How to Connect Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum

The appearance of the robot vacuum cleaner does not have significant differences from similar devices from other manufacturers, but it has significant functional advantages. The case of the model has the shape of a circle, has a matte surface and is made of white plastic. Such material requires accuracy when operating the device and needs proper care. The cover is located in the upper part of the structure and provides closing of the panel having a white mirror-smooth surface.

Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum control instruction

The instruction in Russian for Xiaomi mi robot vacuum can be downloaded from the site, for which it is enough to follow this link.

How to Connect Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum

To start cleaning with a robot vacuum cleaner, just click on the corresponding button, which is located on the device. Launching can be done using the Mi Smart Home mobile app previously downloaded from Google Play or the App Store. To use remote control, you will need to get an account. To do this, open the program, proceed to creation, accepting the proposed conditions and settings. If there are problems in the process, then you can register through Facebook.

Before starting the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner, it is important to make sure that the device is fully charged. To do this, press the device to the station, select “Add device” in the mobile application and search by name in the drop-down list. After that, a light will flash under the cover on the front panel, which will become a signal about the pairing between the vacuum cleaner and the phone.

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The ongoing process can be understood by the nature of the indicator’s behavior. A slow ripple indicates that the connection is not completed. With a fast blink, you should expect a connection, and the continuity of the backlight means the fact of the connection via Wi-Fi. The application fulfills a request to select a network and requires a password. The appearance of the robot vacuum cleaner icon will indicate that the connection process was successful.

Resolving device malfunctions

To avoid misunderstandings, it is recommended to check in advance the fact of the inclusion of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or GPS modules. Sometimes eliminating problems with work helps change the region, performed in the settings adjustments section. Wi-Fi Reset Available, why just hold down the buttons on the panel until a voice message arrives. A blinking indicator at a slow pace will indicate that the reboot process is complete. Among the possible ways to restore the robot’s performance is to restart the smartphone, reinstall the application, replace the plug-in or firmware.

Vacuum cleaner Xiaomi mi robot vacuum cleaner suggests the ability to control the device in Russian. The application supports several support options, so to get such a function, just update the application.

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