How to Create a Movie on a Computer From Photos

How do you sometimes want to look through the album from your wedding or from one of the parties, or to review all your baby pictures (especially when they are beautifully and neatly decorated).

How to Create a Movie on a Computer From Photos

An album with photographs is, of course, beautiful, but what to do with digital photographs no less expensive for you that are stored on a computer? But what if you make a wonderful video about your life from these photos? As an example, let’s try to make a movie out of photographs and analyze the nuances that arise in doing so.

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To create a movie from photos and music, a standard program is suitable "Windows movie maker", which is available in XP and other versions of Windows.

First you need to pick up the photos themselves, which you would like to include in a future clip, as well as select a music track that should play in the background.

Making a movie

  • We combine all the photos that you want to include in the video clip in one folder;
  • Open the program "Windows movie maker"using the command "Start".> "All programs".> "Windows movie maker";
  • We find in the program sector "Import" (it will be in the window on the left);
  • Using tab "Images", load the selected photos into the program;
  • We sort the downloaded images in the desired order by dragging each photo to the lower area of ​​the program;
  • Find the tab "View video effects" (in Vista it will be called "Effects");
  • Use the cursor to drag the desired effect for each photo so that the star at the bottom of the photo lights up in blue;
  • Find the tab "View video transitions" (in Vista it will be called "Transitions");
  • Using the same method, drag the necessary transition effects, only now not on the photo, but on the timeline (the area between the images);
  • Find the tab "Import sound or music" (in Vista it will be called "Audio");
  • Using this tab, we import the selected track for the video and transfer it using the cursor to the timeline;
  • Using the cursor on the scale, we set the time for which the music track should be played;
  • Program "Windows movie maker" also allows you to add text to each slide: to do this, select the desired image and select the tab "Title and Captions";
  • We write the text on the selected slide;
  • Using tab "Additional features" independently change the font, animation when the text appears and its color.

If you want to create captions at the end of your video, then this function will help you "Title and Captions".

If you don’t want the audio track to end abruptly at the end of your video, you need to right-click on it and select the function "Disappearance".

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