hairs in the 15-20 mm. Similar length is left on the belly, between the front paws and the throat, it is also necessary to cut it. A narrow strip between the front and rear legs can be made even shorter.

On the tail, trim the wool to such length until it seems really beautiful to you. Up to the hock, on the hind legs, the hair is cut off, as elsewhere, that is, up to 20 mm, and elegant “pants” are left at the bottom. Similarly, the front legs are clipped, where the upper part to the elbow remains shorter and the lower one long, leveling its length in accordance with the level of the floor.

The desired hairstyle on your dog’s head should be given a round shape. Use scissors to carefully cut the hair over the eyes. In order to maintain the shape of the head in the shape of a ball, it is recommended to trim the upper portion of the ears from the inner and outer side shortly. At the final stage, hair is cut on the chin and jaw. This is how you can just mow your own dog at home.

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