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Almost every fifth apartment has a wireless network. People can easily take advantage of the delights of wireless communications on their laptops, but if even the simplest problems arise, they immediately fall into a stupor and don’t know what to do with it, since for many it’s a dark forest, unfortunately. I will try to help, and I will tell in more or less simple language how to turn on WiFi on a laptop if it suddenly turned off. over, the instructions from Step 2 will be useful not only to owners of laptops, but also to owners of ordinary computers on which a WiFi adapter is installed.

Step 1. How to enable WiFi on the laptop hardware.

On some laptop models, you first need to enable the Wi-Fi adapter with a button.
Carefully inspect the laptop case. The WiFi power button can be in the form of a slider (usually on older models):

Or as a separate button:

If there is no separate power button, then look at the laptop keyboard. namely, the F1-F12 keys. One of them should have a Wi-Fi icon in the form of an antenna. Most often, combinations of the function key and F5 are used:

If you use a USB adapter, then, as a rule, there is no separate WiFi power button on it, so the hardware adapter is always on.

Step 2. How to enable WiFi programmatically.

The wireless adapter can be turned off programmatically. that is, it was disabled in the settings of the Windows operating system. Turn on Wi-Fi on a laptop if it is turned off in the operating system settings in two ways.

1 way. inclusion through the Network and Sharing Center.

We press the WinR key combination and in the window that opens, enter the command: ncpa.cpl.

Thus, we immediately open the section “Changing adapter settings” (in Windows XP this section was called “Network Connections”). Here we are looking for a "Wireless Network Connection."

If it is gray, it means that WiFi is disabled. We click on the Wireless network connection with the right button and select the “Enable” menu item. After that, we try to connect to the wireless network.

2 way. Turn on through the device manager.

In the Device Manager, as a rule, network adapters are rarely disabled, as this is simply not necessary and is done only as a last resort, or this is due to a failure. And if the Wi-Fi adapter is disabled in the Device Manager, then in the Network Connections there will be no “Wireless Network Connection” icon. To enable Wi-Fi, you must first go to Device Manager. To do this, as in step 1, click the WinR key combination and in the Run window write the command: devmgmt.msc, click OK. Windows Device Manager opens.

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In the “Network Adapters” section, we are looking for a device whose name is Wireless or Wi-Fi. We click on it with the right mouse button and select the "Engage" menu item. If suddenly the device refuses to start and an error occurs. try downloading the drivers for the adapter from the manufacturer’s official page and install them.

There is one more chip that you have to do if the laptop is preinstalled from the Windows factory. It consists in the fact that sometimes you have to run a program for managing wireless networks from the computer manufacturer. Such programs come with almost every laptop. They are called by the type of “wireless assistant” or “Wi-Fi manager” and are located in the “Start” menu.> “Programs” (“All Programs”). I met a couple of laptop models on which WiFi seems to be on everywhere, but until you run the utility, the adapter does not catch the network.

If you turned on the adapter, but can’t connect to the wireless network, check out this article: Wi-Fi troubleshooting.

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How to enable WiFi on a laptop ?! : 180 comments

Hakimzhan. look among the function keys.

Windows 10. Useless! On XP, maybe yes.

Hello, win10, wi-fi is gone, the driver is on, the wifi adapter is turned on, but the adapter of the laptop itself is not turned on and I can’t find where to turn it on, there is no wifi icon on the keyboard. laptop HP 15-ac-001ur

Super! I managed! So, if I want everything, I will find how to do it!

Thanks a lot. The article is excellent and helped me. Everything worked out. Everything works.

I can not turn on the file

Vladimir. what error does it give?

Thank you! Simple and concise.

Notebook Aspire E1-572G, does not include wi-fi. Win 7 x64. On the taskbar, a network indicator with a cross.
What was done:
1) Turned on the network card in the BIOS;
2) Reinstalled Windows (license disk 7 x64)
3) installation of all drivers from the acer site (search for drivers by the serial number of the laptop);
4) installation of all the proposed utilities from the same site;
5) turned on the network adapter using the Fn F3 keys (the F3 key has a corresponding antenna pattern). There is no mechanical switch or wifi off button on the case.
After rebooting the system, the wi-fi did not turn on (again, the network indicator with a cross), the Fn F3 key combination does not give a result. The Fn key works with all other keys except wi-fi;
5) checked whether the WLAN auto-tuning service is enabled (if it is. automatically);
6) reinstalled the network driver;
7) a combination of keys turned on wi-fi, installed all updates for Windows (via wi-fi);
8) rebooting the system and again no wi-fi.
Reinstalling the driver no longer helps, the Fn key combination works with all the corresponding keys except wi-fi.
There is no Ethernet controller in the device manager, there is only wireless (enabled). After the fi file fell off, the dish disappeared from the device manager.
A few words about the ethernet controller. It was not in the device manager, or rather, it appeared for a moment, when it was turned on by Wi-Fi with a key combination. By installing the appropriate drivers, he no longer appeared there. In the network management center.> Changing adapter settings does not exist. Wired Internet does not work, indicators on the connector do not blink.
Specialists can advise what else can be done?

Vladimir. if the laptop doesn’t respond to the button (or rather the combination of buttons) of turning on the WiFi, one of two things: either problems with the drivers (function keys or adapter), or the wireless adapter itself is covered in hardware. Try to re-install the system with all the drivers and check the operation.

Method 2 helped me: Turning on through the device manager. Thanks a lot!!

Everything is clearly written, even I managed to go through the kettle according to the instructions, the wireless network is green, but all the same there is no connection

And what error does it produce?

Hello. I can’t turn on the wireless network (Windows 10). When you press the Fn F5 keys, instead of the wireless network, Airplane mode is activated.

Did the drivers put the function keys on the drivers?

Good afternoon. It gives me such an error: the network parameters stored on this com do not meet the requirements of this network. What do I need to change?

Tatyana. You need to forget this network and connect to it again to enter the password again.

How to Connect Wifi on Hp Laptop

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