How to Control Android TV From Phone

Modern TVs are a real miracle of technology and have many interesting features. At the same time, they are still controlled by the remote control. But did you know that the remote can be replaced with a regular mobile phone? This useful feature can help you out in a difficult situation.

Control TV from phone

All you need to bind your phone to the TV is these two devices. They must meet the following characteristics:

  • The phone must be on Android or iOS. Depending on the operating system, different applications for controlling TVs will be available to you;
  • the TV itself must support Wi-Fi. The largest number of controls presented for TVs on Android. Using some applications allows connection via a regular Ethernet cable;
  • You can also connect to old TVs from your phone if your mobile device has an infrared port. Unfortunately, it is becoming less common in modern phones and finding a current model with an infrared port is quite difficult.

It turns out that with the right combination of devices, you can connect from your phone to almost any TV.

Connect a mobile phone to a TV

Typically, a mobile phone is connected to a TV using Wi-Fi. TV and telephone must be connected to the same network. Typically, the connection is approximately as follows:

  1. Enable Wi-Fi data transfer on your device.
  2. Launch the application through which you want to control the TV.
  3. Select the TV model in the application, if it is universal, and not specifically designed for your model.
  4. After establishing a connection, you can control the TV from your mobile device.

But despite the simplicity of connecting the phone to the TV, you may still have questions when connecting certain models.

How to Control Android TV From Phone

Video: connecting a mobile phone to a TV

Control your TV using apps

Many TV models require specific applications. Let’s figure out how to work with them.

Application for LG TVs

The LG TV Remote application allows you to remotely control LG TVs based on Android. Using the application, you can change the channels and volume of the device, go to the application menu. Connect the device as follows:

  1. Turn on the TV and launch the application on the phone. Devices must be on the same network;
  2. Click on the Device Scan button on the right side of the application;

Launch the application and click the Device Scan button

Enter the code from the TV screen into your application

You can start using the remote

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Of the interesting features of this particular application can be called direct control. finger movements on the phone screen will work like a mouse cursor on a TV screen. In addition, you can display files from the phone and even play games using the phone as a controller.

Video: How to Control Android TV From Phone

Samsung TV App

Using the Smart View application for Samsung TVs, you can display on the TV image not only from the phone, but also from the computer. All the main features of the TV remote in the application are also present. To use Smart View, do the following:

    Connect the TV and the device from which you want to control it to the same network.

For the application to work, your devices must be on the same network

Enter the code from the Samsung TV screen into your phone

Sony TV App

The Sony TV app is called TV Side View. It has a convenient interface. three screens are available for work at once, with which you can work independently. And also in the application control is available using voice commands.

Sony TV app has three active screens

TV binding is even more automated than in previous applications. the TV is automatically detected in the communication range of the phone. Confirmation is also performed using the code on the screen.

Universal TV Remote Control App

The TV Remote Control application is not designed for a specific TV model. it is a universal application that can be connected to dozens of different devices. This fact is the main feature of the program. basically it is just a remote control without any additional features. The application is free, but contains ads. To run the application after placing the devices on the same wireless network, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on the device and start the automatic search for TVs. It will select the TV that is available for connection.
  2. Click on your TV. In addition to the name, you will be provided with its IP address.
  3. After a while, the devices will be synchronized, and you can start using the remote control.

Universal TV Control App Available on Play Market

Control your TV from iPhone or iPad

Controlling the TV from iOS devices feels the same way. Of course, they will need a suitable version of the application. But global companies are releasing TV applications on all operating systems at once. For example, the Philips TV Remote app is available for both iPhone and iPad. This will allow you to control the TV from any mobile device available at hand. It will also be possible to display an image from the screen of a mobile device.

It’s more convenient to control a TV from a tablet than from a phone

The only difference between the iOS version of applications and Android is usually only the size of the interface. The iPad will fit much more controls, so using it as a remote control will be most convenient.

TV control features for various phone models

Some phone models have differences when used to control TVs. For example, Xiaomi phones have an infrared port. As mentioned above, this allows you to control the TV without using a Wi-Fi connection and connect even older models. This port is available in some models of Huawei and Lenovo.

On the Huawei Honor mobile phone, the Virtual Remote application is installed by default. A similar application is found on other devices with an infrared port.

Using your phone as a remote control via infrared

Consider setting up an IR connection for a Huawei device. Follow these steps:

    Launch the virtual application “Remote” and press the “Add remote” button to connect a new TV.

Launch the Virtual Remote application and click the Add Remote button.

Connect the remote control via infrared

It will remain to save the settings and select the remote control scheme

As it turned out, the phone can completely replace the TV remote. If such a solution seems convenient to you, then you can easily implement it using the tips from this article. After that, even the loss of the “remote” will not be a problem for you. you can just call him.