How to Create a Folder On Iphone 10

How to Create a Folder On Iphone 10

To understand iPhone desktops, it is not necessary to remove all applications that are rarely used. There is a more effective method. program icons can be divided into folders. The article will talk about several ways to create folders on the iPhone.

Using the iPhone to its fullest without installing any mobile applications will fail. And modern Apple devices do have a truly huge amount of hardware capabilities: no matter how many applications you download, the gadget will still not be fully understood.

Those who are trying to master the functionality of their "apple" device, it is useful to know how to create a folder on the iPhone. You can “pack” the icons of games and applications into folders so that you can quickly find what you need. Using folders is much more convenient than scrolling through a dozen desktops.

How to create a folder on the iPhone desktop?

Create a folder with applications as follows:

Step 1. Click on the icon of any of the applications and hold your finger for a couple of seconds. So you will enter the desktop editing mode. the program icons will tremble, and crosses will appear above them.

In our example, there are 3 calculators. we need to collect them in a folder.

Step 2. In edit mode, drag one icon to another.

The folder will be created automatically, and both applications will be in it.

Step 3. Drag the remaining applications in the same way to the finished folder.

Step 4. Press the buttonHome"- so you exit the editing mode.

One iPhone folder can contain a maximum of 12 icons. The number of folders that can be created is also limited. no more than 180. On the iPad, the limits are less strict. 220 folders, each of which accommodates up to 20 icons. You can get around these restrictions only if you have jailbreak on your mobile device.

Folder management

When creating a directory, a mobile device analyzes its contents and assigns it a name on its own. However, the user can rename the folder on the iPhone. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1. Open the folder, click on its name and hold your finger for a couple of seconds.

The icons tremble, and a cross appears in front of the directory name.

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Step 2. Erase the name assigned by iPhone and enter another. Then click "Home"To fix the result.

You can also remove the application icon from the folder through the edit mode. The user needs to open the folder, click on the icon and, holding his finger, bring it outside the boundaries of the folder, placing it on the desktop.

To delete a folder, you just need to remove all the icons from it. In the usual way. by clicking on the cross. do not erase the folder from the iPhone.

How to create a folder on iPhone via iTunes?

To create a directory on the iPhone, you can use iTunes. Folders are created through a media combine like this:

Step 1. Connect the iPhone to the PC with a cable and launch iTunes.

Step 2. Follow in the device control menu. for this you need to click on the button with the image of the smartphone.

Step 3. On the menu "Settings" Choose a section "Programs".

Step 4. In the block "Home screens»Double click to select the page on which you want to place the directory.

Step 5. Using your mouse cursor, grab one of the icons and drag it onto the other.

The folder will be created.

Step 6. Rename the directory. give it the name that will allow you to quickly find it if necessary.

Step 7. Click on an empty space. so you make iTunes understand that editing home screens is complete.

Step 8. Start the synchronization process.

At the end of the process, the icons on the mobile device will be collected in a folder.

You can delete the directory through iTunes in the same way as on the gadget. by removing all the icons from it.

How to create a folder in a folder?

In general, iPhones should not be able to create folders inside folders. However, in iOS there are periodically bugs that allow you to do this. So it was with iOS 8 and iOS 9. The author of this article managed to create a folder inside the folder on iOS 7. This operation is not easy. it requires skill, it may not work the first time. You need to act like this:

Step 1. In the usual way, create a folder that you will put inside another folder.

Step 2. Hold a free icon with your finger and drag it to another. so that another directory is formed. While the folder will be created, “transfer” to it the one that was previously prepared.

Understanding how this is done will help the video. Watch should be from 1:05. up to this point there is nothing interesting.

The user can remove all applications from the directory and leave only folder to folder. In addition, the owner of the iPhone is able to put the folder with the folder inside into another folder. and repeat this process indefinitely.

How to put a password on a folder?

Putting the password on the folder by the iPhone itself will not work. As security measures, you can use only a digital unlock code and Touch ID. however, these measures protect the iPhone as a whole, and not a separate directory.

Create a folder with a password using third-party software. Several applications that can handle this task are distributed at once to the AppStore at no cost. The most famous of them is Folder Lock. This program allows you to put important data in your internal storage under a graphic or digital password.

Folder Lock will not be able to “password” a folder created on the iPhone’s desktop. No application can cope with this task.

To place data in the Folder Lock directory as follows:

Step 1. Launch the application and set a password. Several password forms are available. pattern (graphic), PIN (consisting of only numbers), Password (consisting of letters and numbers), Touch ID (access by fingerprint).

Step 2. Enter your email address. Through this address, you can restore access to secret directories if you forget the password.

Step 3. Select the appropriate section according to the type of data that you are going to hide. For example, if you want to hide photos, click on the “Photos". The section for storing applications is not listed.

Step 4. Each section contains folder templates. say, in "Photos"There are directories"Friends","Family" and others. You can put data in one of the prepared folders or create a new directory. by clicking on the plus button.

Next, click on the folder and through "" upload files to this directory.

Step 5. Delete files downloaded to Folder Lock from the built-in iPhone apps.

Thus, access to the "hidden" data can only be obtained by someone who knows the password for Folder Lock or has access to your email.

You can use other programs from the AppStore to create “password-protected” folders:

  • Secrets Folder Pro (paid, costs 229 rubles).
  • Best Secret Folder (free, installed on iOS 8 and newer versions of the "OS").
  • Lock My Folder Free (free, installed on iOS version above 7.0).


There are 2 ways to create a folder on iPhone: directly through the interface of a mobile device and through iTunes. Use iTunes to create a folder illogical. You can perform this operation right on the iPhone with just one touch.

Knowing how to create folders in iTunes is useful for the user who “downloads” applications in a media combine and downloads them to iPhone by synchronization. In this case, grouping the icons is more convenient directly in iTunes, because all the desktops of the mobile device are in front of your eyes.