How to Connect USB Modem to Phone

A mobile phone is not just a means of communication and a set of various functions, but also a means of accessing the Internet from a personal computer. To understand how to connect the phone as a modem to the computer via USB, the advantages and disadvantages of this method will be discussed in this article.

How to make a phone a computer modem

When buying a mobile gadget, the kit comes with a USB or micro USB cable, with which you can flash the working structure, copy files, move from your phone to a PC, edit, delete, etc. Also, such a cable can be used as a modem (a device for pairing a signal between two points).

You can make a phone a modem for accessing the Internet in several ways: using a USB cable, wi-fi or Bluetooth. That is, you can connect via cable, and if there is no connector for the cord, through the air.

Using a smartphone as a modem is not a difficult procedure and resembles connecting via an access point. Almost all modern mobile phones of the brands Xiaomi, Samsung, Nokia, Sony Ericson and others with built-in 3G, EDGE, GPRS modem are suitable for this.

Important! The connection speed through the smartphone is much lower than usual. cable or satellite. But in the absence of the Internet, technical work or other malfunctions of a standard connection, this is the way out.

So, how to connect the phone to the computer via a Usb cable as a modem. Consider step-by-step recommendations.

1 step. Connect the phone via a USB cable to a PC or laptop. On the screen of both devices, the icon for connecting new equipment will be displayed.

How to Connect USB Modem to Phone

On some computers with Windows, you may be asked to “Trust this computer?”, Click “Trust.”

2 step. Enable the transfer of mobile data for direct connection to the network, indicating the card from which mobile traffic will be charged (MTS, Beeline or others). To do this, lower the additional curtain with the settings and select the desired icon.

3 step. Go to the settings on the phone in the “Wireless Network” or “Other Networks” section.

Click “” (in old versions), select from the displayed list. “Modem Mode” or “Modem and Access Point”. Here we select the “USB modem” and click on its connection.

Note! Such recommendations are suitable for almost all iPhone models and may differ only in the smallest details (section name, availability of additional functions, etc.).

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It is worth noting that such a connection is suitable for devices in which there is no wireless connection, as well as laptops without a Wi-Fi adapter. In addition, the phone connected through the cable charges and can last for a long time, the main thing is the presence of traffic. But do not forget about battery wear when the charger is constantly connected, after a month or two, the battery performance will noticeably decrease.

How to connect a phone to a computer instead of a modem

Using the phone as a modem allows you to submit and distribute mobile data via the phone when there is no access to the network (there is no Wi-Fi, technical problems, or the money on your account simply runs out).

What to do if the cable is connected and there is no access to the network? In this case, only the following option is possible: the phone or the tariff plan does not support this function or does not have the right to distribute mobile traffic.

Note! To find out, you need to call your mobile operator and clarify “Is the modem mode available in this tariff plan?”

How to disable modem mode

How to turn on the USB modem on the phone. it’s clear, but how to properly shut it down without causing harm to either technology or mobile traffic?

Note! To disable the modem mode, it is recommended to unplug the USB cable from the mobile and PC. Data transfer will spread to the device without cable, will not.

Video: How to Connect USB Modem to Phone

Connecting the phone as a modem to the computer using special software

The advantage of connecting the phone to a laptop or computer via a USB cable:

  • Fast information transfer;
  • Access to internal data and directories of the mobile device;
  • Access to the Internet through a mobile operator;
  • Lack of special programs.
  • The presence of a USB cable;
  • Attachment to a computer or laptop;
  • Serviceability of usb ports on both devices.

Note! When connecting the phone to a personal computer, like a router, it is advisable to use unlimited Internet on a mobile gadget. Otherwise, money will be charged from the account, this can lead to a negative balance.

The computer does not see the phone’s USB modem

What to do if the USB modem on the phone does not work? This may be caused by the following problems:

  • Hardware malfunction;
  • Uninstalled required drivers;
  • Incorrect device settings;
  • Software crash.

Note! After checking each problem, check to see if the problem has been fixed so as not to overwhelm the desired settings.

Hardware malfunction

First, check the hardware: usb reference cable, cable entry into the PC and input on the connected device. To create a pair between working devices, find “Settings”, after “Modem Mode” and check if it is active.

To verify that the cable is working, insert it into another computer.

Note! If the problem of the lack of connection is caused by a malfunction or damage to the parts, a solution is needed to solve it.

Error 19

Error 19: what to do? If the modem device does not start when Windows is connected, then the registry information is missing, incomplete or damaged about its configuration. In this case, you need to remove or reinstall the driver:

  • Select the device manager and enable “Search”.
  • Select the desired device from the list.
  • Delete the selection with the right mouse button.
  • Click “Action”.
  • To install or reinstall the driver, select the hardware configuration update.

Note! You can also revert to the latest successful version of the registry configuration. To do this, restart the PC in safe mode, click “Download the last successful configuration.” Another way: restore the system when creating the point.

Uninstalled or incorrectly installed drivers

When the drivers have “flown” or have not yet been installed, they need to be reinstalled or primary from the installation disk or other device, having downloaded the latest drivers from the official website of the laptop or computer manufacturer.

In some cases, the problem can be resolved by turning off the power to the port. To do this, go to the “Control Panel”, then “Power”. In this section, you can connect your smartphone to a PC via a USB modem without recharging the device.

Another way to resolve this problem is the lack of signs “?” or “!” in the “Portable Devices” menu (“Device Manager”). If such signs are present, right-clicking on “Properties” removes the device and disconnects the device from the computer. After, connect the device again, the drivers are installed automatically.

Incorrect smartphone settings

There are several possible solutions to the problem:

  • Scan a personal computer and smartphone for viruses. After, reboot, sync or, better, format the memory card.
  • When charging to a PC, reset all settings to factory defaults. Just before resetting, do not forget to transfer all important files, documents, photos to another device. After such a procedure, renewal is not possible.

Note! To reset the settings, find the button in the shape of a small hole on the panel of your phone or tablet. You can also find the “Recovery” mode in the “Settings” menu and select it.

The computer does not see the phone through the cable

If before a PC or laptop found a mobile gadget, but now. no, you need to find out what it is. To fix the problem, you need to update the operating system or install the MTP protocol. You can download the Media Transfer Protocol at the official site. After installation, restart the computer and the smartphone should decide.

Important! If, when you connect the phone, the PC itself starts an unplanned installation of drivers, wait for the process to finish.

If the above methods of resetting the settings do not help, you can fix the problem by going to the service center and controlling the gadget through a computer. To avoid spending for mobile traffic while connecting the charger to the computer every time, turn off this feature in the “Modem Mode”.

If the computer or other PC device still cannot find the connected device and cannot connect to mobile traffic, contact support for help.

Those who tried the method of connecting to the Internet via a usb cable noted its positive qualities and practicality. The main thing is the lack of restrictions on Internet traffic and the permission of the mobile operator to distribute data to other devices.

With the above recommendations, you can easily connect the phone to the PC and access the Internet through a telephone modem.