How to Connect Two Televisions to a Satellite Antenna

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Since a dozen years ago satellite TV It was an expensive pleasure, but today it is everyday life and many do not want to be satisfied with only one TV with a wide variety of television programs. Question about connecting multiple TVs to one satellite dish becomes more and more actual.

How to Connect Two Televisions to a Satellite Antenna

In this article I will try to convey everything ways to connect two or more televisions to a single satellite dish.

Not acceptable connection options.

Alternatively, many inexperienced users or just fans of satellite TV in the old fashion share a satellite signal through a simple splitter divider for analog television.

In many cases, this works well or for an acceptable amount of time, but there is always a chance to burn something. One or more parts may fail. a converter, disek, or even a receiver. Do you need it?

If for example you are watching only one satellite. amos (for example). There is an option to connect a second satellite receiver to Loop exit first.

In this connection option, it will be possible to independently view different TV shows of the same subband.

What does it mean ? The satellite converter has two local oscillators for receiving the upper lower sub-band of satellite frequencies.

If the first receiver is receiving from the upper subband, then on the second they will show. This is not one channel, but several, maybe even everything. depending on the satellite and broadcast frequencies.

As an option, it is also possible to view one satellite channel on several TVs if they are connected in parallel to one or to independent video outputs (scart, tulips) of the satellite receiver).

The best option for connecting a satellite dish to multiple TVs

If we talk about two, three or four televisions connected to one satellite dish. An option of twin and quad converters. “satellite heads” with multiple outputs.

Perhaps the most optimal.

From each converter 2 or 4 cables come out, they are connected to separate diseks, each of which to separate satellite receivers and TVs.

In this case, we get independent reception of different satellites and channels on all TVs.

Another very good option for independently connecting one or more satellite dishes to two or more TVs is to use multiswitch for this purpose. But in many cases, one antenna is rarely costed.

I hope the information was useful and you will be able to watch your favorite TV shows with pleasure, regardless of your wife, children or parents in another room or in the kitchen.