How to Connect Wi Fi Without a Computer

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The modern man is faced with the need to connect to wi-fi everywhere: wireless networks are much more practical and convenient than their cable "brothers".

That’s just such WiFi-privileges basically "use" all kinds of mobile gadgets: phones, tablets, smartphones and most modern laptops. Accordingly, the question arises: what is the “classic” personal computer worse? After all, working on a desktop computer is much more convenient, and cable Internet connection is often a lot of trouble.

And in this article we will discuss how to connect a stationary computer to wifi, and what needs to be done to make the computer "catch" invisible wi-fi.

How to Connect Wi Fi Without a Computer

By the way, the age of the device is not directly related to the creation of a wireless network, and you can even connect WiFi to a relatively old computer.

Can I connect a regular computer to wifi?

Some difficulties with connecting wi-fi to a personal computer are by no means connected with the “prejudices” of the developers or the unsuccessful complete deprivation of the fate of this device.

The fact is that mobile devices and modern laptops are initially equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi adapter for connecting to a wireless network (which is not available on a desktop computer). However, such devices are mostly designed for short-term access to the network, and have a rather meager set of functionality.

While a stationary computer is designed for continuous operation with both serious offline software and with any resources of the global information network. Accordingly, the connection with all peripheral devices and external networks (Internet, power, etc.) is carried out here in a more reliable cable way.

Therefore, it is not worth deciding to connect a home computer to wifi solely for aesthetic reasons. The "standard" cable connection is more reliable, more efficient (Internet speed is not "cut"), and much less damage to the health of the Internet user.

However, if a hard connection to an Internet source is unavailable for some reason, then you can connect wi-fi to your home computer in a matter of minutes.

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How to connect a home computer to wifi?

To connect wifi to a stationary PC, first of all, you need to purchase a special removable Wi-Fi adapter. a miniature antenna that will “catch” the Internet signal transmitted by the router and return the data processed by the user to the router.

The most popular and inexpensive solution here is to choose a removable USB adapter for your computer.

How to Connect Wi Fi Without a Computer

If you purchased the adapter from an authorized distributor, a disk with a special program for installing drivers is supplied with the device.

How to install wi-fi on a computer with Windows 7?

1. Plug your adapter into any USB port on your computer.

2. Insert the disk into the drive, run the auto-tuning utility, and at the request of the program, click the "Next" button.

3. After installing the driver in the "Network Control Center" folder for Windows 7 (or "Network Connections" for Windows XP) you will see a new shortcut (in addition to the usual "Local Area Connection"). The name of the label will contain the brand of the manufacturer of your adapter.

How to Connect Wi Fi Without a Computer

4. Now you can connect your desktop computer to wifi. To do this, right-click on the shortcut once.> "Connection".> Select the name of your Wi-Fi network and enter the password.

How to configure wi-fi if there is no installation disk?

In addition to the “classic” acquisition of a brand-new licensed adapter, there are times when the user needed a Wi-Fi on a computer “here and now”, and he borrowed from friends / purchased an old used WiFi adapter.

The driver disk for such an adapter, of course, has long been lost.

In this situation, you need to download the archive with the driver from the Internet.

“But there is no Internet!”. you say. "What to do?"

Here To connect a desktop computer to wifi:


How to Connect Wi Fi Without a Computer

Go to the official website of the manufacturer of this adapter (or the profile resource, find the driver you need by the name of the USB-Wi-Fi adapter and download the software to your computer.

2. Next, right-click once on the shortcut “My Computer”, then “Management” and select “Device Manager” here. In the “Network Adapters” section, find the name of our USB adapter, right-click on it and select the “Update Driver” menu item. Next, specify the folder into which the archive with the necessary drivers was copied, and click “OK”.

3. After installation is complete, you can connect your desktop computer to wifi. To do this, in Network Connections:

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